01.19.2022 Winter’s Chaos

Eliot Porter’s book, “Nature’s Chaos,” is a favorite influence along with “Intimate Landscapes”.

There is a lot to be seen in water’s frozen element.

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01.12.2022 Wordless Wednesday-Winter’s Baubles

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01.09.2022 Silent Sunday-Murphy Falls

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01.07.2022 Fog Friday

From December’s last day of 2021, the one decent morning for photography during the entire week. I liked they way they were both leaning.

We had a bit of snow today, about 3″ and wind moves in tonight so likely none will be remaining on the trees come morning.  Plenty on the ground though.

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01.06.2022. Yet again, the Ride to Work

Sometimes being late is an advantage. I got halfway to work and realized that I had left my keys at home so turned around and went back for them. That made the timing just right for my first shot with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

When I got home I made another.

Bentley knows there’s snow a comin’.

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01.05.2022 Spalted Wood as Art

Spalting occurs when wood rot fungus attacks a tree or, in this case, fallen branch. I posted some from this shoot a few years back, here and here, but hadn’t worked on this composition until now. It’s a prized bit of wood that some crafts people turn into decorative bowls and boxes. This might have been too far gone for such work.

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12.31.2021 Goodbye 2021…Hello 2022

I imagine most of us were very happy to welcome 2021 after a dismal 2020. I bet now most of us are equally or more pleased to see 2021 in our tailights.  It has ended on some bad notes.  Of course there’s the virus and its offspring.  Lots of fires including the latest in Colorado that has decimated communities and left many people without homes and most of what was in them.  And politically we seem even more divided than ever. On the less tragic but sad side we lost Betty White today. 😦

Personally, this past week, which I took off for photography, has been dismal with dark morning skies, rain, wind, and mud. Tomorrow sounds just like the rest of this past week. I almost made the entire month without creating any photographs, not counting the iPhone, until some fog this morning. They’ll sit for a while, I think.

On the bright side, we get to start over with our fingers crossed for better days.

So after a somewhat depressing intro to this post, I bid you Happy New Year and hope for 2022 to be far superior to our last two years.

Quabbin Park Glow-2015

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12.25.2021 Christmas Moonglow-2015

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, peace and joy to all whether celebrating a holiday or not.

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12.21.2021 Happy Howlidays!

Hope the holidays are happy ones for you all.

From an old Big on Beagles Facebook post.

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12.21.2021 It’s Winter time, winter time, win, win, winter time!

The solstice has arrived and with it temperatures cold enough to offer ice imaging. Although we started the day in the mid-teens not a lot had formed at the waterfall I visited or in some of the standing water.  But a walk in the Hampshire College woods near my home, where yesterday’s shot was captured, offered a few frozen puddles and I found one icy abstract I liked.

Blue skies in this one too.  iPhone 11Pro. And the title reference? I chose this one for its fun quotient. 🙂

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