11.28.2018 Probably the first place I’ll go

Murphy Falls along Dean Brook.  With all the rain we’ve had this autumn, the waterfalls must be looking very good.  This is a short hike from the road and a good candidate for my first foray. Still a couple of weeks away but as I keep improving I am regaining the desire to go out and make images to share.


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It’s amazing to me that October and November have flown by as quickly as they have.

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11.19.2018 More of me

Since my last post I have been home now for about a month and a few days.  Getting discharged was great, but recovering a challenge.  I’ve got a fair amount of my strength back but my stamina is still eluding me. I’ve a PT appointment tomorrow morning, if it doesn’t get snowed out, and hope that will inform me better about rebuilding stamina. Right now most anything I do, like writing this, tires me enough that I retire to my recliner for a little beagle TLC. Bentley is on my lap most of the time and sleeps next to me in bed.  I am sure I am recovering faster for it.  🙂

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I’ve a project to work on when I can get it together to concentrate and will try to post an image from the archives on occasion. And, if I can make some progress with the aforementioned endurance, I may have some new winter images in the foreseeable, but not imminent, future.

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10.12.2018 just a hello

Wanted to let you know why I haven’t been participating.  I have been in the hospital since Saturday. We don’t know what is wrong with me although it seems that I am getting better.  Hopefully I’ll get out of here soon.


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10.03.2018 No matter which way you look at it, it’s an upside down world


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10.02.2018 More mushroom finds

As I was looking around the North Quabbin woods this past Saturday I saw this  mushroom standing out in the darkness.

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This is a Crown-tipped Coral-Artomyces pyxidatus.

Sometimes walking our dog results in finding something as well, in this case right in our lawn.

Amethyst Deceiver-Laccaria amethystina.  These are relatively small mushrooms that are edible although I read that sometimes they collect arsenic from the ground.  I’ll pass.

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10.01.2018 Farewell, September.

As I mentioned yesterday, September flew by.  Pretty sure I’m not the only one who felt that way.  Lots of rain and unseasonable warmth that, I hope, will produce some nice color for the October foliage show. Another thing that comes with October is fog.

To October…and Beyond.  🙂

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09.30.2018 Autumn’s beginnings…foliage and fog

While October has not yet arrived, just a day away though, there are bits of color to be found in small areas. Close to water is usually at the lead and that was the case with this image next to a swamp in North Quabbin.

Feels like we were at Acadia just last week and now the month is over. 😯

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