10.21.2016 Brilliant Regulating Dam Road in the North Quabbin

This is another spot that I enjoy photographing repeatedly. Here is a post from last year.

north-quabbin-foliage-regulating-dam-road-101416-800In this case I was able to get to shore level due to our low water currently.  I employed a long exposure to smooth the water’s motion from a constant breeze…note the motion of the right-most orange tree. Last year’s post linked above was shot at road level, Route 122, and at an angle shooting down.  I prefer this and the nice reflection.

One problem with hiking along a shoreline that is usually underwater is the ankle deep muck in places.  I still haven’t removed it all from my boots.

Tomorrow is predicted to be pretty rainy.  Fingers crossed and maybe Monday will be a day for stream photography.

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10.20.16 Like a broken record (if you remember records)

The broken part being my love of and repeated sharing of images from the same location.  That is the case with this view having been shot by me annually for at least 10 years.  There is always something different…color brilliance, foggy or clear skies, my arrival ahead of the sun’s rise over the hills to the east, water level (lower this year than in many previous).

Please click twice for the largest view….morton-pond-area-foliage-quabbin-park-101216-800

Upon my arrival, there wasn’t much to see.  But I have learned to be patient and the sun slowly rose, burned through the fog and produced a brilliant scene.

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10.19.2016 Walkin’ up a country road

Looking at my pre-Quabbin map of the area, with the proposed reservoir overlaid, I think this is River Road or it may be a continuation of New Boston Road in Shutesbury.  River Road seems the more likely.  In modern terms, it is a road that runs between Gates 16A and 16. I wasn’t expecting anything this lovely when I started my hike but who’s complaining?  Not I.

gate-16a-101016-800I will admit to a little puffing by the time I reached the top.  I’ll never learn to pare down the load.

For the fungus amongus enthusiasts, this little gem-studded puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum) awaited me as I returned to the car.

gem-studded-puffball-gate-16-101016-800At this point the sun had risen and was shining through three branches making things a bit contrasty.  That was controlled with a handheld 30″ diffuser.

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10.18.2016 A Tree Grows on Branch Bridge Road

I began my vacation 12 days ago and have been spending as much time as possible in the Quabbin watershed-mostly capturing foliage images. Did some yard work too, but it was all about autumn shooting and we have had surprisingly good color.  A lot of the leaves are blowing out of the trees on this blustery yet warm (82°) October day.  It’s been a blast.  I am not sure I am ready to return to work, but money is running out.

Branch Bridge Road in New Salem isn’t exactly within Quabbin, but is part of North Quabbin and therefore part of the watershed.  I was particularly attracted to this leaning tree.  When finding such an oddly configured tree one has to wonder what caused the growth in this way. There is obvious damage at the base…could it have lost a branch previously that caused a change in balance? This is a narrow dirt road and it is right on the edge.  Maybe someone hit it with their car at some point.

branch-bridge-road-tree-2-100816-800I am sorry for missing so many of your posts and comments on mine.  I will try to stay a bit more current.

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10.08.2016 It was a dark and stormy morning

Here is that foliage image that was in the pipeline.  The color is really building nicely in the North Quabbin area and I hope to be capturing it at every opportunity every day for the coming week.  The full moon is next Saturday and I’m thinking two-fer.    🙂

The West Branch of Fever Brook

west-branch-fever-brook-petersham-100216-800Right up Edward Weston’s alley here…literally at the edge of the road and no hiking necessary.

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10.05.2016 A rainy day on Quabbin Hill

The Quabbin Observation Tower has been photographed by many.  I’ve made a few images but am always looking for something a little different.  This past Saturday offered a little mood in the way of a light fog and a bit of breezy drizzle.  As I walked around I decided that I liked the way the two trees framed the tower, but there was the matter of the conical tree.  A little movement either way made a difference but I felt lining the tree and tower up made the best composition and a nice contrast in tones.

foggy-quabbin-hill-and-tower-100116-800Foliage season has indeed started although peak is still a little bit of a wait.  My vacation starts Friday and, for a week and a half, I hope to collect a bunch of images to share here.  There is one already in the pipeline.  :-)

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09.29.2016 Early Morning View of Mount Monadnock from Enfield Lookout

Here’s another in my series of this composition.  Habits can be hard to break and this is one I doubt I shall ever do so.  Just too enjoyable.


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