11.17..2015 Upon further reflection

Here are two roadside landscapes from yesterday morning.  The sky was still filled with nice clouds.

Winterberry-Reflection-RT-202-111615-700WebWinterberry (Ilex verticillata) along the road in New Salem.

Jennison-Road-Pond-111615-700WebJennison Road in Wendell.

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11.16.2015 Quabbin covered in fog at twilight

Here’s another of those surprises that happens when you keep going despite things looking less than promising.  I left the house with a sky absolutely clear and full of stars.  Not usually a good sign for a brilliant sunrise.  But as I drove up Pelham Hill heading for Route 202, I could see some clouds at the horizon.  It looked like the sky would be socked in where the sun would rise.  But the clouds split and created a gap for the light to come through and some nice color started to build below the clouds.

Quabbin-covered-in-fog-at-Twilight-1b-111615-700WebAlthough the temperature was below freezing, the warmth from the previous day held by the water created some nice fog to fill the foreground.

I hope the color looks OK.  I had to adjust it because someone asked to see the image in an email and that looked awful straight out of the original jpeg.  Then the original looked OK on Facebook but not here, so I made another saturation adjustment.  I wish they all used calibration.


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11.14.2015 Peace

I am no policy genius or even a policy hack. But I do know this…IS wants a world conflagration because they believe it will lead to a Caliphate. The more the West responds with hatred and violence towards Muslim people, the more converts they will receive for their army. We will be playing into their hand and helping them recruit. Of course there must be a strong response, but it has to meted out with intelligence and deliberation, not a knee jerk violent retaliation upon innocent people who had no involvement.

If the civilized countries of the world would draw together as one this would go a long way toward dealing with these people. We are so suspicious of each other, often with good reason, but those suspicions and their causes need to be dealt with sensibly for the good of all. Within our own countries we need to learn how to get along and work toward a common goal, not point fingers and try to affix blame on one or the other. This was a two-fold attack by the terrorists. They say they were retaliating for France’s involvement in Syria and they know that people will attack Muslims in France and elsewhere which will bolster their strength. We must not let that happen. They do not respect human life…we must continue to show that we do.

I am sure that many will disagree with me. And maybe my reasoning is simplistic. We all have different opinions, but if we don’t express ourselves with understanding then all hope is lost.

Guess that I am just another dreamer.


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11.12.2015-2 An ideal Yoga leader

In a conversation on Linda’s recent blogpost, the subject of dealing with doom and gloom arose.  I think this may be the answer.  And if you’ve never visited Linda’s Blog, follow the above link for a nice thoughtful read.  :-)

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11.12.2015 Keep smilin’

We’ve been having some rain and another day or two with light and intermittent precipitation to come. More recharge for the brooks, I hope.  It’s a bit chilly now for this guy to be out and about, but the sentiment is there.  :-)


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11.10.2015 Shadowplay and Vine

By coincidence, I happened to make this image while at Quabbin yesterday and later saw Steve’s post of a similar nature.

Shadowplay-and-Vine-110915-700WebIn creating this, I initially planned it to be in black and white and converted it in SilverEfex Pro.  I often am curious what that conversion looks like if kept it in color and will click the Luminosity option in the Layer Options dropdown.  I liked the effect and kept the color.

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11.09.2015 Holyoke Range at Twilight 1

Saturday morning I left with the idea to capture the Holyoke Range as a silhouette over the Connecticut River in Hadley.  I knew the spot I had in mind and headed there with high hopes.  Although I was anticipating color filling the sky that didn’t happen, but I am still pleased with this and will try a few more over time.  December should have the best chance for seeing the sun rise over Norwottuck, which is at the far left, but Saturday saw some color spread across the southern sky.


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