07.21.2016 Brilliant Beetle

One of my favorite insects to photograph is the Dogbane Leaf Beetle (Chrysochus auratus).  They are quite accommodating in the morning and allow for close approach and hardly move…just the occasional twitch of the antennae.


They are found on milkweed plants, but most often specifically Dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum) hence the name.

Dogbane-Beetle-environmental-071716-960The brilliant iridescent coloration is caused by light being reflected on the different strata that make up the beetle’s exoskeleton and changes as you walk around the insect.

Dogbane-Beetle-071716-800The middle image was made with the 15mm macro…pretty much the reason I purchased the lens (not the specific insect but this type of shot). The others were with the 180 as usual.

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07.20.2016 Not too wordy Wednesday-Poor Farm Swamp

One more HDR landscape.  I was hoping for a passing beaver to glide by but no luck.


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07.19.2016 I am Green Heron

A while back a few of us had a blog friend named Office Diva.    She dropped out of sight for personal reasons.  But whenever I see a Green Heron (Butorides virescens) or make a photograph of one I am reminded that she gave me that nickname.  It was kind of funny since I rarely photograph birds and figured there must be a better moniker for me but there you go…even I think of myself by her tag.  For some reason, well being old is one, my first impulse is to remember this guy…never mind the recent movie remake.

So it is with Diva in mind that I post this shot from Sunday’s stroll at the Amherst Rail Trail along Poor Farm Swamp.

Green-Heron-071716-960Shot with my old Canon 300+1.4 teleconverter. About 60% of the image was cropped away to attain this size for the bird.  It’s OK for web-sharing but wouldn’t be suitable for framing. I guess it’s too bad I didn’t get the Sigma 150-600 but I am very happy with the Canon 16-35 which is getting much more use than a long lens would in my image making.

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07.18.2016 Hop Brook from the KC Trail Bridge

And, in the distance, is another view of Mount Norwottuck.

Hop-Brook-from-KC-Trail-Bridge-071716-800I’ve always liked this spot in South Amherst.  Once those clouds moved on we had another hot and humid day without rain.

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07.15.2016-2 A little something to begin your weekend with a smile



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07.15.2016 Invitation to a hike

Quabbin-Gate-15-invitation-060616-960One of many old roads located in the Quabbin Reservoir watershed, this one being Gate 15’s Atherton Brook Road (my name, I don’t think there is an official designation).

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07.14.2016 One last Pitcher picture

Employing the Venus Laowa 15mm macro to capture the entire plant in its surrounds.  Another prone piece of work.


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