11.09.2016 Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Quabbin Park Shoreline Rock and Foggy Mount Lizzie-

Not feeling too chatty today…even less than usual.

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11.07.2016 Beauty amidst Death

This is part of a dead or dying stand of Red Pines (Sylvestres resinosa) in the Quabbin Park area. The trees were infested by Red Pine Scale (Matsucoccus resinosae) which attacks them underneath the flaky bark. It was once a lovely small plantation that is now slowly being decimated by these tiny non-native insects..

quabbin-red-pine-dead-trunks-with-color-101816-800At one time this was one of my favorite locations to wander around, eventually landing at a beaver pond where I could find frogs and wildflowers- especially fringed gentian.  The pond became overgrown and, as you can see, the red pine stand is soon to be no more. Gradually over time the Massachusetts DCR work crews are taking down the dead trees.

I did not go down into this area so cannot identify the colorful vine climbing the pine trunk.  When I first noticed it there was brilliant back-lighting that disappeared as I got out of my car to photograph it. On my next trip by the leaves had all dropped.

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11.06.2016 North Quabbin Shoreline with Clouds

I haven’t taken inventory, but I am pretty sure we’re drawing near the end of the foliage images for 2016…unless I make a quick trip south.

Today’s photograph was captured on the way out after taking the image I posted yesterday. By this time, the sun was up above the trees and the sky was no longer pale but a nice blue filled with interesting clouds.  Relatively calm water made for a fairly clear reflection.


It was a nice lazychange this morning-sleeping an extra hour.  Poor Bentley’s feeding time was off all day though.  His stomach was still on DST.

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11.05.2016 North Quabbin Shoreline with Sunrise-lit Island

On the next to last day of my vacation I decided to walk the same road that yielded the “What lies beneath” image depicting our low water levels.  They are still low today, but it is not that evident in this image.

north-quabbin-shoreline-at-sunrise-101716-900Today is a chore day.  Still lots to do although the gardens are put to bed for the winter and most of the leaves are picked up. The wood is stacked and tarped along with the splitter and summer tools put away. Next up the snowblower escapes the shed into the garage, snow removal tools put out and the garage stocked with a few months worth of firewood. Last mowing of the year this weekend as well.  Sometimes condo living seems attractive but not for long.


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11.04.2016 1794 Meetinghouse with the setting Full Hunters Moon.

A landmark in New Salem, the 1794 Meetinghouse is currently an entertainment venue but has a long varied history. I have to embarrassingly admit to never having attended a concert there, although I have heard the birds greet the day as the sun gently lights the sky.


I shared an image from here previously this past January.

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11.02.2016 One more in the series

of images looking northward from New Salem’s Lookout on Route 202.

north-quabbin-new-salem-101016-800Although the foreground color (which WP over-saturates…wish they had color management built in) and light sort of arrests your attention, it was the light in the distance on Pack Monadnock  and the sky above that excited me…seen better if you click the image to see larger.

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10.31.2016-2 Owens Pond Foliage

My goal with the vacation was to spend as much time as possible in the Quabbin watershed and, with a one day exception, that is just what I did.  Here is one of a couple of images from that one day spent around town and, more specifically in this image, at Owens Pond.

owens-pond-foliage-2-101316-800As bucolic as this scene appears, the other side of those distant trees is loaded with homes and condominiums. But Amherst has done a nice job of conserving some of its land and Owens Pond is just one spot of several where one can find similar scenery.

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