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09.23.2021 Sometimes the ride is home from work

A quickie post of an enjoyable cloud from Moody Bridge Road after buying socks. I have a couple for the morning before leaving for Acadia N.P. We’ll see what I manage to post from there.

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09.23.2021 This morning’s edition

Last one for the month although I might post a few with the attitude that my time photographing at Acadia is “work”.

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09.23.2021 Still here but soon to be on their way

The New England Asters continue to be a fueling station for these in preparation for their long journey to warmer winter climes. If they keep visiting I’ll keep shooting.

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09.22.2021 What a start to Autumn.

Life with a dog isn’t always fun and games. Bentley does not like being left alone but he is sort of okay with it the first time you leave the house.  So when Mary Beth goes to her osteoporosis exercise … Continue reading

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09.21.2021 Another Day, Another Ride to Work

I don’t always feel like showing up, at 73 I guess that is understandable, but at least I have a nice ride in.

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09.18.2021 Spidurday…mini edition

The other night as I wandered with my flashlight looking for subjects I found this orbweaver amongst my blueberry bush leaves. It was tiny…I almost couldn’t see it at all and the only thing giving it away was the light … Continue reading

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09.16.2021 Streetlamp of Desire

Apologies to Mr. Williams.  Often in the early morning as I walk out to bring in the daily paper, I look at the sky to see what might be in the offing.  Some mornings hint at fog and others a … Continue reading

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09.12.2021 Silent Sunday-Monarch on New England Aster

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09.01.2021 Wordless Wednesday

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08.31.2021 A little artistic license

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