01.19.2017 Ice is nice abstract 1

It really hasn’t been all that cold this winter except for one spell when we hit single digits.  Last weekend saw the teens a few times after a span of some days with a good 40° and lots of melting so finding ice formations to photograph was a little challenging.  But there were a few opportunities here and there with some nice freeze/melt/refreeze effects.


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01.07.2017 North Quabbin Sunrise

At this point, I no longer remember why I didn’t get out on the first for a New Year sunrise…maybe it was overcast which seems likely…memory is a bit iffy.  But I did get out on the second and the sky offered up a nice display.

north-quabbin-sunrise-from-route-202-010217-800We’ll see what tomorrow brings. We are receiving the northwestern edge of Winter Storm Helena and may see around 4 inches or so of snow.  We could use more but I don’t want to tempt the fates and draw in the sort of snow and ice totals seen in the south and along the coast. All should clear by midnight or so and maybe a nice snowy landscape will greet a brilliant sunrise.  Here’s hoping.            🙂

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12.26..2016 Quabbin Sunrise

I hope everyone who visits here had a nice Christmas, is having a Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or enjoying another holiday as we approach 2017.  I’ve spent the last several days unsuccessfully fighting off the flu although it finally is on the wane. Hopefully I can get out tomorrow as this is a vacation week and I don’t want to miss out on much of the cold and crisp.

Here’s an image from two years ago today, posted back then, but showing up once more in lieu of something new.Gate-5-Sunrise-2-122614-700WebThere was more water then, but winter hadn’t quite arrived.  Guess I should go see what it looks like this winter.  🙂

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12.19.2016 Bentley’s close call

As adorable as Bentley is, I was having a hard time letting him approach the special place that Murphy had occupied in my life. I knew there was no “replacing” Murphy and that wasn’t what I had been hoping for. Two Saturdays ago, I arrived home from a shopping trip to find that, in Mary Beth’s absence and mine, Bentley managed to get through the baby gate to Mary Beth’s room and discovered the spot where she was storing presents. Among those was a chocolate bar. I had no idea how much was left but he finished what was there. As you may notice from his belly hanging to the ground in this shot from a few weeks after he joined us, food is his main motivator…so much so that he had also eaten most of the wrapper. I called the vet and took him right over to vomit it out and be treated with charcoal to help remove the toxins. When I was finally able to reach Mary Beth it turned out there had been two bars. I notified the vet and she said it had the potential to be lethal and to pick him up and take Bentley to the emergency vet. We were so fortunate that I had not been photographing that day and got home two hours earlier than usual. He recovered nicely and whatever chocolate we have, along with raisins, is now stored in the basement (he is not able to get down there) behind a closed door.
The point of this being that the experience of almost losing him has opened the door to acceptance much wider and we realize how much we have grown to love him. We weren’t happy with the $1000 lesson, but that was secondary to making sure he survived and recovered. He’s totally our dog now.


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12.17.2016 An oldie but a goodie

We’re receiving some more snow today which sounds lovely…18° with little breeze if any.  But the weather will change this afternoon with freezing rain or sleet to be followed by rain and 50° tomorrow.  Now it sounds like a mess.

Three years ago on this day things were indeed lovely.


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12.15.16 Sunrise over Reservoir Smoke

I don’t know whether reservoir smoke is a real thing, at least in the language, but the fog that rises from a warm ocean on a very cold day is known as sea smoke. Sunday was very cold, as I mentioned in the last post.  Tomorrow morning is to be even colder with the morning temperature about 0°F with a breeze giving us wind chills in the -20° range.


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12.12.16 Monochrome Monday

Figured I should start up where I left off.

I am not sure exactly why I dropped out for the past month and not sure how much I will be posting, but I am still part of the community…just a bit reclusive for now.

Officially, calendar-wise, winter arrives on the 21st, but meteorological winter starts on the 1st of December. And…if the temperature is 12°F and there are icicles in Murphy Falls, then it is definitely winter.

murphy-falls-cascade-and-icicles-121116-800As you can see, we are seeing a bit of a return to our flowing waters, although not nearly where it should be.  While I am writing this, snow is falling (we should see a few inches) which is likely to change over to rain later this morning.  Every little bit helps.

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