08.03.2015 Mount Monadnock from Enfield Lookout

I posted out of order so this is a Mount Monadnock Prequel, I guess.  Taken one day earlier from a vantage point several miles to the south in Quabbin Park, there is similar light to Sunday’s post and a lot of nice layering too.  The unfortunate part is the treeline sticking up into the frame.  There was a time many years ago when they didn’t interfere as much, but now the trees have grown and it isn’t likely that they will ever be trimmed.  Their health is more important than a picture so I’m not complaining.  One must make do with what is given.  I mitigated their effect by standing on a picnic table with the tripod fully extended but even up there was not enough of an angle.  I didn’t have my ladder to stand on top of the car.  Next time.

Mount-Monadnock-from-Enfield-Lookout-080115-700WebAnd next time I will try to use a longer lens…this is 200mm, so the 300 with an extender…to concentrate just on the valley of layers and mountain.  That said, I’d prefer the scene to include the water but not the trees.


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08.02.2015 Monadnock Dawn

I’ve photographed Monadnock from this viewpoint often over the years.  I’ve only seen it with alpenglow once and this quiet simple view seems to be what I am meant to see.  Some fog in the valleys and a soft light above.


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08.01.2015 Blue Hour Blue Moon

I had a plan last night.  There is a bridge over a river here in town and I wanted to catch the moon rising over the water from that bridge.  Two problems though…the moon wasn’t going to rise where I expected and the water was brown which didn’t surprise me as it has been at most times in the past. I guess I should try to find out why.

Anyway, when that wasn’t going to work I decided to go to the old standby on Mount Pollux again but it was wall-to-wall peeps and there wasn’t anywhere to park.  So I went looking around and figured to try the location in Hadley that I go to for sunrise on occasion.  I had it to myself except for one guy who stopped for a moment to get a phone shot.

Blue-Hour-Blue-Moon-073115-700WebThis is a combination of two images.  One general exposure for the scene and one for the moon.  I hope you are able to see this on a dark background as I have set my page in my preferences.  Also, I set my display to have a dark grey background to help the shadows open up when viewing images.  It’s a better way to judge images than against a bright display wallpaper.

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07.31.2015 Blue Moon of Massachusetts

I was hoping for a Full Blue Moon in Blue Hour.  But there was quite a bit of fog and the moon was almost totally blocked when I first got out this morning.  I tried Mount Pollux but that was fully enveloped so I drove around to several other locations.  Nothing, so I tried back at Pollux again and this time the fog was starting to clear a bit.  I settled for the Blue Moon nestled in Venus’ Girdle.


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07.30.2015 Mount Pollux Sunrise

I am not sure that three weeks counts as throw back for this Thursday.  And I am also not sure that it replaces the fullish moon that I had hoped to photograph tonight only to be, so it seems, obscured by an overcast sky with the threat of thunder storms.  I’ll keep my eye to the sky.

Here is an image that caused me some concern.  The camera’s sensor had captured the sun with a red ring around it.  The Chromatic Aberration tool in Camera Raw had no effect.  So I selected the yellow of the sun, reversed my selection and cloned the red away.  Seems like a decent save.  I doubt that it would be kosher enough for a competition but I think it can fly for blogging.  :-)

Sunrise-from-Mount-Pollux-070615-700WebSome good news…my camshaft actuator repair was fully covered by the Warranty Policy we purchased less the deductible.  Not too painful.  Having good records of maintenance made a big difference.  The touch up paint for a scratch however was $16 for something the size of a fat pen with a nib.  Anyway, they got the repair done in a day and I am a happy camper…except for the cloudy sky.

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07.27.2015 South Amherst Dawn with Fog

Another morning to stay home and rest the back.  Later on the Mazda goes to West Springfield to have the check engine light analyzed which will probably cost a few weeks pay to fix.  I am hoping it is only a sensor and not the whole computer which has been hinted at.  I already paid the local mechanic to replace one sensor and then tell me he couldn’t fix the rest, so it’s pay twice time.

I have a few more prints to frame for hanging on Saturday at a local bank…Northampton Co-op on Rt. 9 in Amherst for anyone in the neighborhood…and maybe one or two still to print if I am not satisfied with the current selection.  I may add this or another similar from the same morning of this past June 27.

South-Amherst Sunrise-3-062715-700WebThe others from this day are here.

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07.26.2015 Frontyard Black-eyed Susan

Thank goodness it is raining.  Most of all, it is welcome relief for our garden.  Lately if there is rain around it has seemed to pass us by.  One day last week I watched an approaching storm on the radar and it actually split with part going north of us and the rest going south.  Not a drop did we see. Secondly, I am nursing a sore back and the rain is keeping me from lugging my pack full of gear around.  So I am popping Tylenols and resting.  At least I finished stacking this year’s heat.  Next year’s is waiting to be split.

Today’s image required no travel or lugging as it was just in the yard and didn’t even require me going outside as it is from the archives (it has appeared here before even).  :-)

Black-eyed-Susan-4aI’ve always carried my entire kit…or at least the large part of it…everywhere I go for fear of not being prepared for some encounter.  I am starting to think that needs review.  I am not sure exactly how I will choose what I need for what excursion.  I may carry a second smaller pack and pick a few lenses and filters upon arrival depending on the location and length of anticipated hike.

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