02.22.2015 Crashing Waves at Otter Ledges

We had a few more inches last night, but today the sun came out and the temperature got high enough to do some melting.  I was able to clear most of the ice from the edge of the roof and out of about half of the gutter above my study where I had the ice dams and water entered the house.  Fingers crossed that whatever remains of winter will be less dramatic than the last month.

So I’m still in reminisce mode.  A few years back I had one day at Acadia after a visit to Millinocket and Baxter State Park.  It was a bit stormy, but for a few moments a sliver opened and allowed a little brightness to hit Otter Ledges.  F/16 @.6 seconds, ISO 400 was just enough to catch the waves crashing against the rocks.


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02.19.2015 More Escapism

I suppose we could say this is the winter from hell frozen over.  It just doesn’t want to end and the temperature is staying around 20-30 degrees below normal for this time of the year.

Here’s another February warm me up.  This moose was grazing around in Compass Pond along the Golden Road near Baxter State Park in Northern Maine back in June of 2007.   I am hoping to get up there again this summer…I missed my visit last year.


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02.16.2015 A little winter escape

I was just going through a bunch of images for the submission and came across this one.  I am not thinking of entering it, although I think there may be a frog involved, but thought it would bring a smile in the middle of winter.

Bullfrog-on-Lotus-Pad-800FB-BlogThis little bullfrog was just sitting in the middle of the lotus leaf.  I suppose I could have asked him to move a scoch to his left.  :-)

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Amethyst Brook through a tree-shaped ice hole

Well, I think that title leaves little to wonder about what the subject is.

I must be going soft.  I mean besides my mid-section.  It was 2°F this morning (snow tonight and tomorrow morning, then come the 30 mph winds and sub-zero wind chills) and I decided to stay in.   Slept a little later, did a little wood hauling from the garage to the basement and then a little shopping.  Filled the garage with more wood in advance of the coming snow and am now deciding what images to enter into a contest.  When I entered this contest last year, the image from the other day of the hoar frost/green ice crashed and burned along with another ice abstract, but the lotus leaf closeup did alright.  What to do this year?  Probably no abstracts.  Any suggestions?

Returning to the subject of this post, openings in the ice like this can sometimes be pretty attractive.  This makes me think of a snow-covered pine tree, kind of what’s left after a cookie-cutter does its thing.

Amethyst-Brook-Ice-Hole-011015-700WebThere is just a hint at the mid-left of the underneath intricacies of a sheet of ice like this.  Several years ago I was able to get a shot of some of the icicles hanging below an ice shelf on Atherton Brook in the Quabbin.

Rounded-Icicles-010811-800FBI guess that’s it for today.  I have always disliked winter but for the past few years a fondness was growing.  I do believe that little fling is over.  :-)

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02.10.2015 Green Ice and Hoar Frost

This is an image I posted in 2012, but I checked and most everyone who visits here, aside from Steve S. and James Hunt, wasn’t a visitor back then. At that time I called it “Star in an Algal Galaxy”.  Now I just call it what it is.

Linda shared a link to an article discussing ice and algae in a comment for yesterday’s post, so I thought I’d share this as I am pretty sure I haven’t doubled it up since the original post.  If I did don’t be shy about pointing it out.

Algae-Star-010412-800FB-2It was 4° on January 4th, 2012, but we hadn’t had much snow so the ice was not covered as it is now.  I have pretty much given up on finding any new ice abstracts this year. For anyone keeping track, we are to have more snow Wednesday evening into Thursday but only a few inches.  However, Saturday night into Sunday could be another big one.  Although we do have a lot of snow here,  Boston has had about 6 feet in the past several weeks and is struggling to find a place to put it.  I guess the harbor is getting a lot of visits and the brine level must be a bit weaker than usual.

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02.09.2015 Summer!!!!!

For my fellow northerners, and everyone else as well, here is a flashback to Acadia N.P., Great Meadow, summer of 2006.  :-)

Wild-Lupine-in-Great-Meadow-2-700WebIt’s still snowing…enough already.  I am waiting it out before clean up.  Should be another few hours.

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02.08.2014 Snow in the Hole

This is a favorite tree within Quabbin Park.

Quabbin-Park-Birch-Tree-020715-700WebJust about an inch of snow so far.  The real stuff happens later tonight and tomorrow.  I hope to get out in it, but we’ll see if we get strong winds too like last time.

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