10.12.2015 Mount Norwottuck Again

Once more I was on my way somewhere other than where I ended up.  Seems to be my way, I guess.  Quabbin was on my mind as I left the house under a perfectly clear and starry sky.  But as I drove through town, fog started to settle in the valleys and I could see the eastern sky lighting up brilliant red.  A look to the south told me that’s where the show would be and I turned in that direction for Mount Pollux.

The sky over the Holyoke Range was getting some subtle color and I ran up the hill while it was building in intensity.

Mount-Norwottuck-from-Mount-Pollux-101115-700WebThings don’t always go as planned which is often a good thing.

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10.11.2015 North Quabbin Shoreline

Just a little scenery that caught my eye as I was driving through New Salem before sunrise yesterday.  The light reflecting from the bright overhead sky gave the water a silvery blue  feel that I thought set off the autumn color pleasingly.


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10.09.2015 Red Maple Leaf

Mary Beth and I have a routine when at Acadia.  I get up early and she sleeps late.    :-)

After I am done around mid-morning I will return to pick her up at our cottage and then we’ll hike or walk around Bar Harbor and visit the little shops.

This image was seen along the Long Pond Carriage Path on 9/27.  There wasn’t much change in the foliage yet, but a few trees were developing color and at least one leaf had hit the ground.

Red-Leaf-Long-Pond-Path-092715-700WebNot at all a unique image, but just a little something nice from our hike.

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10.08.2015 Two Days-Two Beaches-Two Moods

Little Hunters Beach..shortly after the colorful rocks photographs


Hunters Beach


In both cases, I got just a bit wet.  I didn’t mind.  :-)

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10.07.2015 Rising Super Moon from Ocean Path

I knew well in advance that I just didn’t have it in me to stay up for the eclipse amazing though it would be.  As far as producing a photograph goes, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of fine images of it and I doubt that I would have produced anything terribly unique in that regard.  Even the composites of the moon going through its gradual phases were done in great numbers.  Being more of a morning person, I’d rather go about my usual business of rising before dawn and doing what I do.  That’s my story etc.  :-)

With all that said, I did go out for the rising moon as I often do while at home.  So I returned to that weathered small tree along Ocean Path and set up for the super moonrise. As I mentioned the other day, as single images I wasn’t all that satisfied with the results because capturing the entire tree from my best vantage point required the use of my 21mm wide angle lens.  If you aren’t familiar with what that does to a scene, besides capturing more of it, distance are made to look greater and in this case the moon was rendered very tiny over the horizon.  In order to bring things back to how my eyes were seeing the scene, I also captured the moon with my 300mm lens which, of course, now gave me a large moon.  Larger than I needed actually.  I combined the two, reducing the size of the moon to a more realistic scale and made this image.  As I mentioned a few weeks back, I don’t do many composites, but there can be a place for them and I felt this was one of those.

Full-Super Moon-over-Ocean-from-Ocean-Path-092715-700WebI am sorry if the blue looks a bit off.  When I posted this to Facebook it looked just fine as it does on my display.  But here it seems a bit electric.  WordPress frustrates me in that  regard…I may have groused about that before.

BTW, the warm rocks image was made the following morning, so I am glad that I went to bed at a normal time.  :-)


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10.06.2015 Rocks by the seashore

When visiting Acadia, I always make a stop at Little Hunters Beach, not to be confused with Hunters Beach, to enjoy both the view and the multi-colored cobbles to be found there.  The tide comes in and out rustling all the rocks against each other and shaping them to nice smooth surfaces.


The taking of cobbles is forbidden, most likely punishable by law as is the case with everything found within a national park, but that doesn’t stop folks from making cairns and other arrangements.  I don’t think what is in this next image is an arrangement.  I found it in a rather difficult to approach location so doubt anyone grabbed these stones and placed them in the recess.

Little-Hunters-Beach-Rocks-092915-700WebDuring a high tide and rough seas, I imagine that the smaller rocks are tossed about and come to rest in crevices such as this.

The colors contained in the rocks on this beach are lovely.



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10.05.2015-2 Yellow is the Color

I don’t usually participate in challenges…did one on Facebook, but that’s it to this point.  But….my blogging friend Intricate Knot just started one and I felt like I wanted to participate.  So here goes….

Yellow is the color of my true love’s hair
In the mornin’, when we rise
In the mornin’, when we rise
That’s the time, that’s the time
I love the best

Actually my true love’s hair is not, nor has it ever been, yellow.  Unless I am married to the wrong person, but I seriously doubt that.    :-)    Sticking with Intricate Knot’s theme, I really like this song and Donovan too for that matter.  If you wish, here is the song to listen to as you browse these three images.

North-Poland-Road-2-100812-800FBNorth Poland Road, Conway, MA

Tide-Pool-at-Wonderland-060612-1000FBTide Pool, Wonderland, Acadia N.P.

Maple-Leaf,-backlit,-hangingSuspended Maple Leaf, Quabbin Park, Ware, MA

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