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I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.

12.14.2019 Solid and Liquid

During the winter months capturing flowing water beneath, beside, or surrounded by ice is one of my main interests. The shaping of water as it freezes compared to the softness of water as it flow always attracts me.

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12.13.2019 Flashback Frog Friday

My first ever froggie back in 1989. Kodachrome 25 in a Canon F1n

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12.12.2019 Playing catch up

I’ve fallen behind in my responses to your comments but will a few at a time.  The last couple of days have been dealing with Bentley’s latest exploit.  He does not like our leaving him alone and will often get … Continue reading

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12.11.2019 Wordless Wednesday

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12.10.2019-2 Dean Brook Crossing Cascade

I mentioned this cascade the other day in response to the weave in the Murphy Falls image. Ten years ago but it seems like only nine.  🙂

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12.10.2019 Frosted Tree and Valley Fog

A bit earlier than yesterday’s frosty starburst, Mount Pollux was still seeing some of the freezing fog that accompanied the frigid temperatures. In the distance the fog is thinning and the treeline is receiving the hints of sunrise. There are … Continue reading

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12.09.2019 Mount Pollux Frosty Bare Tree

Yesterday started out below zero   This morning is above freezing with ice melting and rain in the forecast with the possibility of 50’s or even 60°. Flooding is a possibility too.  I have quite a backlog of keywording and archiving … Continue reading

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