03.18.2015 Regulating Dam Road Birch

Wordless Wednesday.  :-)


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03.17.2015 Double the fun

After last week, I really thought we had turned the corner into spring.  As I write the winds are howling and the temperature is falling.  Not as bad as a few weeks ago, but we’ll be in the teens for the next few nights and in the 30’s during the days, even with the strong sun.  There’s also a chance for some snow this weekend.  So much for the first day of spring.

So in honor of the lingering winter, here is another shot from that frigid morning at Gunn Falls a few weeks ago (2/1) combining two elements of the frozen waterfall.

Gunn-Falls-Frozen-with-pool-020115-700WebThat pool looks just a tiny bit chilly.

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03.15.2015 The Sweetheart

Newly ID’d by the nice folks at BugGuide.  AKA Catocala amatrix.  I posted this on BG.N back in August of 2010 and someone found it while cleaning up during the quiet winter season and gave me an ID.

The-Sweetheart081710-700WebThis is a member of the Genus Catocala, which are known as underwings.  When the forewings are spread to reveal the hindwings, we then see a wonderfully colorful display of red and black.  I have yet to get a shot of the display.

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03.14.2015 Oak leaves with a bubble chaser

I’ve kind of been out of the loop for a few days.  Day job demands and other stuff kept me busy and tired.  I’ve spent the last few days worth of free time catching up on key-wording and archiving…it’s an ongoing task, especially when you have fallen several months behind.  At least I am now in the 2015 files and this is one from January 3.

Oak-leaves-and-bubbles-010315-700WebEither this is a shot of the oak leaves’ New Year’s Eve celebration or there were a lot of tiny bubbles trapped in the ice along with the leaves.

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03.08.2015 Summer Orange

Today was so confusing.  There was a glimmer of a sunrise, followed by the sky becoming quite overcast by late morning.  Murphy and I went for a walk and a snow squall popped by for a short visit.  This afternoon has seen the sun break through then disappear then break through…partly partly, I guess.

Anyway, I put together some images for a calendar submission and thought I’d share this one from that group.  One of the constant worries when walking in a moist woods is the possibility of crushing one of these little guys.  You just never know what or who might be underfoot.

Red-Eft-071908-700WebAs much as I enjoy the brilliant red/orange of this Eastern Red Spotted Newt aka Red Eft (Notophthalmus viridescens), I really like the leathery look to the leaf coming in from the lower left corner.

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03.07.2015 Summer Mullein

One wildflower that gets little respect, at least I have heard mostly discouraging words for it, is Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsis).  It is generally a roadside or waste area plant, but I have seen a few in flower gardens and for good reason.  The first year growth, for which I have no images, is a lovely hairy rosette that hugs the ground.  The second year produces a tall spike that is covered with creamy yellow blossoms.

Common-Mullein062808-700WebMullein has quite a few medicinal uses and even more aliases….my favorite is Clown’s Lungwort.  I have never used Mullein as an herb, but have seen it sold in several places.  It is supposed to help with colds, as a tea, but I prefer Comfrey.

I am hoping, and the forecast supports it, that this morning was our last truly cold start to the day.  Warmish days and not too cold nights are on the calendar for the next week with just a slight possibility of a flurry here or there.  Wish us luck.  :-)

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03.03.2015 Return to Puffer Pond Falls

With the extreme cold Saturday night and Sunday morning, I decided to take another look at Puffer Pond Falls and see how the ice was forming.  As I got out of my car I noticed the blue in the ice and was happy to be there…..unlike my blah attitude yesterday.

So here is one more waterfall ice image…with any luck, there will be other attractions shortly.  Anyway, despite my being all done with my enthusiasm for cold weather photography for this season…and despite my realizing that it isn’t even close to over…I give you another frozen Puffer Pond Falls.


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