01.23.2020 Bubbles Galore

One last image from the December 26 ice premiere at Harvard Pond.

I was going to have a How Many Bubbles Are There? guessing contest but decided against it because that would mean I’d have to count them.  Maybe there’s some AI app that could do that.

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01.22.2020 Point Curve

Another from the 25mm macro.

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01.21.2020 It’s squirrel appreciation day!

To celebrate “Squirrel Appreciation Day”, Rocky will now play the harmonica to the tune of “Getting to Know You”.

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01.21.2020 Microcellular

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01.20.2020-2 Bubble Geometry

More bubbles containing shapes and even more bubbles.  Tiny bubbles.

Tiny bubbles
In the ice
Make me happy
Make me feel nice
Tiny bubbles
Make me warm all over
With a feeling that I’m gonna
Frozen bubbles till the end of time
So here’s to the golden morning
And here’s to the silver pond…
And here’s to frozen bubbles
that make me happy
Don Ho and Me.  🙂
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01.20.2020 Freshly Fallen

The predicted snowfall, although not as much as forecast, did cover things with a nice clean coating.  Once in a while one sets out with a distinct image in mind and Nature smiles upon the photographer.

Pristine seems a good word for conditions yesterday morning.

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01.19.2020 Bubbles and Needles

Yesterday did not fulfill the forecast for the temperature to reach zero…to a degree.  9° that is.

Related image

But 9° is more than cold enough for ice to form and this is one of a few things I found in the little stream that flows from the waterfall at Harvard Pond.

If you look closely you will see all sorts of shapes within each frozen bubble and in a few there are fine cracks.  I would have loved to pull out the 25mm macro but the ice was extremely delicate and I had to shoot with the 180 to maintain enough distance to not crack and destroy my subject.  And we just had a few inches of snow so it is covered now and with that insulation the “warmth” from the water has most likely melted it under the blanket. But there’ll be others.

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