11.21.2021 Mount Norwottuck from Mount Pollux at Dawn

Just before the sun crested the eastern horizon, you can see just a hint of it at the top of Norwottuck, I liked the soft inviting light cast down from above. It was chilly as I mentioned yesterday but with just a slight breeze more comfortable than I expected. Maybe it was just my enthusiasm.

One never can be quite certain what the sky will do.  When I left home I saw the puffy clouds across the sky and a gap in the east so really thought the bottoms of the clouds would light up majestically. This was about as intense as it got.  But I am pleased with the effect and explosive sunrises aren’t the only thing.

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11.20.2021 Don’t let the warm light fool you

it was cold on Mount Pollux yesterday morning. After shooting the frames for the eclipse, I went up on the hill ( don’t let the name “Mount” fool you either) hoping to catch the setting moon.  But there were thick clouds on the western horizon so I turned my attention to this tree.  You may recognize it as I’ve posted other shots of it before. But it looked so good in the light that I couldn’t resist.

There are several similar trees as the population up there is dwindling with time.

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11.19.2021 Turned out better than expected

When I went out this morning around 5 or so I thought I’d waited too long as the sun was starting to take over the moon again.  Plus there was some thin cloudage happening. But with some pixel wrangling in Lightroom and Photoshop it turned out reasonably okay.

5D Mark IV and Tamron 100-400. Lightroom Enhance to uprez, Topaz Sharpen, Nik Detail Enhancer, and PixelGenius Photokit Sharpener for Depth of Field

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11.19.2021 Atherton Brook Rocks!

Actually, it does.  My favorite of the brooks that feed the Quabbin Reservoir, the cascades are varied and interesting and there is also a nice waterfall which appeared here several times including this from 2016.

There are many cascades with boulders like these to add interest.  In this case I decided to spotlight the rocks rather than the water.  The softness of a long exposure allows the rocks to be the focus.

With the spring melt, many of these rocks and boulders get carried a bit by the strong flow and often are not as you found them before. I never did identify these same ones elsewhere.

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11.19.2021 Fog Friday-Same Neighborhood, Different Tree

One more in the continuing study of Owens Pond tree reflections.

Not as gloomy today, at least so far, although I missed the peak of the eclipse.  But witnessing a partial was worth the early rise.  Now, do I get back in bed with Bentley or go out for moonset?

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11.18.2021 An old favorite reprocessed

By the side of the road along Route 202 in Pelham is a nice lookout over the Quabbin Reservoir that attracts a fair number of commuters each morning. A few photographers stop there as well.  I’ve posted several shots from this spot previously including this one a while back.  I put it through Lightroom’s new workflow with a few masks to enhance contrasts in places, especially the fogbank.  Just slight tweaks.



Of course, besides being from 2014, the landscape doesn’t look like this currently.  Called by some “stick season” because of all the bare trees, it’s nice to enjoy the archives and reprocess a few to see what improvement might be made.

I am off from work tomorrow hoping to rely on Bentley’s usual 1:30 a.m. nature call to get me out in the yard for the eclipse.

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11.17.2021 Morton Pond

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Of course, for those familiar with Quabbin’s history, Morton Pond is no more. One of many along with the four old towns (Enfield, Greenwich, Dana, and Prescott) swallowed by the dammed (the original residents of those towns would probably say … Continue reading

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11.15.2021 Owens Pond with Fog-One Tree Two Views

Once again I visited another favorite location on Saturday after visiting Quabbin Park.  I’m a regular at a lot of places. Owens Pond is just a few miles from the house here in town and I’ve posted quite a few images from there on the blog. Here’s a link to a page of posts if you wish to view a few including one from a few weeks ago.

When I left home Saturday morning there was thick fog in Amherst but I had the Swift River Valley shot in mind as well as some others which did not materialize.  After making several exposures of the foggy foliage I left the park  and thought town might still hold some fog and it did, lasting for several more hours.

This tree and its reflection was my visualization of what I wanted to create. But on the way in I saw it at a different angle which I returned for on the way out.

The path passes the tree and I liked the spread of the branches here a little better although either view I find pleasing.

I made another image of a tree I’ve often shot and shared.  Maybe for Fog Friday.


I was going to title this “Peace-Fog” but then read the lyrics to Morrison’s song by the title I was reminded of (“Peace Frog”) and decided to not. I forgot them…probably intentionally.  🙂  If you are curious.   The dude had some serious issues.  🙂  Maybe I should have referenced “Bare Trees“.

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11.14.2021 Swift River Valley

I’ve photographed this scene a few times.  The Quabbin Spillway is behind us here as we stand on the bridge over the escaping Swift River. Even with all the rain we’ve had recently there is little water flowing over the spillway dam so just a trickle passing downstream.  But it is enough to create some nice fog in the valley below and as the sun was rising shafts of light were illuminating some of the foliage in the middle ground and the hills n the distance.

I particularly liked the small area that was lit up and zoomed in for a closer view.


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11.13.2021 Shhh/Peaceful

A favorite Miles Davis track.

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