08.24.2016 Wordless Wednesday-Mount Lizzie

Mount Lizzie from Morton Pond Area-082116-800

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08.23.2016 Our property’s co-owner-well, one of them

The vast majority of us have this sense that we own the land we live on and it’s all ours.  Not so, at least not in my opinion.  Before we cleared the land, dug our foundations, erected a home, and planted lawns and gardens, others have been occupying the property for decades, centuries and, for some species, eons before we showed up.  In the case of this little fellow, it is possible he just hopped on over from one yard to another or possibly is one of many generations to be fruitful and multiply in this once former farmland.

Wood-Frog-082216-800Woody here is a wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus).  I’ve photographed a few of these guys, but this was the first time in our yard.  I hear them at night along with a varied amphibian chorus. We’ve peepers and tree frogs galore along with American toads and one yard over is a small stream with a few resident bullfrogs.

We really need to be aware of who shares the land with us. I’ve noticed a decline in the insects I see in our yard lately, along with fewer snakes, frogs and other small animals.  I think the culprit may be the lawn treatments a few of our neighbors employ.  Hard to say for sure with my limited knowledge.  The lack of rain hasn’t helped either. At least there are not any bug zappers around us.


Anyway, it was good to see this one co-owner.  I pay the mortgage, but he keeps the insect and slug populations under control.

This image was made with my little S95 while lying prone on our lawn.

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08.22.2016 More Quabbin Shoreline with Mount Lizzie in the Distance

I’ve shot this view many times, including during foliage season, but I think this is probably the nicest light I have captured there yet.  Maybe the brilliant fall color would have distracted.

I went here thinking of making a black and white image, which I did of another composition, but once this light presented itself, well…there wasn’t much resistance on my part.  It was just a question of lining up the rocks with as little overlap as possible and twisting the polarizer so the reflection shined even better than my eyes could see it.
Quabbin-Park-Shoreline-082116-960I exposed for the brightest rock but in retrospect wish I had used the right hand sky instead.

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08.21.2016 The illuminated cloud

The wisps were so serendipitous at the moment the large backlit cloud began to glow from the rising sun.

North-Quabbin-Illuminated-Cloud-081416-800This was another case where the sky looked like it would be disappointing until it wasn’t.  You just never know where the light will find a gap in the clouds.    🙂

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08.19.2016 Quabbin Shoreline

Here’s another view of the reservoir from the shore made last Saturday.  The water level is down seven feet last I heard.  It would take a lot of rain to approach full again.  If we experience an active hurricane season, something no one really wants, we might see one inland and get full before winter.  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a rough winter so the snowfall could take care of things.

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08.18.2016 Connecticut River Sunrise 2

I’ve already expressed most of what I have to say about yesterday’s and today’s images.  I set up a little to the left of this image for number 1 and then by a fisherman for this one.  We both appreciated the sky as he waited for one of his poles to tip.

Connecticut-River-Sunrise-2-081516-800There is another vantage point a bit up the river from this spot which may give a better view of the sun which was coming up behind those distant trees on the right.  I’ll go there next and shoot despite the clear view of the marina.

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08.17.2016 Connecticut River Sunrise 1

I would not say that I am stuck in a rut or losing interest in my regularly visited landscapes, but it is good to add new locations for variety in image-making and I will admit to sometimes not feeling inspired as I leave the house when going somewhere familiar. That was the case on this past Monday when I checked out Google Maps and The Photographer’s Ephemeris for sunrise over the river. I enjoy sharing our local landscapes and variety is the spice of Nature Photography.

This spot, near Mass. Audubon’s Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in nearby Easthampton, on the Oxbow offered the view I was hoping for.  Well, almost.  The sun was rising a little south of my perspective, but the side-lighting of the clouds as I looked northward made for some wonderful light.

Connecticut-River-Sunrise-081516-800As you may have guessed, there is a number two image made a few minutes after this one and that will show up here tomorrow…or later today.

And…possibly the name Oxbow is familiar, aside from it’s utilitarian identity, but also as a favorite work of art from The Hudson River School‘s Thomas ColeView from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm-The Oxbow. Lots of links (4) in that one sentence and six altogether.  🙂

This really exceeded my expectations.



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