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09.14.2018-2 This is us

Just thought I’d share one of our many happy moments at Acadia .  Actually two moments. At Jesup Path, a favorite spot. The better half And the other It took three tries, but Mary Beth finally got one of me … Continue reading

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09.12.2018 Sarracenia purpurea

AKA Purple Pitcher Plant If humans were small and curious, maybe even a purple people eater.

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09.08.2018 Goldenrod on the Rocks

More stain and more rocks from the Acadia coastline with some goldenrod for added color. Seaside Goldenrod-Solidago sempervirens is seen in the cracks, gaps, and fissures filled with sand, soil, and abraded rock dust.

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08.28.2018 Dawn Pano

©Well, I don’t know whether it’s the iPhone app or WordPress’ issue, but commenting on and liking your comments is a bit of a pain on my phone as I am constantly having to leave my info as well as … Continue reading

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08.26.2018-2 Up and Over

I love finding odd shaped trees.  There’s a mystery about them that challenges the imagination even with the knowledge that there is a perfectly good explanation. We are visiting Acadia N.P. and I found this tree with this strange root … Continue reading

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08.24.2018 Common Bladderwort-Utricularia vulgaris

Here is another carnivorous plant albeit a fairly small one.  These are the little yellow flowers you see extended above shallow waters on the edges of ponds.  They have little trapdoors that can snap shut faster than the speed of … Continue reading

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08.17.2018 Monotropa uniflora

Once thought to be a fungus or a saprophyte, Indian Pipes (also known as Ghost Flowers or Corpse Plants) are actually flowering plants who get their nutrition needs met through a relationship quite common in the plant world…a fungus that … Continue reading

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