05.19.2016 The other one from before work

I was on my way home for breakfast when I noticed there were still a few hints of color in the clouds over the Holyoke Range.  There was plenty of time…well a few minutes anyway…so I stopped and composed a few views, this being the one I liked the better.

Two clicks shares a larger image.

Moody-Bridge-View-Of-Holyoke-Range-051816-960Nothing like this happening this morning.  Our one chance for rain in the next several days is today.

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05.18.2016 An image before work

I made two, actually.  One at a time though.  When I did that familiar task of taking our veggie scraps out to the compost bin at 4:30, I noticed the clouds and thought there might be a nice sunrise possibility.  I don’t leave for work until about 6:45, so there was time to go out and still get back for breakfast and be on time.  I usually feel too stressed with a deadline, but felt OK with it for a change.

It gets bigger with a click.

South-Maple-Sunrise-051816-960Getting out early is unfortunately easier these days as I wake around 1:30, toss for a while, give up and get up.  Not sure why, but I seem to be functioning alright.  I am sure it is taking a toll in other ways.  Counting sheep or even painted trilliums doesn’t help. I try to quiet my mind but to no avail.  Maybe I need a beagle by my side.  We’re working on it.

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05.17.2016 Quadrillium undulatum

As I checked out my favorite spot for trilliums and lady’s slippers, I found something unusual as I mentioned yesterday. Actually, it is a Trillium undulatum (Painted Trillium) as you probably recognize.  But with an extra leaf, sepal and petal.  When I posted it on the native wildflower group I belong to on Facebook, there were some who believe it to be a genetic disorder, a few who blamed it on Fukushima and GoBotany who says it’s due to an injury during development.  A couple of people also shared trillium images that either repeated what I found or showed a “double” individual.  It is a rarity for sure, but not unheard of.

Painted-Trillium-with-4's-051615-700If one can go by clover, I guess it was good luck.  Hard to argue as just finding it was lucky, even if nothing else changes.  :-)

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05.16.2016 North Quabbin Sunrise

Often I don’t know what I want to say about an image or the experience.  That’s the case here.  I hoped the clouds would light up a little and they did.

North-Quabbin-Sunrise-051616-960As expected, I found some more painted trilliums this morning including an oddity.  I am pretty excited about the find as it is unusual, but posted a PT yesterday, so it waits until tomorrow.

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05.15.2016 FOY Painted Trillium

While hiking along Dean Brook yesterday, I found my first favorite of the year.  I had looked in what is a usually reliable spot and found none.  This was a nice surprise.

Painted-Trillium-FOY-051316-960I am sure the reliable location is just a bit late, so I am also sure I will be posting more.

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05.14.2016 A new (to me) stretch of Dean Brook

Many of the brooks I visit have multiple opportunities for compositions.  Sometimes it is just the level of flow changing, but most of the time it is different rocky features in the water that create new views.  Yesterday I walked further upstream at Dean Brook than I have previously and found another very nice spot to photograph.  It is pretty easy to revisit favorite spots that continue to offer up pleasing sights, but even more rewarding to find new ones.  And it didn’t hurt to find some Painted Trilliums, but those will show up later.  For today, here is a small waterfall, still and video.

Dean-Brook-SMall-Waterfall-1-051316-1400And, for your listening pleasure….

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05.13.2016 Morning of the giant newt

Red-Eft-050816-1075Red Eft/Eastern Newt/Red-spotted Newt-Notophthalmus viridescens

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