08.28.2015 Once more with Yellow

Here’s the last of my burst of yellow flower posts from Owens Pond…for now.

Partridge-pea (Cassia fasciculata) resembles a sensitive plant and I’ve read that the leaves are a little bit sensitive, but I haven’t experienced that…the plant’s sensitivity, I am quite sensitive.

Partridge-pea-1-082315-700WebBy the name, I would guess that the partridge must forage for the peas in those pods, but I haven’t read about it having food value for humans.  I tend to leave wild foods for the animals anyway.

The flower itself is quite attractive with those strong red anthers.

Partridge-pea-2-082315-700WebWe are in for another Super Moon tomorrow and for a change I plan on being out at night as well as the early morning.  It’s tough work, but someone’s got to do it.

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08.27.2015 Fallen Birch Branch

I’ve been looking at this branch for quite a while, waiting for the right atmosphere…fog and soft light.  It’s a simple scene right next to the traffic circle at Quabbin Hill, just a branch that has fallen from a tree, yet it seems so inviting, beckoning. I finally accepted the invitation and made an image.


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08.26.2015 Fern-leaved False Foxglove

One of the wildflowers I look for annually during a Quabbin Park ride around is this lovely native yellow flower (Aureolaria pedicularia) that often exhibits a bushy growth which can reach about 3 feet in height.




Happy Humpday folks.  We finally had some rain last night which was quite welcomed.  It wasn’t exactly a prolonged downpour, but we did see enough to get a decent soaking in sporadic showers.


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08.25.2015 Common Evening Primrose

Living up to its name, we are seeing the Common Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) in many places where human activity has disturbed the soil.  Their stalk can be as tall or taller than I am (5’11″…used to be 6’…I’m shrinking) and they are native plants.

Evening-Primrose-08.23.2015-700WebThis image was made shortly after the foggy view of Owens Pond that you saw on Sunday.

We’re still waiting on some rain after several days of meteorological promises.  Thunder in the distance but nary a drop to this point.  Maybe I should wash my car or hang out some laundry.

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08.24.2015 Mullein leaves from both sides now

With apologies to Joni (who wrote the song) and Andrew ( whom, if memory serves correctly, had his own post riffing on the title), here we are approaching a flower, although not as colorful as I led you to believe yesterday.  That’s in the works.

On Sunday, besides visiting Owens Pond, I walked the trail at the new Fort River division of the Silvio Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge in Hadley, MA.    I posted a sunrise shot from there on July 12th.  At just a little over 2 miles from my house, it may become a new favorite place, but more for bugs and flowers than landscapes.  The Conte Refuge, if you didn’t follow the link, is a fairly huge collection of land within the 7+ million acre Connecticut River watershed and is itself comprised of 36,000 acres in the four boundary states (VT, NH, MA and CT) along the river’s course.   The Fort River division is growing as the federal government continues to buy land when it becomes available from the local farmers while still allowing them to work the land.  I have met with one who is very happy with the agreement…it has changed little in his use of the land, which is now protected from development.

I guess it’s about time to share the pictures.   As I walked the trail I noticed a large mullein rosette.  Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a biennial non-native plant which forms a low rosette in its first year and a tall flower spike in the second.  The leaves are covered with fine hairs and yesterday those hairs held a bit of dew.



I noticed that one of the leaves had turned its underside upward and found the vein pattern even more striking.

Mullein-Rosette-leaf-underside-082315-700WebI think both would work well as monochromes too, but I like showing some of the mullein color and one might say that it is monochrome as everything is a hue of green.

If you are disappointed with just the leaves, here is a link to my post from March of a mullein flower head from a previous year.

I just reread that linked post and realized that I neglected to shoot the entire rosette as requested by Lottie.  I will make amends.  :-)

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08.23.2015 Moody View 3-Owens Pond Reflection

We had yet another foggy start to the day this morning.  I am expecting the same for tomorrow although we are not having the warm temperatures today as the last several…or we might even have some rain which was predicted for today but hasn’t happened yet.

Owens Pond is an example of a place I shoot repeatedly. During Spring and Autumn, the sun rises at the end opposite a nice opening in the trees that line the pond’s edge. On a day like today, the trees make for nice foggy silhouettes reflected in the generally calmish water with the fog wafting across the landscape.

Owens Pond Foggy-reflection--082315-700WebI am using the Moody View moniker for now.  I did find a British painter using the name for his website, so will just use the phrase as a descriptor and album name on Facebook.  I prefer having my website with my name anyway.

The next few posts will more than likely be flowers, so things will brighten up a bit.  :-)

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08.22.2015 Another moody view

Maybe I will start a category of images called “The Moody Views”.  :-)

Thursday’s post seemed to fall flat, so I am expecting this one to not be terribly popular either.  Lots of clouds and fog this morning, but I was at the same viewpoint as last weekend so decided to see if I could make something interesting.

Mount-Monadnock-from-Enfield-Lookout-082215-700WebI enjoy this scene with the overlapping hills and fog which is similar to this more colorful view of Monadnock seen from New Salem.  It is funny…my attitude toward shooting the same scenery as others have done hundreds of times is one of ambivalence, yet I am more than happy to shoot my favorite local spots often.  Maybe I should rethink shooting the icons and be more positive about that…as a trip to Acadia approaches.  :-)

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