10.24.2014 Partial Solar Eclipse from a friend


A friend from college days, David H. Hathaway, works in NASA’s Ames Research Center in California.  If you are interested in such things, here is his website related to solar physics.  The other day he had the good fortune to have relatively clear skies and a good view of the eclipse.  I mentioned to Jim that I would try to share his image and David said fine.Dave Hathaway's Eclipse photoThe sunspots are the source of what David says are the largest solar flares in ten years, but they are not coming in our direction.

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10.23.2014 Rainy Day Parasols

Mycenas, I think.Mycena-Parasols-092708-600WebWe still have a few more hours of showers.  Tomorrow starts a four day weekend during which time I hope to get caught up on a bunch of autumn chores as well as do my usual morning photograph chasing.

No partial eclipse to be seen here.  Ah well, I hope Jim got a few images for us.

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10.22.2014 Gate 27 Shoreline at Sunrise

This is from the same spot and time as the Island image I posted a short time back.  Jim was curious as to what the water looked like without the long exposure and I did not do that image in a short one, so here is a 1/25 sec exposure done a bit earlier.  As much as I like the warm foliage and rocky shore, the fog in the background adds much to the image for me.Gate-27-Shoreline-at-Sunrise-101014-600WebHow does the sky’s color look to you?  When in Photoshop it is not quite as dark and saturated.  I know…I am complaining about WP again.  When I link it to Facebook it looks closer to what I expect.

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10.21.2014 One more from The Patten

In sorting through the files for archiving, I came across one more from the nice sunrise morning at The Patten in Shelburne, MA. on October 13th.The-Patten-Sunbrise-2-101314-600Web

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10.20.2014 Barn #28

This is a spot I have visited a few times over the years. I like this barn and the backdrop will do alright, I guess.    :-)

The field to the right was full of pumpkins that had been left behind and were not an example of fine pumpkinry.  But Bull Hill was looking pretty good although a few days past prime leaf peeping conditions.

So I have processed two images and leave it to you to choose a preferred format.  I know which I like better, but I am interested in popular opinion.  :-)Bull-Hill-Road-Barn-1-101914-600Web Bull-Hill-Road-Barn-2-101914-600WebObviously, I changed positions slightly as I shot these at different times with several others in between.  Both were with my 85mm f/1.8+CP, f/8, @1/13sec and the other at 1/8sec, ISO 100, tripod and remote.

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10.19.2014 Hawley Road in Ashfield, MA

October 13th was a good day.  Besides the other views here and here, I also found this as I returned home through Hawley and Ashfield.

Please click the image for a larger view.Hawley-Road-view-101314-600WebAs I mentioned earlier, the sky deteriorated photographically while the day wore on, but the color and fogged in distant valley made this interesting for me.  I wish the clouds had a bit more texture to them, but I am lucky to have found this spot and will return again next Autumn.  As far as techs, this is a four image stitch with the 70-200+CP, f/16@.3sec, ISO 100, tripod and remote.  Slight cropping on all sides after the stitch.

There are a lot of hills out there and I was pretty sure I did not know any of them with this being my first stop here.  I like to know the names of elements in my photographs and I have an app on my iPhone for just this scene.  It is PeakFinder and here is what the results look like for this view.Hawley-Road-PeakFinder=101314-600WebThere are a few hills not named, but many of these aren’t in my Gazetteer, so it is a big help.

And, as a special bonus, here is one of The Patten sunrise images I was grousing about the other day. The-Patten-Sunbrise-101314-600Web

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10.18.2014 Regulating Dam Road

Like a broken record….I left the house this morning with some openings in the cloudy sky and hoping the sun would be able to get through them for a nice start to what was forecast to eventually be a rainy day.  The closer I got to Quabbin, the more obvious it became that the clouds were filling the horizon.  Plan B.

The shoreline of Quabbin is visible in a few spots along Route 122 in New Salem.  The road is not terribly busy, so shooting at the edge can be done in relative safety as long as you pay attention…not easy for one who gets wrapped up in his subjects.  But I do manage to hear approaching cars and stay safe….unless, of course, we are talking electric vehicles.

I was hoping to find a single tree with yellow leaves against an all evergreen background for a black and white composition.  Instead, I found this.Regulating-Dam-Road-Foliage-101814-600WebI think I will keep the color in this one.  But if you are missing monochrome, here it is from this past March.

The techs are 5D Mark II, 300mmf/4+1.4Teleconverter+Circular Polarizer, f/8@1/4sec, ISO 100, tripod and remote.  That was all the reach I have and I did crop a bit around all edges.  At first I felt it would have been better to just have the birch and conical trees along with some of the upper foliage, but decided that was too much crop plus I like the hint of a possible path at the left which is so contrary to the rule of keeping interest in the frame and not leading out.  As well, I think it works better within the context of the surrounds a little bit rather than filling the frame.

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