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01.09.2021 Calla

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01.02.2021 Flow and Splash

A little winter something from a past visit to Chapel Falls.

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12.23.2020 Melissa’s Shower Curtain

Here’s a little plug for our friend Melissa Pierson’s art…and mine.  She and I, (Todd Henson and Steve Schwartzman also…I hope I’m not overlooking anyone else) have pages on FineArtAmerica and among the items you can purchase are photography or … Continue reading

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12.12.2020 A little Saturday Silliness

A little chuckle to start the weekend. I’ve posted this several times on Fb but not here so thought to share a laugh. Love British humor.

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12.05.2020-2 Self-promotion Saturday (I won’t make a habit of this)

Had I known the email was coming I might have saved this for milestone 1700, but 1701 will have to do. A few months back I received an enquiry about this image from a collector in Dallas. He wanted a … Continue reading

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11.21.2020 A little hint meme for a successful Thanksgiving bird

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10.09.2020 Frog Friday-Needled

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10.06.2020 In a fog

That could describe me at most times but Sunday, after shooting the longed for image I shared yesterday, I drove by the boat cove in Quabbin Park and noticed the peninsula at the far side had some nice color with … Continue reading

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09.26.2020 Backlit

Sunrise in South Amherst  a few weeks ago Banded Garden Spider – Argiope-trifasciata the foreground grass

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09.25.2020 Frog Friday

It’s getting a bit more difficult finding these guys between the waning season and our current drought lowering the water levels.  Unfortunately, detritus and toxins don’t go away and as water evaporates from ponds the oxygen levels drop endangering pond … Continue reading

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