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01.18.2019 Monday will be a good day to hunker down

We are due for anywhere from 8 to 24 inches of mainly snow starting tomorrow late afternoon but with some added sleet and freezing rain on Sunday .If it sounds like Monday will be a good day to go out … Continue reading

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01.17.2019 In case you were wondering.

Something I saw on Facebook I thought I’d share.  🙂

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01.12.2019 Murphy Falls Filigreed Ice

I realize that I am playing fast and loose with “filigree” to describe the ice, but it is intricate and somewhat delicate and that is the word that comes to mind when I see this type of ice formation. The … Continue reading

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11.19.2018 More of me

Since my last post I have been home now for about a month and a few days.  Getting discharged was great, but recovering a challenge.  I’ve got a fair amount of my strength back but my stamina is still eluding … Continue reading

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10.12.2018 just a hello

Wanted to let you know why I haven’t been participating.  I have been in the hospital since Saturday. We don’t know what is wrong with me although it seems that I am getting better.  Hopefully I’ll get out of here … Continue reading

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09.19.2018 67% Moon

Not bad for the tiny SX-60. I tried for Mars also, but it was small enough that the camera couldn’t pick it out for focus. For anyone who noticed, I typo-ed the date but edited it after the fact.

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09.14.2018-2 This is us

Just thought I’d share one of our many happy moments at Acadia .  Actually two moments. At Jesup Path, a favorite spot. The better half And the other It took three tries, but Mary Beth finally got one of me … Continue reading

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