02.06.2016 Quabbin Hill Starburst

What is a dirt parking area most of the year has been transformed by a few inches of snow and some rays of sunlight into a lovely landscape. I am sure that tomorrow morning this snow will be full of tire ruts and mud from the 40° we experienced today.  But for a few hours this morning it was a peaceful snow field with brilliant warm light.


This morning I decided to order a canvas print of a Holyoke Range image rather than making my own print and then buying a frame for it.  Here’s the photograph.  They ship in three working days so I’ll have it in plenty of time for the town hall exhibit.  Now I can concentrate on making a different print.  I have plenty to hang, but I like to add a few new ones each time so there is work to do.


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02.04.2016 February Frogs

When I awoke at 4 this morning it was 55°.  Oh yeah, pretty much your average New England morning in the second month of the year.  Anyhoo, since it is so warm I thought I’d share a couple of green guys for a smile or two.  Who can’t smile seeing a frog.  Yeah, they look pretty stoic, but inside you just know there’s a party goin’ on.           :-)

Bullforg-2-Spirit-Falls-061114-600Web - Copy Bullfrog-072013-1024FB - Copy Bullfrog-on-Lotus-Pad-090113-900Web - CopyI hope that brings a smile or two.  It’s almost the weekend.           :-)

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02.01.2016 Hadley Sunrise

I only had a few minutes to be out this morning as we are having some energy improvements on the house today.  An assessment was done a while back and today is the day for the work.  I wasn’t able to get out yesterday as I was recovering from something I ate Saturday- I suspect the grill was not hot enough and whatever remained after wire brushing it did not get sterilized before the steak went on.  I have never been so dizzy and weak.  Still a little woozy at times.  So I wanted to make an image while I had some time.

The sky looked promising with some wispy horsetail clouds early on, but they dissipated as the upper air was moving them pretty rapidly and the horizon filled before the sun rose.

Still, a pleasant start to the day.


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01.31.2016 Murphy Falls with Ice and a promised video

We’ve had several “warm” days lately and I was concerned that the ice would either have melted away or become less than interesting at this spot.  Fortunately the Shutesbury woods are a little colder than Amherst and much ice remained including the somewhat scary image from yesterday’s post.  I am pretty sure that the face is gone and possibly much of the ice as we stayed above freezing last night and will approach or exceed 50° today with partially sunny skies.  Now for January that may sound good, but so far we’ve had all of 2″ of snow and if we don’t start to get more the streams will run dry this summer.  Not good for photographers of water…or the water table.

I was pretty happy with the state of the waterfall and there was a lot of nice splash ice.



And…my chilled brain finally thought to take out the iPhone and get an audio/video clip of the sound.

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01.30.2016 Didn’t your mother warn you that if you kept making that face it would freeze that way?

Frozen-Face-013016-700WebDean Brook abstract ice.  I visited Murphy Falls again this morning to shoot it frozen and make a short video for the sound.  I did both, but thought I’d share this face that was watching me.  Seemed friendly enough.  :-)

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01.28.2016 South Congregational Church

I am mostly about nature photography, but there are occasions when I see a structure that interests me.  I have photographed sunrise from this church’s parking lot, but one morning I noticed the pair of weather vanes and lined up the rooster with the bell tower.

South-Congregational-Church,-Amherst,-June-19,-2011--600WebI was tempted to reverse the image as the directions are opposite what they should be, but that was the uniqueness of the day, I guess.

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01.27.2016 Wordless Wednesday

Cascade-Close-up-Dean-Brook-011116-960WebWell…a few words.  This is a closeup of the cascade you saw a few days back of Murphy Falls in Dean Brook.  It is now frozen solid or was as of this past weekend.  Two days of 40° might have thawed it a little.

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