10.31.2016-2 Owens Pond Foliage

My goal with the vacation was to spend as much time as possible in the Quabbin watershed and, with a one day exception, that is just what I did.  Here is one of a couple of images from that one day spent around town and, more specifically in this image, at Owens Pond.

owens-pond-foliage-2-101316-800As bucolic as this scene appears, the other side of those distant trees is loaded with homes and condominiums. But Amherst has done a nice job of conserving some of its land and Owens Pond is just one spot of several where one can find similar scenery.

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10.31.2016 Happy All Hallows Eve

A look back at an appropriate image from a year ago.  Hopefully a treat and not a trick.  🙂Mount-Pollux-pumpkins-102415-700Web

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10.26.2016 Fire and Fog

Here is one more from the gift that keeps on giving, New Salem’s Lookout, along Route 202 on a foggy October 17.

Foliage and Foggy Harris Hill

All things considered, I think I picked the right week for my vacation.

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10.25.2016 Full Hunter’s Moon over Quabbin

A few minutes before finding and photographing my last posted image, I was looking for a setting full moon shot at Enfield Lookout.  I got a bit waylaid as I rounded the curve at the State Police/DCR boat cove and looked out over the water and a view I have thought about but only just now managed to capture.  I did not make it to the Lookout.

full-moon-setting-over-quabbin-101616-800Once again, we can witness the low water levels revealing a bit more shore than would be normal.  But I think the color and setting moon more than make up for the water’s edge.

In case you are curious, the boats are hidden behind the tree along the left side of the composition (as well as mostly framed out of view).  Sneaky photographer.

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10.22.2016 Organized Chaos

I know that I have mentioned my favorite collection of Eliot Porter’s work to be Nature’s Chaos.  It’s a real challenge to look into total disorganization and find something coherent to share.  Once in a while I manage to find such a scene as I drive through the Quabbin Park and one of those times netted this image last week. I had just finished photographing the full moon over a cove in the park and was driving around when this caught my eye.

quabbin-park-foliage-101616-800The park is fairly dense so finding a gap is not always easy. It was good fortune as well.  Today I drove through here again and most of the leaves are fallen or faded. What was left this morning will no doubt be completely gone with the rain and wind we have had and is forecast for tonight.  Nice while it lasted.

But…the Holyoke Range is just turning and there may still be some peak foliage to be seen once the weather improves.

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10.21.2016 Brilliant Regulating Dam Road in the North Quabbin

This is another spot that I enjoy photographing repeatedly. Here is a post from last year.

north-quabbin-foliage-regulating-dam-road-101416-800In this case I was able to get to shore level due to our low water currently.  I employed a long exposure to smooth the water’s motion from a constant breeze…note the motion of the right-most orange tree. Last year’s post linked above was shot at road level, Route 122, and at an angle shooting down.  I prefer this and the nice reflection.

One problem with hiking along a shoreline that is usually underwater is the ankle deep muck in places.  I still haven’t removed it all from my boots.

Tomorrow is predicted to be pretty rainy.  Fingers crossed and maybe Monday will be a day for stream photography.

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10.20.16 Like a broken record (if you remember records)

The broken part being my love of and repeated sharing of images from the same location.  That is the case with this view having been shot by me annually for at least 10 years.  There is always something different…color brilliance, foggy or clear skies, my arrival ahead of the sun’s rise over the hills to the east, water level (lower this year than in many previous).

Please click twice for the largest view….morton-pond-area-foliage-quabbin-park-101216-800

Upon my arrival, there wasn’t much to see.  But I have learned to be patient and the sun slowly rose, burned through the fog and produced a brilliant scene.

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