05.28.2016 Purgee Brook Gulch

I posted a shot of some Purgee Brook cascades in Quabbin a short while back.  A Facebook friend offered to show me another feature farther downstream which he did yesterday.

Fortunately for me, I am now undertaking these hikes with a reduced kit in a smaller backpack.  That made it much easier.  I have to admire Pan’s energy and limber fitness. He’s a few years older than I, but hops across rocks and climbs ledges like he is much younger, which in reality I guess he is. Much of age is in our heads anyway. We had a great time hiking and talking and I consider him a valued new friend. Much of what happens in social media is of little value, but there are times when we really do make friends, learn new ways of thinking and gather knowledge that we might not otherwise.

Purgee-Brook Gulch-052716-960

Pan offered to wade in and remove the fallen branch for me, but I like it there.  Not only does it add color, but speaks of the life of the brook, with various comings and goings of forest debris.

And, for your listening pleasure, I made a video of the waterfall.

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05.26.2016 Photographic whack-a-mole

So it’s a landscape one day, then a flower, then a landscape then a flower, then…

Well, what’s different here is that there is some human influence in the way of some farm buildings.  I don’t usually have “hand of man” in my images, but I like this farm and its view to the east with lowland fog most mornings.  I got out of the house a little late, so stayed around town and thought this would work out

Thistlebloom-Farm-Sunrise-052616-960This farm is for sale and should draw some interest, but not mine at 7 figures. It wasn’t actively farmed.  The owner had a few goats and a horse or two.  She’s an artist and psychotherapist and, I guess, the farm made both for inspiration and a calming influence.

Although a few miles away, this is a similar landscape to this earlier post a few days ago.

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05.25.2016 Lovely Lady

Here’s another up close and personal with a Pink Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium acaule).

Pink Lady's-Slipper-in-Habitat-052516-960As you can see, we are in a pine woods this morning.  The sky was bright with thin clouds, good for lighting the plant but a bit bright for the background.  One of the bigger shallenges (channeling my inner Clouseau) of photographing these flowers with the Venus Laowa 15mm macro at ground level is keeping the tripod legs out of the frame. I also used a small reflector to light the bloom and a few frames had it photobombing the flower although from the front rather than behind. I used a circular polarizer to remove the glare from the leaves.

This is a great location.  First there are quite a few painted trilliums and now there are many dozens of pink lady’s slippers.  The problem was finding a plant without holes in the leaves.  Somebody’s been taking nibbles.

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05.24.2016 Beautiful start to a day

The sky said “I’m going to look great this morning”, so off I went yesterday to a favorite spot to enjoy the beauty.  It did not disappoint at all.

Quabbin-SUnrise-052316-1075One of the reasons I prefer sunrises to sunsets is the solitude I can almost always count on. It’s rare that I bump into anyone else at this time of day.  I guess that’s understandable as this scene occurred at about 5 am.  Bad sleep habits have their perks.        :-)

So far, today is rainy and I am doing chores. It’s good as we needed some rain. If it clears up a bit later I might try to check on the lady’s slippers.  Some locations around here are reporting lots of blooming plants, but the few locations close by are still a bit tardy.  I did find one Sunday morning and that is waiting in the wings.

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05.23.2016 Thrillya with some Trillia

Quadrillium, thrillium…why not thrillya and trillia?

Unless something really special presents itself, this will be the last for 2016. One reason I like photographing these so much is the variability of the petal edges. This one really appealed for its ruffled lines as well as the contrast against the darker green, another variable in this plant. I think that they are like snowflakes…no two are exactly alike.


When I purchased my Venus Laowa 15mm macro lens last year, it was with shots like this in mind.

Painted-Trillium-Habitat-052116-960I’ve still got some learning to get confident with the lens, but I am getting there.  What I am not getting is more limber with age.  Shots like this require a flat layout on the ground and you know what that means…I have to get up.  Not so easy anymore.  :-)

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05.21.2016 One more and then a trillum

As always, I was thinking trilliums this morning and was on my way when I saw this scene and had to stop.  In all honesty, I was also thinking ladies’ slippers but it’s still a bit early at the usual place.  At any rate, I wasn’t thinking of either of them for about 20 minutes.

Southeast-Street-Sunrise-052116-1075I am doing a photography program at the end of June entitled “Meanderings of an easily distracted photographer”.  I think this is a good example of shifting gears from what is on your mind to what is presented before you..  I try not to shoot just one category of nature photography (he says after a string of sunrise landscape posts).  There is so much to be appreciated out there and it seems best to be open to it all.

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05.20.2016 Sometimes it’s good when the paper gets delivered late

A few times now, I’ve walked to the end of the driveway looking for the morning paper and, not finding it the first time, go out a bit later and find a lovely sky which I have shared a few times previously.  I think yesterday morning offered a nice one.

Frontyard-Sunrise-051916-960This has been our best year for the dogwood seen making a slight appearance at the left. Behind me is a pink variety that is flowering like never before.  You’d think I would photograph them, wouldn’t you?  :-)

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