09.18.2018 Acadia Finale

Wish we were still there. One week doesn’t come close to exploring this great park. Next time I’ll spend more time in the woods.

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09.17.2018 Another Roadside Attraction

Just a quiet foggy day in Quabbin Park on Saturday.  Shortly before the scene with the goldenrod I came across this which is a repeat of something I shot two years ago.  At that time there were black-eyed susans…this time calico asters and goldenrod.

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09.16.2018 Quabbin Hill Goldenrod Landscape

The fog wasn’t quite as thick as advertised but still enough for some ambiance.  These showy goldenrods are not as large a patch as it appears, but I got close to them and the wide angle gives a much larger appearance to the grouping.

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09.15.2018 Streetlamp of desire…for a foggy landscape

An indication of fog in my future as I left the house this morning for Quabbin Park.

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09.14.2018-2 This is us

Just thought I’d share one of our many happy moments at Acadia .  Actually two moments. At Jesup Path, a favorite spot.

The better halfImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, hat, shoes and outdoor

And the other Image may contain: Hank Levine, smiling, shoes and outdoor

It took three tries, but Mary Beth finally got one of me smiling.

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09.14.2018 The More Monarchs the Merrier

Just one image to show but yesterday we had 5 caterpillars on our milkweed plants. That’s more than we’ve ever had at one time and this year without a doubt has been our best ever.  Of course, we do have more plants this year than any before but the larvae share so I don’t think that is the prime factor.  At any rate, that we’ve had so many makes me feel that our little bit of milkweed may have contributed to a bounce back of sorts for the species, even if a very small bit.

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August 24th sharing…

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

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09.13.2018 Buffam Brook Upstream Cascade

This is a more intimate look at this cascade previously shared on August 15.  Aside from a different framing, I have refined the processing a bit more, pulling the closer cascade out from the background and adding a bit more emphasis to the green reflection at the top.

The past two weeks haven’t seen much rain here so I have not looked for water images.  But we received the remnants of Gordon this week along with a lot of other bits of precipitation that are dotting the country so this weekend might be good for that.  I don’t know whether Florence will be coming our way, but it sounds like the southeast, especially the Carolinas, are going to get hit hard and over a few days possibly.  I hope it weakens considerably once it makes landfall so they do not receive much damage.

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