09.04.2015 Sumac design

Another day with few words.


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08.03.15 Tree

Another tree (gray birch-Betula populifolia ) I’ve meant to shoot for a while and the ride through Quabbin Park on 8/24 seemed the right day.


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09.02.2015 Spotted Touch-me-not

These are always a delight as summer wears on.  They bob around in the slightest hint of a breeze which means that one has to be careful when photographing them.  Even the bit of warmth coming from our bodies on a cool day will create a gentle eddy which causes movement of the hanging flower…a pleasant enough phenomenon except when one is trying to snap an image.

Jewelweed-082315-700WebThey also known as Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) which is taken from the way the dewdrops seem like tiny jewels on the leaves.  There is a chemical compound in the plant that, when the juice is forced from a broken leaf or stem, will ease itching from mosquito bits or other insect stings.

The beefly and the flower.

Beefly-on-Jewelweed - Copy

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09.01.2015 A foggy foil for yesterday’s post

Another month to flip on the calendars…we have one in every room, so lots to flip.  Hopefully, the calendar change brings the autumn weather that will be a bit of relief from the heat and humidity, although we may see a few 90° days in the next few.  But some leaves are beginning to turn which is a good sign.  I much prefer autumn.

And, in a cool scene, here’s some Quabbin fog from a few weeks back.

Quabbin-Fog-Gate-37-081615-700WebI was attracted to the receding visibility as well as the peaceful calm nature of the scene.

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08.31.2015 Quabbin Twilight and Sunrise 8/30/15

Civil Twilight…5:45 am….click to see Venus

Gate-5-Sunrise-twilight-083015-700WebSunrise…6:15 am


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08.30.2015 Full Sturgeon Super Moon

After a cloudy start on Mount Pollux, things got better high in the sky.


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08.29.2015 Moody View 4-Foggy Norwottuck

I looked out the window at 4 this morning and was pretty sure I heard the sky say “No moon for you”.  Still, it made sense to go out and try to find some location without dense fog and there was one in a UMass parking lot, but those images will never see the light of day, so to speak.

I had initially gone to Mount Pollux to hopefully rise out of the fog and see the moon over the Holyokes, but not there either.  After the ride around I returned to Pollux to see if the fog had thinned and it did…slightly, but not enough for a moon shot.  This view of Norwottuck was appealing, in a moody view sort of way, so I made a few images with different trees in the picture and liked this one.

Mount-Norwottuck-in-fog-from-Mount-Pollux-082915-700WebThere won’t be fog to contend with this evening at moonrise/sunset although maybe shortly afterward.  I’ll give it another shot but haven’t decided the location quite yet.

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