10.15.2021 Eat your heart out Austin Steve

Not exactly a complete opposite but close to what Steve Schwartzman experiences in Austin as natural places become housing developments. In this case a golf course is being turned into a few things, that includes a possible low-income housing development on a small portion of the land.  There will also be a solar farm, or at least it is in the permitting process, that will contribute tax revenue to support the rest of the land which will be filled with hiking trails, wildflower meadows which are home to a few endangered plants, paths between neighborhoods, but no golf. Actually the town already owns a 9 hole course in the northern end of Amherst and there is another in midtown.  This was 18 holes but went out of business twice. And it is within walking distance from my home which is in one of the neighborhoods that will be connected by the trails.

Hickory Ridge

The fog doesn’t necessarily project its beauty but give me time.  🙂  I only had a few minutes there this morning before a doctor’s appointment.

This was my first visit to the land.  I don’t golf and the closest I got to spending time there was in the clubhouse restaurant on a few occasions…and dropping off a live catch mouse which I think might have beat me back to the house.

There is another piece of converted private property not far from me that I hope to visit this weekend while the foliage is still good.

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10.15.2021 Frog Friday

Frog season has definitely wound down here but some are still hopping about. This little guy was digging the sun in our lawn (another reason to not use herbicides) while I was mowing one afternoon.  Fortunately he stuck around long enough so I could run in and back out with the big camera for a few portraits.

Wood Frog- Lithobates sylvaticus.  The 180 doesn’t capture starbursts well but there is a bit of one as the catchlight in his eye.

This might be the last of Frog Friday’s for a while.  I did capture a few more last weekend but none of them are really much different from a bunch of others I have posted. I’ll keep looking as long as we continue with warmish days but eventually they won’t be surfacing for a few months.

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10.14.2021 Valley Big Sky

We’ve got mountains here in the Happy Valley (a name coined because of all the hippie culture back in the day) but compared to other ranges they are not that large.  This composition makes them look even smaller. They are not as they appear here, influenced by 16mm, and dominate the local landscape more than it may seem.

I don’t often make afternoon images but those trees light up nicely with the setting late afternoon sun. And there were those clouds.

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10.13.2021 Wordless Wednesday…Birds do it, bees do it, even slimy garden slugs do it…

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10.13.2021 Atkins Reservoir Panorama

Another day, another overcast sky. Fortunately, in this location the hemlocks and pines are taller than the deciduous trees so I was able to crop the panorama and eliminate the white sky.

Click through to see a much larger view.

Because of the detail here, I was more selective in my overlaps using 10 frames to capture the view. Rule of thumb is 1/3 but I did 1/2 to be sure Lightroom had all it needed to do a good job. While a mirror-like reflection is always nice, I like the abstract feel of the ripples  in the water.

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10.12.2021 Orange you glad it’s October?

The last several days have been mostly cloudy, especially in the morning when overcast has ruled the sky. But the color won’t last forever so I am making the best of it despite uninteresting skies and flat light.

Owens Pond Maple, Amherst

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10.11.2021 Brickyard Tree and Foliage

By request, although I had planned to return when the color became stronger, here is a closer frame of the tree that I posted last week.

I think that there are parts of the tree that could be abstract subjects but not at this time as approaching the tree any closer is difficult at best if not impossible right now. Maybe in winter when the wetland is frozen.

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10.10.2021 Silentish Sunday 2-Barn in Foliage from Norwottuck Railtrail

Viewed from the Norwottuck Railtrail.

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10.10.2021 Silent Sunday-Gentian Finale

Greater Fringed Gentian-Gentianopsis crinita

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10.09.2021 Silken Mobile

We allow quite a number of milkweed plants to line our driveway with other plants as well. I’ve been looking at this one pod waiting for the right time to make an image of the seeds hanging and yesterday noticed these few hanging by a few strands of silk and twirling in a gentle breeze like a mobile over a child’s crib. ISO400@1/4sec was just enough to catch it still.

I waited until the three forward seeds were spread at a pleasing angle  There are two others barely visible. Will they still be there this morning?

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