04.29.2016 Flashback Friday Flora

I remember finding this Round-leaved Yellow Violet (Viola rotundifolia) while photographing yellow trout lilies, aka dogtooth violets, in a local ditch.  Doesn’t seem that long ago, but it turns out to be 7 years.

Round-leaved-Yellow-Violet,042909-960Times does pass quickly.  Yesterday was  our 32nd anniversary.  Although it does seem like we’ve been married a while now, 32 years does amaze.  Still not quite half our lives have been together, but it will be soon.

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04.27.2016 Buffam Falls

The falls is actually upstream a bit from this spot, but I’ve yet to see it overflowing and as waterfallish as this cascade.  The Buffam Falls Conservation Area has several interesting cascades and smaller waterfalls, but this is my favorite. Further down, the brook ends where it joins with Amethyst Brook and nearby the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail passes by.  It’s a very nice location.


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04.26.2016 Beaver as Narcissus

Or as a Facebook friend suggested- Beaver (Castor canadensis) as Gemini.

American-Beaver-2,-Gate-30-102410-960Photographed on the Middle Branch of the Swift River, Quabbin Gate 30, New Salem.

Obviously, this is not recent.  Even less recent than you may think as it is from 2010.  But it crossed my vision as my screen saver slideshow played and I thought I’d like to share it again.

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04.25.2016 Change of pace

I’m still here, but haven’t really recovered yet.  So last night I figured I’d try something different for a change.  I’ve converted color images of flowers into black and white before, but decided to go a step further and be a little more expressive with my art.

Here’s a Wood Poppy from 2011.  the original and ….

Wood-Poppy-close-up-BW-1075There was a lovely sunrise this morning.  The overcast hadn’t quite reached the horizon, so the underside was lit in nice bands of pastel pink/magenta.  Oh well.


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04/20/2016 Sick Day Wednesday

Hopefully, this will not be a recurring category.  Mary Beth has been sick for a couple of days and I came down with whatever it is this morning.  So no work and no photography.  Ordinarily I get sick more often and she rarely catches anything.  I am hoping I’ve stopped it in its tracks as her version has been keeping her up coughing through the night.  I’d like to avoid that.  Fortunately, things like this cannot easily be spread in a blog. I hope none of you empaths come down with this.  :-)

Looking back through the folders, I found this image from April 2nd that had not been processed. It’s an interesting spot that I had not visited before along Dean Brook and downstream from all other images I have shared in the past.

Dean-Brook-Tree-Waterfall-040216-960The tree fell years ago and has been collecting debris for a while, creating a dam and waterfall. A little messy with the caught branches and leaves but still a nice little water feature.

Grrrr….WordPress color control is awful.  I’ve mentioned it before.  In Photoshop and on Facebook, the light’s warmth is pleasing but here it is more saturated making it look like the woods are on fire. Just want to mention that.  As much as I wish people to see the images as they should be, I have tried multiple processing of certain images in the past and rarely does that help.  Let the chips fall.

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04.19.2016 Shoreline Light

I think I can say with confidence that Spring has sprung.   (sorry)   We are finally seeing our lawn flowers getting a foothold.  Bluets, Creeping Charlie (Gill-o’er-the-ground), Blue Violets (with a few of the white variety coming in) tiny white Violets and, in the woods, my single Bluebell plant from last year has some buds.  No sign of the transplanted Jack-in-the-pulpit yet, but I am sure it will show soon.  And, to Mary Beth’s chagrin, a few dandelions are soaking up the rays.   I even split some logs for next year’s heat yesterday.

It’s too windy right now to go out and make an image or two of the flowers so that will wait for another day or later if the wind dies down around sunset.  Instead, I’ll share this image I made about ten minutes after yesterday’s sunrise.  I love the Quabbin shoreline and this spot is one of my favorites for both the actual sunrise and its warm effect on the water’s edge.

Quabbin-Gate-5-Shoreline-at-Sunrise-041816-1075Fishing season opened this weekend and the motors could be heard in the distance although said distance was misleading as the early hour’s quiet allowed the sound of the boats and the talking fishermen to be heard as though they were just yards away.  Still felt peaceful with loon calls mixed in and rafts of ducks floating nearby and south of the fishing limit lines.

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04.18.2016 Quabbin Sunrise

I’m skipping a day’s image making because I so enjoyed the experience of what is contained in this image. I did shoot Sunday but that will have to wait. When I took out the compost this morning (a daily ritual that allows me to assess the conditions) all I saw were stars and the moon- not a cloud in the sky.  But I headed to my favorite sunrise location knowing that there quite often will be some cloudiness on the horizon.  The sky did not disappoint.

Gate-5-Sunrise-041816-2-960As I walked down the trail the sky was hidden by the overhanging trees, so it wasn’t until I reached the water that I recognized my good fortune.  Fishing season opened yesterday and I could hear the motor boats in the distance and the voices of the anglers over the hum.  I appreciated that boats have a restriction on how close to the southern end of the reservoir they can approach.  Coincidentally, rafts of ducks made their way down past the boat limit buoys.    :-)


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