02.20.2017 The Holyoke Mountain Range from Afar

This is a view from the Quabbin Tower just as the sun was rising.  I had the Belt of Venus in mind as I drove there and decided to do a long shot of the mountains as I climbed the hill. The blue clouds are, more or less, the earth’s shadow.holyoke-range-from-quabbin-hill-022017-800plusBTW, when I say the tower, I mean at the base.  It’s boarded up for the winter…at least I hope it’s just for the winter.

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02.19.2017 Fire over Hadley, MA

Most often I arrive places well in advance of the light, but this morning I was dragging my feet and didn’t get out of the house until 6:20, only a few minutes prior to sunrise.  I could see lavender building on the undersides of the clouds and, without much time to go anywhere else, I rushed to a favorite location in Hadley, which has been posted  here before, and was just in time for the light show.


Awesome sky. As I made a few more exposures I decided to move in closer and fill the frame with the trees in their flaming glory.hadley-sunrise-trees-on-fire-021917-800plusNo doubt, had I headed in any other direction I’d have been too late…witnessed but not captured is still a worthy experience…but captured is better.      🙂

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02.15.2017 The frozen evidence of surface tension

A couple of formerly floating now entrapped oak leaves.    🙂

oak-leaf-on-icy-harvard-pond-2-011617-800 oak-leaf-on-icy-harvard-pond-011617-800

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02.14.2017 A few minutes later

After watching the sun rise over Harvard Pond on October 8, I wandered toward the small dam to see what might be seen and noticed this downed tree and the island.  I’ve shot from here before with geese and a beaver swimming around, but on this day had no companions and just enjoyed the view.


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02.12.2017 Morning magic

I have no good reason for my absence.  Guess I’ve lost a bit of my blogger zeal.  I don’t really have anything recent to share, so here is one I processed the other day while continuing my never ending archiving.
harvard-pond-at-sunrise-in-autumn-100816-800Harvard Pond at Sunrise-October 8, 2016

We had ballpark 14″ of snow this past Thursday, 2″ Friday night and now we are in the midst of somewhere between 8″ and 14″ with some 25 mph gusts for overnight. Maybe more during the coming week.

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01.20.2017 Ice is nice abstract 2

Not much to add to yesterdays commentary.  I hope you enjoy this additional image from this past weekend.  Happy Friday.


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01.19.2017 Ice is nice abstract 1

It really hasn’t been all that cold this winter except for one spell when we hit single digits.  Last weekend saw the teens a few times after a span of some days with a good 40° and lots of melting so finding ice formations to photograph was a little challenging.  But there were a few opportunities here and there with some nice freeze/melt/refreeze effects.


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