04.01.2023 Symplocarpus foetidus triad

Skunk cabbage’s flower, a spadix, is one of the earliest to be seen in Spring, seen here inside the foremost bud.  Actually the plant can be seen in mid-winter as it is thermogenic and produces heat which helps clear away the snow around it. Native Americans used it to treat a few maladies such as epilepsy and various bodily swellings. It’s an Araceae which is related to the Philodendron houseplant. Aside from having a bad smell it is also toxic and even a small amount can be seriously harmful.

Along this same path in Quabbin Park I once came across a  skunk cabbage plant acting as a maple nursery.


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03.31.2023 Balanced Rock

A re-edit of a shot from 2019.

During one of my many hikes along Atherton Brook in the Quabbin Watershed I came across this scene with a rock firmly balanced atop another.

Click for a much larger view

This is located just above and to the left of the scene I posted back on February 25th. Atherton Brook is a great source for cascades and the waterfall I have posted as well. I haven’t been there in a few years and should probably check to see if the rock is still there.  A strong current from the spring melt or a powerful summer storm might have dislodged it just as it may have deposited it there.

My edit improvement was to place more emphasis on the rock itself by dodging it, burning the rock just behind it, and darkening the whole surrounding backdrop to lighten the cascade. It’s not a huge change, subtle, but just enough, I think.



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03.29.2023 Wordless Wednesday

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03.26.2023 Like pulling her pigtails

I promise that I won’t post memes profusely.  But after Linda mentioned a tune staying in her head all day, I just have to do it again. I’ll go stand in the corner now.  🙂

The caption with this was about learning science through music.

We’ll resume regular programming later on.  🙂

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03.25.2023 Buffam Brook Cascade

An updated processing including converting to black and white.



A similar shot in color 10 years later that I shared here previously.


Often it is better to go one way or the other but once in awhile an image works both ways.  Do you agree or prefer one over the other?

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03.25.2023 Silly Saturday

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03.24.2023 Flashback Friday

Well, almost 100% of my posts this year have been flashbacks so today probably isn’t a  surprise.

Full Pink Moon setting in The Belt of Venus with a hint of Earth Shadow. April, 2015 on Mount Pollux. This year’s Full Pink Moon will happen on April 5.  Maybe I’ll get motivated by then.  🙂

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03.22.2023 Threefer Wednesday-The Ride to Work

Another nice bit of dawn scenery as I motored my way to the job.

And a very mooooving scene on the way home this past Monday.

Hampshire College Farm

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03.22.2023 Wordless Wednesday-Murphy Falls

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03.22.2023 Spring-Been there, done that, and I’ll do it again

Dutchman’s Breeches-Dicentra cucullaria

This is an annual share on Facebook and I thought, “Why not do it here?” 13 years ago and still my favorite shot of these beauties.

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