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06.23.2018 23 minutes of happiness

Well, there’s a lot about Nature that makes me happy.  But here’s some joyous culture I wanted to share for those of you who don’t do TV or Facebook where it is running viral. We can all use all the … Continue reading

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04.29.2017-2 Him belly full and me hungry

So much for innocence. As I sat down for lunch with my very large cranberry nut bread turkey sandwich from Whole Foods, someone came to the door to borrow my chain saw. I moved the plate back from the edge … Continue reading

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02.23.2017 Double Throwback Thursday

Most often, folks share “throwback” images of themselves from earlier years.  I don’t really have many of those as I always preferred being behind the camera.  But I have shown up in front a few times.  In this case I … Continue reading

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12.26..2016 Quabbin Sunrise

I hope everyone who visits here had a nice Christmas, is having a Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or enjoying another holiday as we approach 2017.  I’ve spent the last several days unsuccessfully fighting off the flu although it finally is … Continue reading

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12.19.2016 Bentley’s close call

As adorable as Bentley is, I was having a hard time letting him approach the special place that Murphy had occupied in my life. I knew there was no “replacing” Murphy and that wasn’t what I had been hoping for. … Continue reading

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10.31.2016 Happy All Hallows Eve

A look back at an appropriate image from a year ago.  Hopefully a treat and not a trick.   🙂

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08.29.2016 The Wisdom of Pablo Casals

Pablo Casals, possibly the finest cellist to play the instrument, was once asked why he continued to practice at the advanced age of 90.  He answered “Because I think I am making progress.” There is debate as to how old … Continue reading

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