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07.01.2020 Waterfall Wednesday

Here’s a memory from 10 years ago, almost to the day, when I made a trip to Northern Maine and, among other things, visited this spot where many previous had made nice images. Getting there is half the fun, requiring … Continue reading

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06.28.2020-2 The Proof is in the Puddling

Well, it didn’t add up to much, but we finally did get some rain last night. The foreguess is that more is on the way later this afternoon and the following three days.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  … Continue reading

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06.12.2020 Flashback Fog Friday

It should be a foggy start to the day so wouldn’t it be nice to come upon a scene like this again?

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06.09.2020-2 Round-headed Apple Tree Borer

As the name implies, these beetles are apple tree pests.  Their larvae tunnel into the tree and cause damage and sometimes death.  Their beauty belies the depredation caused by the immatures.  While looking at the oak leaves yesterday I came … Continue reading

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06.08.2020 She loves me…Let’s just leave it at that. :-)

I am not one to pull the petals off a flower of any kind.  🙂

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06.07.2020 A bit of understanding offered

By no means do I think Trevor Noah is excusing rioting.  But I do think he does a nice job of explaining how people can feel driven to take part in such things.  We all wish change could happen through … Continue reading

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06.02.2020- Corona Lady’s Slipper

The nose knows that you can’t be too careful out there.

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06.01.2020 Monochrome Maine Monday

Had the virus not come upon us, I’d be on my way to this spot as we speak…figuratively speaking. The plan was to visit my friends in Millinocket for a few days and then hop on over to Acadia for … Continue reading

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05.15.2020 Flashback Friday at the New Salem Orchards

Overlooking the Quabbin Reservoir from a view generously shared by the owner of the orchard.  

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05.14.2020 At Linda’s Request

Linda (Shoreacres but in this case Lagniappe) posted a nice article with very nice images about the Grass Pink orchid that you can see here if not already a subscriber. Well worth taking a look. I mentioned having a couple of … Continue reading

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