07.05.2015 Amethyst Brook Falls

I am not sure this spot actually has a name aside from being Amethyst Brook.  But this is obviously a waterfall, so that’s its name as far as I am concerned.

After yesterday’s nice start to the fourth, I drove down to Pelham and went by here to see how things looked.  There was still plenty of water from Wednesday’s rain, and prior, so I walked a bit of the the brook.

Here’s the first of a few images from Saturday.  As with Bear’s Den, there will be more to follow including an abstract or two.

Amethyst-Brook-Cascade-and-Waterfall-070415-700WebI’ve posted a few images from this location before and this may look similar to one of those.

And in keeping with what may be a very short tradition….

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07.04.2015 North Quabbin Fireworks

As often happens, the sky was filled with clouds this morning despite the NWS saying we had fair skies.  But there was a gap and that can often produce some dramatic color.

So the 4th began with a bang…although we are now mostly cloudy and expecting some rain later this afternoon…just as our neighbor’s party begins.

Sunrise-over-North-Quabbin-b-070415-700WebI still have several more waterfall images to share, including a few from this morning at a different location.  But this seemed like a nice break from the past few days as well as appropriate for a fiery start for Independence Day.

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07.03.2015 Bear’s Den Falls 1

With the water at high levels, I am taking advantage and visiting some of my regular haunts that I usually see with a lower flow.  Bear’s Den is a The Trustees of Reservations property in New Salem, MA. The lore is that King Phillip met here with other Native American leaders to plan attacks.

This is also part of the Middle Branch of the Swift River that feeds into the Quabbin Reservoir and which you have seen here before although a few miles distant from this location.  There will be a few posts from today although not necessarily consecutive.


I am not sure if I will do this for every water shot, but at least here is the second video of a waterfall posted for the sound.  Maybe someday I’ll do a video with something other than the iPhone.

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07.02.2015 Wahconah Falls Brook

The brook is a few miles long, but this section is just a few feet, 100 or so, down brook from the falls.  I am not sure if this would have benefited from a wade, but I liked the lineup from the rocks to the opposite rock pile and trees with the cascade in between.

Wahconah-Falls-Brook-062915-700WebI think there are several more composition here and the water is probably still at a strong flow after 18 hours of rain on Tuesday night and into Wednesday.  With another 4 day weekend coming up…actually just now started, I will probably make another visit.

The image below is not one of my better efforts (and it’s a huge crop) but I am just posting it to share, especially with Melissa who just posted a lovely painting (please be sure to click the image on her blog to see it much larger and more impressive even) involving Baltimore Checkerspots (Euphydryas phaeton) and Turtleheads…the flowers, she’s not making turtle soup.  :-)

Baltimore-Checkerspot-062215-700WebFirst time I’ve seen one and I only got off two clicks before it flew off to parts unknown…although probably not all that far away.

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07.01.15 Wordless Wednesday…Quabbin Shoreline


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06.30.2015 Wahconah Falls 2…a long view

From further back with a wider view showing some of the Wahconah Falls Brook leading away from the falls.  If I get out there again, I may try to get to the other side so I can place the downstream flow in better line with the falls, but I like this view just the way it is.  The potential problem with being on the other side is the rocks obstructing the view of the falls.  If I had the youthful disdain for my well being, the place to be would fall     :-)     somewhere in the middle of the brook on some slippery rocks.

Wahconah-Falls-062915-2-700WebFrom this distance you can see a bit of the mist being thrown by the falling/crashing water.

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06.29.2015 Wahconah Falls 1

Although it was still drizzling this morning I went for the one hour ride to Dalton and Wahconah Falls State Park.  It was fairly foggy in the Berkshire foothills as I approached but there wasn’t a lot in the gorge with the falls so I was a little disappointed.  But the falls themselves were really well-charged after yesterday’s rains and that made for a nice roar in the air, some mist from the falling water and saturated greens.

Wahconah-Falls-062915-1a-700WebAfter a day of rain and some drizzle while I was there, the rocks were a little slippery to get to a good vantage point.  No slip and fall incidents so all in all a nice morning.

There will be some more from this shoot although not all will be waterfalls.

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