12.04.2022 Silent Sunday-Mr. B in 2017

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12.02.2022 Frog Friday yet again

We had a surprise visitor on a warm Wednesday to close out November. This little treefrog somehow had got in our mudroom when I went to let Bentley out. Fortunately Bentley paid him no mind and I was able to place him safely in the backyard. Now that it is cold again I hope he found a nice warm spot to huddle away the winter.

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12.01.2022 Shapes and Swirls, Hot and Cold

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11.30.2022 Wordless Wednesday-This bears repeating

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11.28.2022 Mono Macro Monday-Bumps on a Log

Some detail from a decaying tree.

This is the same tree that hosted the Resinous Polypore that I posted a few weeks ago. I don’t think the fungus was responsible for the bumps

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11.27.2022 Silent Sunday II – Quabbin Hill

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11.27.2022 Silent Sunday-Red Sky at Morning, Sailor take Warning

Rain’s a comin’.

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11.26.2022 Sunfire

Standing at Enfield Lookout in Quabbin Park on a mostly cloudy day, a shaft of sunlight burst through a gap in the clouds and lit the base of Mount Ram on fire.

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11.25.2022 Frog Friday? Yeah, Frog Friday!

Of course this image is from more archive trolling.  But on this drizzly cool day (at least it’s not snowing yet) a Lithobatesian smile warms things up nicely.

Bullfrog in Poor Farm Swamp-2008- shortly after the fun times with that Green Heron.

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11.24.2022 Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t really have a turkey image to share today (although I do have many turkey of an image candidates), but this heron was a bit of one for staying around long enough to have frosted wings on this day. Despite the frost and unlike an airplane, this guy flew okay with ice on its wings and landed right in front of me while I was doing a landscape shot. A total and exciting surprise. It’s probably my favorite GBH shot.

Hop Brook Bridge-2020

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

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