06.24.2015 Two ways of looking at things

As I walked along the Middle Branch of the Swift River which flows into the Quabbin Reservoir I was looking for cascades like the one I posted yesterday.  But the first thing I noticed was the edge across from me with a dead and broken tree and a lot of green around it.  My first impulse was a portrait mode image, but the fallen branch attracted as well so I flipped the camera.  Which do you think works better…assuming you think either works.  :-)


River's-Edge-2-Middle-Branch-of-the-Swift-River-062215-700WebThe trunk closer to us was leaning across the river and wedged into the tree I was standing under.  The lower fern fronds were hanging into the water so are not out of focus but in constant motion.

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06.23.2015 Water in motion

It’s been a little while since I posted a water image.  We had some good rain on Sunday which provided some nice flow in the local brooks.  This is one little scene from the Middle Branch of the Swift River rolling towards the Quabbin and someone’s shower or glass of water in Boston.  :-)

Cascade-Middle-Branch-of-the-Swift-River-062215-700WebHeavy rains coming today so more possibilities for the  weekend.

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06.22.2015 Annual meadow orchids

Not too much to say about these.  I’ve posted both here before, but it’s an annual tradition for me to visit my wet meadow near Lawrence Swamp for them.  They are such lovely flowers and it is hard to not make a few more images and to share them.

Rose-Pogonia-062015-700WebRose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides)

Grass-Pink-062015-700WebGrass Pink (Calopogon tuberosus)

These are what I was looking for when I came across the maple leaves that I posted yesterday.  It was a good day that started with the sunrise which I posted Saturday.  There are still a few images yet to share from that shoot.



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06.21.2015 Spring Foliage

Autumn isn’t the only time for colorful leafy goodness.  Here’s a young red maple (Acer rubrum) that I came across while visiting a local wet meadow yesterday…the last day of spring.


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06.20.2014 The break of day

One more from Southeast Street in Amherst. Another surprise sky.  When I left the house the sky was not looking especially promising, but as I turned the corner in this direction where the trees are open this started to develop.  It’s funny as the sky to the left is where the sun was to rise and nothing much was happening, but to the south there was this.

I would have loved to shoot this sky over Quabbin Hill, but there wasn’t time.

Southeast-Street-Sunrise-062015-700WebIf you are wondering why I am not showing more of the right side of the landscape, there is a house and and trees blocking the sky, so I chose this view.  If it looks a little familiar it is the same scenery as this.

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06.19.2015 Fort River from Brickyard Bridge

I’ve been crossing the river here for a number of years and always wished for better light to make an image.  I decided not to wait for better light and do a black and white.  Not a bad idea as the water is quite brown lately with mud and silt.  I liked that the elderberry was flowering along with a few other shrubs with white flowers.

Fort-River-in-Brickyard-061915-700WebThe Fort River travels through Amherst and Hadley eventually emptying into the Connecticut.  There had been beavers here, but the dam just below the bridge has deteriorated meaning they are no longer in residence.  There is nothing nearby to be threatened by the rising water they would maintain so I doubt that they were removed.  Maybe the water quality was no longer suitable.

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06.18.2015 The Shoreline and Quabbin Hill

Finishing up the images from Sunday morning, here is a view along the rocky edge of the reservoir and Quabbin Hill across from the end of Old Enfield Road. I’ve neglected to mention, and some may have assumed without being told, that “end of the road” is not exactly true as the road continued on for miles in the cases of most of Quabbin’s gates.  But when the land was taken for flooding, the road disappeared underneath the collected waters.  In some cases, when the waters are calm and clear, the pavement or tire ruts can be seen heading into the distance although that is not the case at this spot.


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