05.02.2017 Chapel Brook Falls-third level

I am confused about the lack of response to yesterday’s post and wonder whether WP is sending out notifications.  I don’t always receive notice of comments until long after the fact. Of course, maybe everybody is busy or no one cared for the image.   🙂

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05.01.2017 Chapel Brook Cascade

I mentioned my intention to visit a waterfall yesterday yesterday.   🙂    I’ve posted images from Chapel Brook Falls before and that was my intention as I set out…to capture more images of the falls, which I did.  But as I, and hundreds of others, have made pictures of the waterfalls (there are several), I decided to wander further downstream and found some nice cascades.  I think next time I will wear my knee high boots so I can get a better angle on them, but I like how this one turned out well enough.I went out again this morning looking for flowers but didn’t find much to work with. I tried Elf Meadow Trail hoping to find the white form of the red trillium I found there two years ago but just the reds this year.

Anyway, gray drizzly cool day.  Bentley is getting plenty of walks and later I get a temporary crown removed and a new replacement installed.

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04.30.2017 The unexpected sunrise

It was a bit overcast when Bentley and I went out at 4 this morning.  But anything can happen in a couple of hours.  Anyway, I wasn’t considering a sunrise shot when I left at 5:30 to visit a waterfall in one of the local hilltowns northwest of here.  As I drove west along the road I travel in leaving our neighborhood, I glanced in the rear view mirror and it said STOP!!!!!  I ran across a field and lined up this oak tree with the eastern sky.More correctly this is civil twilight.  Sometimes the best things are unplanned.      🙂

On another subject.  I stopped at W.F. again today and got another of the same sandwich.  This plan did work and I got to eat my half for today with the other remaining for tomorrow.  Bentley drove me nuts whining and begging but he got none.  Poor starving beagle.

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04.29.2017-2 Him belly full and me hungry

So much for innocence. As I sat down for lunch with my very large cranberry nut bread turkey sandwich from Whole Foods, someone came to the door to borrow my chain saw. I moved the plate back from the edge and my chair firmly against the table and went out to help my neighbor. When I came in, the little thief had moved my chair out from the table, climbed onto it and grabbed both halves of the sandwich, one of which was still in the wrapper…as I thought it was too large for me to eat. He ate ’em both and this was right after he had his own lunch. At least he left the wrapper so I wouldn’t have to rush him to the vet.  Thanks, Bentley!    🙂

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04.29.2017 I think I remember someone saying it’s all about the light.

Atkins Reservoir, North Amherst, MA. 04/23/2017Reflections and shapes and golden hour’s warm low-angled light.


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04.28.2017 Return of the Red Wake Robin

This time while lying on the ground with the Venus Optics Laowa 15mm macro.

AKA Red Trillium-Trillium erectum, this one, and a few others, lived up to the species name by standing erect.  Most often they droop as you see in the two behind, which offers the added bonus of neck cricks.       🙂

The hardest part of using this lens, aside from all manual operation (good thing I am old enough to remember when they were all that way), is keeping the tripod legs which need to be splayed out flat out of the image.

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04.27.2017 Return to Amethyst Brook

But what part?  Amethyst Brook offers so many possibilities as it meanders several miles from Pelham to Amherst.  In this case it is also a return to this exact spot that I shot back in 2011.  Back then I straddled the slot cascade to get a similar angle.  A few years older and wiser, this time I wore boots so I could stand in the water.    🙂

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