05.14.2015 Thrilling Trout Lily Thursday

From Sunday, May 3rd.  I was visiting my former favorite waterfall…I have been instructed that it is now off limits due to the moronic behavior of others and I won’t go back unless I obtain permission from the owner.  It’s a disappointment, but I do have several images that I am pleased with so I can live with that.  Here is one of the two from what may be my last time there.Gunn-Falls-upper-050315-700WebI have one other and that will show up later.

Meanwhile, below the falls were some wildflowers, the recent red trillium was one that I shot and here is the other…a Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum).  An older image showed up here earlier this month but this is a fresh piece of work.Trout-Lily-050315-700WebFortunately, I can find these in other places…the waterfall, not so much.

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05.13.2015 Wordless Wednesday White Waterfall


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05.12.2015 Blue for Tuesday

I have several nice patches of a couple of violet species in my yard but not these Bird’s-foot Violet (Viola pedata) which I noticed walking back to my car while at the Quabbin this past Sunday morning.  They were so vivid even from a distance.Bird-Foot-Violet-051015-700Web

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05.11.2015 White and Red for Monday

Nope, it’s not a Painted Trillium if that’s what you were thinking.  Trillium is correct though.

A few days back I photographed this Red Trillium (Trillium erectum) near a favorite waterfall in Sunderland, MA.Red-Trillium-050315-700WebI knew that they were variable, but until today had only seen the reds.  This morning was the bearer of two firsts…my first hike in the Elf Meadow area (no, I didn’t get lucky and meet an elf…I think they are quite elusive) and my first white variant of the Trillium erectum.White-var.-Red-Trillium-051115-700WebI was lucky to be there on just the right day…well, maybe yesterday might have been a little less pollen-messy but that doesn’t show up on the white petals very much.

Elf Meadow is now on my annual hike list.  Maybe there will be some Painteds there this year too.  :-)

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05.10.2015 Yellow for Sunday

I am behind on my replies to all the comments for the last couple of posts and I will catch up shortly.  I am also behind on my comments for some of your blogs and, likewise, I’ll catch up on them too.

This morning I made my annual pilgrimage to my favorite Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris) location. As always, there were around a hundred or more plants and I selected a couple to photograph.

I may show a couple of the others in the near future, but for now here is a close up of one bloom.

Marsh-Marigold-closeup-051015-700WebFor this shot one really has to get down and dirty.  It is fortunate that the overshoes are 20″ tall and have an over the foot strap because the muck was @10″ deep and almost sucked them right off my feet.

We went to Nasami Farm yesterday which is a garden store and nursery of the New England Wild Flower Society.  I would have loved to purchase a few of these but our yard is not nearly mucky enough to support them.  They love wet conditions and, although our yard can be wet at times, it is just not wet enough.  I did pick up a Large-flowering White Trillium, a Dutchman’s Breeches, a Bluebells and a Trout Lily so maybe next year I can enjoy them here in the yard.

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05.08.2015 Friday morning Murphy

Quite often it takes a while to get Murphy to look at the camera.  This time I got one on the first try.  :-)

Murphy-050415-700WebHis age is showing and the lack of canines on his right side…our left…causes his cheek to droop a bit.  Still a handsome senior beagle boy.

I need to dust away the cobwebs in the back.

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05.06.2015 Southeast Street Fog

While driving to Shutesbury for my previous shots, I noticed this foggy bottomland in Amherst. The Norwottuck Railtrail runs down there surrounded by ponds and often generating ground fogs.  I noticed the tree in the gap and lined it up for this composition.  A little Nik Silver Efex Pro and a few other adjustments and I got an image I am quite pleased with.

Southeast-Street-Landscape-050415-700WebPlease click the image to see it full sized.  I know that not everyone likes borders, but I wanted to be sure everyone sees this with the image standing out against a dark background like I have on my own display.

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