08.30.2016 The early morning view from Enfield Lookout

This is a scene that never gets old.  Even on the brightest clearest day it is an enjoyable spot to spend some quiet time.  But it certainly is special at moments when the atmosphere provides light and features like clouds or fog.  More likely than not I can post an image from Enfield Lookout and say “You haven’t seen it quite like this before.”  It amazes me how often I stand there without any company from others (not that I am complaining as you probably know).


And once again we can see Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire in the distance.

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08.29.2016 The Wisdom of Pablo Casals

Pablo Casals, possibly the finest cellist to play the instrument, was once asked why he continued to practice at the advanced age of 90.  He answered “Because I think I am making progress.”

There is debate as to how old he actually was when making the statement as there are several instances at various ages found on the internet.  But he did say something to that point and it is advice that everyone striving to do their best possible work at any craft should take to heart. That an artist of his accomplishment, revered by all who appreciated fine music performance, should see things this way speaks strongly to the rest of us creating our art.

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08.29.2016 Harvard Pond Sunrise

I’ve always liked that island…and one other hidden behind it…as a middle ground for landscapes here.

Harvard-Pond-Dawn-with-Beaver-082816-800Although it doesn’t show up as one, there is a beaver just left of center creating some ‘V’ ripples in the island shadow.  A long exposure caused it to turn into a blur.  We had a nice time with me shooting the image and the beaver swimming and slapping.

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08.28.2016 Guess where? :-)

Quabbin shoreline of course. I did go to Harvard Pond earlier, but am sharing out of order.

This scene is along the edge of the reservoir near an area known as Hanks Meadow in the park proper.  One of the things we are finding now is a great number of rock piles.  Aside from them ruining the landscape view for others, they also disturb various small creatures that rely on the rocks for cover and, in some cases, food sources.  Even on the shore and definitely in the water…in the water being off limits as it is a protected water supply resource for Boston and other communities.  I noticed this morning that not only are rocks being piled similar to cairns, but they are also now being arranged into “rooms”.  I am not sure exactly what goes on within the rooms, but it really changes the whole mood for shore walking.  Anyway, just my grumbling and it will change no one’s behavior because, no doubt, none of the folks doing it will be reading this.

I was looking for some sort of interesting foreground feature as there were few clouds in the sky and a landscape shot here would be pretty blah without something to grab attention.

Quabbin-Shoreline-Hanks-Meadow-082816-800Not sure whether this is a wall hanger (interesting clouds would help), but I enjoyed finding it and making an image. Were it not for the drought this would be underwater. According to our long-range forecast, it won’t be underwater anytime soon.

Harvard Pond to come tomorrow. No shooting Tuesday…colonoscopy (I’d usually be working then anyway).  The prep diet is worse than the procedure…I’ll sleep through that.

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08.27.2016 Foggy Twilight

Once again, here is an image from a repeat location. These trees really have lots of possibilities for compositions and, depending on the conditions, offer some fine images.  I’ve shot the full moon through the trees and sunrise over them several times. I am not sure that I have made a fog image until now.

As I left the neighborhood, I thought there would be ground fog over this field and there was the possibility of twilight above.  Once in a while what I visualize actually occurs.

Foggy Twilight-from-South-Maple-St,-Hadley-082716-800This exceeded my expectations.

A short distance to the left of this scene is some acreage that was on the market for a short time.  It is owned by Eversource, our electric utility, and was being marketed for development.  The land affords a great view of the Holyoke Mountain Range and many folks here were upset.  Eversource took it off the market and one of our local land preservation groups is looking to work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to add it to the recently created Conte Preserve.  Our fingers are crossed.

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08.24.2016 Wordless Wednesday-Mount Lizzie

Mount Lizzie from Morton Pond Area-082116-800

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08.23.2016 Our property’s co-owner-well, one of them

The vast majority of us have this sense that we own the land we live on and it’s all ours.  Not so, at least not in my opinion.  Before we cleared the land, dug our foundations, erected a home, and planted lawns and gardens, others have been occupying the property for decades, centuries and, for some species, eons before we showed up.  In the case of this little fellow, it is possible he just hopped on over from one yard to another or possibly is one of many generations to be fruitful and multiply in this once former farmland.

Wood-Frog-082216-800Woody here is a wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus).  I’ve photographed a few of these guys, but this was the first time in our yard.  I hear them at night along with a varied amphibian chorus. We’ve peepers and tree frogs galore along with American toads and one yard over is a small stream with a few resident bullfrogs.

We really need to be aware of who shares the land with us. I’ve noticed a decline in the insects I see in our yard lately, along with fewer snakes, frogs and other small animals.  I think the culprit may be the lawn treatments a few of our neighbors employ.  Hard to say for sure with my limited knowledge.  The lack of rain hasn’t helped either. At least there are not any bug zappers around us.


Anyway, it was good to see this one co-owner.  I pay the mortgage, but he keeps the insect and slug populations under control.

This image was made with my little S95 while lying prone on our lawn.

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