10.20.2019 Mount Monadnock from Enfield Lookout

I haven’t been keeping track, but I am sure I have shot at least 18 images of different compositions from here. Of course, light is always a little different and yesterday the foliage lit up well on the closer mountains although Monadnock itself had a haze through all the miles between there and the Lookout. And, it’s the first time with the 100-400. At the full 400mm the distance is compacted making the mountain appear much closer than it actually is…38 miles.

Driving around this morning I found that much of the foliage has dropped but there are pockets here and there and some trees were sheltered by evergreens. So the season carries on.  Often November still has a little color to offer.

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10.19.2019 Two more from the ride

I don’t know if this will be the end of captured foliage landscapes for the year or not.  I do have a couple others that might be waiting in the wings but we have lost a lot of our leaves during the recent bombogenesis and a few trees as well. But there remain intimate shots as stick season approaches.

I have photographed this birch several times while riding through Quabbin Park over the years.  The leaves vary in their colors and this year appeared more subdued.

This past Wednesday I posted another ride through he park  theme.  This next is what was behind me as I shot the view out over the reservoir.

I have not until now made the image I wanted of this edge of the boat cove. The light was a bit overcast and there were occasional sprinkles which kept the foliage saturated.

I’ll be out again this morning and might find some still leafed out colorful trees but suspect I’ll have to start going in closer.  That’s fun too.  🙂

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10.18.2019-2 Meditation

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10.18.2019 The fog on the hill

One of my favorite locations for fog is Quabbin Hill. This was my first time shooting this tree found on the ride down the access road from the top. I liked the combination of rich colored hay-scented fern and the diminished color and light shrouding the tree.  Ordinarily this would be a fairly busy image but the thick fog simplified it quite well, I think.

I approached and then walked back as I tried to control the tree’s visibility and the hiding quality of the fog for the background.

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10.17.2019 Harvard Pond Reflection

There are several small islands in Harvard Pond. You’ve seen them from time to time as I visit that location often, most recently this past June  and this from 2014. All of those shots were from the west side and my banner above is from the east side.

This past Sunday I approached from the middle as I have always thought the view up to the North was interesting.  I am not sure of the success of those, yet to be determined, but I did look back toward the west side and liked the reflection and illumination of this bit of land.

The floating lily pads interrupt the reflection but they are always there so fit in the image. I made a few similar images of other islands but liked this the better.

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10.16.2019 Almost Wordless Wednesday-Two from a ride around Quabbin Park

A view of the reservoir from the Spillway

A favorite Maple

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10.15.2019 Hawley Reservoir

I hope you don’t mind seeing a bunch of foliage images in a row.  🙂   I’d like to be able to intersperse some water images, but most of the brooks are pretty much dry and even the Quabbin and Atkins Reservoirs are quite low.  But Hawley Reservoir, while not over-brimming, does have enough water to stay full to the shoreline although not as high as it might be. And yesterday’s post had a lot of water evident too.

I’ve made several similar images here over the years, including this one with mountain laurel last spring.  It’s a great place for reflections.  The calmness only lasted for a few minutes before a breeze kicked up and blurred the reflection.

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