11.26.2015 Full Beaver Moonrise

While waiting in the dark last night, I made an image of the Earth’s shadow below the Belt of Venus.

Belt of Venus and Earth Shadow-112515-700Web

As time went by, I realized that the buckle I was hoping for on the belt wasn’t going to happen.  The color faded before the moon rose.  There were some thin clouds forming on the horizon and once the Full Beaver Moon did rise, it offered a somewhat different view.  More like a Moon Flambé, I think.

Full-Beaver-Moon-over-Prescott-Peninsula-112515-700WebI looked upwards at 4:30 this morning and saw mostly clouds with just an occasional veiled peek at the moon.  The sky said “No moon for you”.  Guess I must have asked with some attitude.    (Seinfeld reference)   :-)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone or just Happy Thursday (you can give thanks anyway).  ;-)

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11.23.2015 Shhh/Peaceful

One more moody image from yesterday morning at the Quabbin.

Quabbin-Valley-from-Quabbin-Park-112215-700WebThat is Mount Lizzie behind the pines and, of course, the overlapping hills on the right.

If you are wondering about the title, it comes from one of my favorite pieces of jazz. Just close your eyes, imagine being on the shoreline at Quabbin and relax.  :-)

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11.22.2015 Mount Lizzie and Quabbin Valley

Color…Fog…Color…Fog…what’s next?  :-)

We started with a drizzle and overcast with scattered fog.  One place it scattered was over the Quabbin Reservoir.  Yesterday’s brilliant sunrise was just a memory today.  Nice one, though.

I may have mentioned before that I have an ongoing project of gathering images of Mount Lizzie.  I admire Hokusai’s multiple paintings of Mount Fuji and aspire to some smaller collection.  There is not the opportunity for as much variety in the landscape as Mount Fuji, but there are several views to work with.

As with Friday’s pano, please click through to the largest image.Mount-Lizzie-and-Quabbin-Valley-112215-700WebIt is quite amazing to realize that all these islands were at one time hills and beneath the water former towns with homes, businesses and other features.  There are sections that are identified on my Quabbin map as ponds, including one just to the left of Lizzie called “Sunk Pond”.  I think that is its original name as it appears that way on the map I have of the “proposed” reservoir before construction.

So, the forecast for tomorrow is sun.  I guess my next post will be in color.  :-)

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11.21.2015 Fair start to a nice day

Today was another of those curious day’s with a sky that was fairly inscrutable.  Some stars here, but lots of clouds too.  The horizon looked like it would be another of those days where a cloud bank buries the eastern sky.  But there was some hope with a few openings here and there and before I knew it…Quabbin-Hill-Twilight-112115-700Webthe sky above Quabbin Hill was brilliantly illuminated with orange, crimson and purple, bathing the water in darker tones of red and magenta.  I know I’ve shared several of what some folks describe as “nuclear” skies but this tops them all, I think.

BTW, shortly after this shot, the sky did close up for a while, long enough to hide the actual sunrise.  Luck was with me.  :-)


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11.20.2015 Island at the End

Most of my images of Atherton Brook, which is inside Quabbin’s Gate 15 in Shutesbury, are of cascades.  Following to the end of the road gets us to the mouth of the brook and the reservoir with this little sand bar island that is most likely a leftover of sand and rocks from the days of construction.

Island-in-Fog-at-Quabbin,-Gate-15-052111-700WebClicking twice, I believe, will yield a much larger view.  This is one of my favorite Quabbin images.  I may have posted this a few years back, not sure, but I reprocessed it and converted to black and white, so  a little different if I did.

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11.19.2015 West Brook Cascade, Conway, MA

Sorry…I’ve nothing to say today.  This image will have to do the talking for me which is almost always a wiser choice.


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11.17..2015 Upon further reflection

Here are two roadside landscapes from yesterday morning.  The sky was still filled with nice clouds.

Winterberry-Reflection-RT-202-111615-700WebWinterberry (Ilex verticillata) along the road in New Salem.

Jennison-Road-Pond-111615-700WebJennison Road in Wendell.

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