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07.19.2022 Summer on Mount Pollux

I am gathering and printing images for a restaurant in town and am considering this view as one of those. It’s actually what we might see about a month from now but our goldenrod is yellowing up in places.

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07.19.2022 On Dasher

Another fun find at Moosehorn Pond.  I was able to get out on Monday after holing up for a while and in addition to a lot more Autumn Meadowhawks at Gauco Pond, came across this handsome guy. Blue Dasher-Pachydiplax longipennis. … Continue reading

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07.09.2022 Clear wings

The way the light is hitting the wings, they look like a collection of tiny windows.  There is a bit of iridescent color and some sky reflection, but we can see right through them. Autumn Meadowhawk-Sympetrum vicinum-female There were quite … Continue reading

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07.07.2022 :-)

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07.07.2022 The beauty of smalls

Both of these insects are small.  Not the tiniest of creatures but easily overlooked if not paying attention. Plume moths almost seem like they are not real.  There isn’t much to them and their wingspan is only about 1/2″. Grape … Continue reading

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07.04.2022 Happy Fourth-My favorite fireworks 💥

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07.01.2022 Frog 🐸 Friday

This little Gray Tree Frog hiding in our lawn chairs must be waiting for the pickanick to start. Maybe hoping for flies on the grill. iPhone 13 Pro Max Whoopsie. Don’t know where my mind was but I corrected the … Continue reading

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06.30.2022 Snakemouth!

Rose Pogonia-Pogonia ophioglossoides. AKA Beardflower for obvious reasons. Another dewy day at MacLeod Field.

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06.29.2022 Wordless Wednesday II-Light and Shadow

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06.24.2022 Frog Friday

I thought that I might have a conjunction function shot for the day’s post with the alignment of five planets plus the moon this morning.  Alas, as so often happens in my skies when something of note occurs, it’s cloudy … Continue reading

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