09.12.2018 Sarracenia purpurea

AKA Purple Pitcher Plant

If humans were small and curious, maybe even a purple people eater.

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09.11.2018 Sunday afternoon…to the Gentians again!

I had a bit of a conflict on Sunday afternoon.  Mary Beth and I both enjoy watching football (American) and especially the Patriots. But Sunday afternoon saw bright overcast skies with occasional outbreaks of sunlight.  Gentians require midday sunlight to open but the bright overcast is better for photography.  It was a nice combination to make some images.  What to do?  Listen to the game on the radio during the half hour trip each way and then arrive back home in time for the third and fourth quarters. Cake and eat it too.  🙂

Once there, only a few were open to my surprise.  The buds I posted Sunday morning from a week ago should have been opened, but I guess not all were pleased with the overcast, bright though it was.  I only needed a couple so it was a successful trip.

I looked around for something a bit different from what I usually do.

And, the Patriots won their game.

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09.10.2018 Our Neighborhood Assassin

Bug, that is. Pselliopus sp. with a dinner morsel on a milkweed pod.

Well, maybe not everyone’s idea of cute as a bug in a rug, but the orange body and black and white leggings are kind of “adorable”.  🙂

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09.09.2018 Greater Fringed Gentian Buds

Hard to believe it’s that time of year already.  Not quite foliage time but I have seen changes starting, especially on some maples, already and this morning we actually have a chill in the air.  I could see my breath when Bentley and I went out at 4 this morning.

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09.08.2018 Goldenrod on the Rocks

More stain and more rocks from the Acadia coastline with some goldenrod for added color.

Seaside Goldenrod-Solidago sempervirens is seen in the cracks, gaps, and fissures filled with sand, soil, and abraded rock dust.

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09.07.2018 Another mystery

Located near my previous tree oddity post, here’s another one to mull over.

In Acadia, this appears most often with the cedars; maybe they are easier to control. One suggestion was that a tree fell on this as a sapling and caused it to develop the curl. It has been speculated that Native Americans did this as a sign to others.  Natural or man-made, it is an interesting sight in the woods.

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09.06.18 Erratica

Somewhere on the net someone will think this is a typo about something entirely different.  🙂

How this got here is up for speculation.  One possibility is out of the running…I did not place it there.  But someone else may have, it could have been carried there by rushing water during the spring melt, or some other possibility.  But I love the contrast

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