12.22.2014 Looking for Lobster Heaven

Another archive dabble.

Early one morning I got out early and drove up Cadillac Mountain at Acadia N.P. for sunrise.  As you might guess from this picture I had the same cloud bank luck there as I do here.  But I was fortunate to see this boat heading out into the fog.  I may be mistaken about the type of catch they were after, but I am pretty sure it was Lobstah.  Maybe Mary Beth and I even enjoyed one of theirs later that day in a nice toasted roll.

Lobster-Boat-in-Frenchman's-Bay-060606Curiously enough, the date of this photograph was 06/06/06 if that is of any significance.  :-)

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12.20.2014 Solstice Eve

Tomorrow is the first day of winter and, to this point, autumn has been an odd assortment of cold and warm.  There is little hint of snow to be seen and if there is anything for Christmas Day, for all who like a white Christmas, it will be just a few flurries mixed with a lot of rain.  The weather of late is not at all what we would expect and has not been so for a few years now.  Most of my friends understand that the climate is changing, but one or two are steadfast deniers and will reference some scientist’s rebuttal as proof that it just is not so…..or “Hey, it was pretty cold last winter”.  But the majority of climatologists vouch for the change and I am in line with their thinking.  OTOH, I am not a scientist and am not here to change anyone’s mind.  Time will tell, although it probably will prove out after I am gone.

This morning was frustrating.  It seems that most mornings when I head out the sky looks relatively promising from my neighborhood.  But I cannot see the horizon from here and today, as all too often, when I did see it there was a huge cloud bank that ended up blocking the sun for a couple of hours before things cleared up.  I am not sure why this happens so often.  Of course, when I am driving in to work around sunrise the sky does not seem so overcast.  Go figure.  :-)

Today’s image is from a past autumn in Belchertown, MA.  This particular scene is along a part of the Monadnock-Metacomet Trail that is managed by the Appalachian Mountain Club.  Unfortunately, much of Hop Brook has received a lot of deadfall recently and most will just stay there for a few years until they rot and heavy rains and spring melt swell the flow to wash them downstream.  For now, this location no longer resembles what you see here.

Hop-Brook-Cascade-110605-700WebThis is from November of 2005 and still remains one of my favorite stream shots. Captured with a Canon 10D (my first digital camera) and a 28-135 lens, f/16@1.5sec, ISO 100.

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12.19.2014 Reflection

With the weekend upon us, I am going through locations in my mind that I might visit.  Conditions are still not very inspiring, but the responsibility, should I venture out, is all mine to find what is interesting.  Everything in nature is meaningful to someone and finding a subject in these days of decaying plants, bare trees and too often overcast skies is a challenge but also the opportunity to do something unique.

Simplification can help to eliminate some of the distracting and less attractive elements of the landscape and create an image that offers the chance to reflect on our existence


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12.17.2014 Americana take two

I got an email from Ebenezer asking to see yesterday’s image in color.  So I processed another file, but one in landscape format.  I’ll leave it to anyone who wishes to share a preference as to which is preferable.  Since I created both, I like each for different reasons.Market-Hill-Barn-3-121514-700WebAnd, as I am such a helpful guy, here is yesterday’s post so you don’t have to go back and forth.

Market-Hill-Barn-2-121514-700WebSome people feel that the way one chooses which images should be in black and white depends on the quality of the color.  Poor color?  Convert.  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes it works either way.  My feeling is that the choice should be made based on what the image has to offer and says to the viewer.  There was a time when the only choice was black and white.  Modern cameras give us the flexibility to have both available in the same image.  It’s nice to have options.

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12.16.2014 Americana

Well, that is not a title I ever thought would grace the top of my blog.  But, as you may have noticed, I am all over the place with my subjects, so why not a little man-made intimate landscape.

I have been driving by this barn since early summer.  I will not go on obvious private property without permission.  If there is no nearby house and the land is not marked with signage then I figure it is OK, but with a house right there I needed permission and, as I usually drive by at 5 in the am, I wasn’t going to knock on a door.  But yesterday I was going by a little later and someone was just pulling into the driveway so I asked.  She called the owner down from the second floor and she gave me permission for then and future times.  It turns out that she works at the local country market I frequent regularly.

Market-Hill-Barn-2-121514-700WebIt wasn’t my plan to shoot at that moment.  I wanted more pristine snow and maybe even some tufts of snow on the shrubs and wagon wheel.  But the owner said that she had been considering buying and mounting a brand new flag which would kill this image for me. So here it is.  I am hoping she is a procrastinator…at least until spring.

I hope this all makes sense and looks OK.  My pupils have not fully relaxed after dilation in the optometrist office this afternoon so looking at this bright screen is a little shaky.   Good news….the cataracts remain small and unchanged.  :-)

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12.15.14 Savoy Road, Windsor

OK, it is the 14th.  But I am getting a jump on tomorrow.  It will be Monday and a day off, so I am making the most of it by starting tomorrow tonight.

The forecast said that today would be partly partly, but the sky never did provide much of a sunrise this morning and went downhill, so to speak, from there.  I drove through Windsor State Park on River Road along the Eastern Branch of the Westfield River hoping to find snow-capped rocks in the water but there were not many and the river wasn’t looking all that appealing.  So it turned into a scouting ride along roads I had not traveled before including Route 8A through Savoy into Windsor.

I saw this birch stand and decided to use it as foreground interest for the distant field and trees with the grey sky thinking black and white.

Please click the link for a larger image.

Savoy-Road,-Windsor-121414-700WebOf course, once I was finished and headed toward home, the sky turned into a puff-clouded blue dome .  The foreguess calls for 20° tonight, so I am hoping to freeze my fingertips over some ice in the morning.

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12.14.14 Stick and Stone

There is not much snow on the ground here in the Pioneer Valley, but out in the Berkshires and Hilltowns they received a lot more and most of it remains so that is where I went yesterday.  I hoped to find Chapelbrook Falls in a winter spiff, but didn’t really see anything that I liked.  Too many dead falls and wind blown trees lying in the water.

But I did notice this rock and liked the way the snow had created a sort of texture by gripping the small bits of moss that cling to its side.


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