11.24.2014 Mom and calf

This is really reaching back into the archives.  In the summer of 1982 (yep, 32+ years ago) I visited Baxter State Park with my now pretty much life long friend (35+ years) Mark Picard.  He invited me to experience moose and that we did.  Their numbers have unfortunately dwindled due to a few problems…winter tick being a big one.  They suck the moose relatively dry of blood leaving them weak and, for the most part, unable to survive once spring returns.  Many scientists consider climate change to be behind the surge in the tick population.


If you wish, here is a PBS video about moose and ticks.  It’s in New Hampshire, but equally applies to Maine.    



Back to the image.  This is about a 50% crop of the original transparency, most likely a Kodachrome K64, shot with a Canon F1n and a 300mm lens.  That’s all I can tell you as, for some odd reason, film did not come with metadata.

Baxter,-Cow-and-Calf-Moose-0782-700WebI’ve photographed moose on other occasions, but this was my first time and, as we all know, you never forget your first.

This is also coupled with finding my first Beagle, Cassie, when I returned home from the trip.  She had been abandoned and Mark encouraged me to adopt her.  It was wonderful.  A few months later Mary Beth and I got reacquainted and that is still going strong.  1982 was a very good year.  I am happy to have taken you back there with me.   :-)

If you are interested in photographing moose in Northern Maine, I highly recommend Mark’s workshops.

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11.23.2014 Go with the Flow

A nice combination of solid and liquid, light and dark, black and white.

Icicle-and-Water-closeup-700Web180 macro+CP, f/16@.3 sec, ISO 100.

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11.22.2014 Cold off the presses….icicles

14°F this morning.  I tried out my new Heat 3 Smart Gloves and they kept my hands pretty comfortable except for my thumbs.  The heat pack pocket is only for your finger tips so my thumbs were kind of left out in the cold. The mitten kept them cool but not frozen as has been the case with other gloves.  The ends flip open for use of your fingers should you need to make fine adjustments.  But I was able to use all the controls on the camera without opening the mittens.  Should the gloves need to be removed, there are cuff bands to keep them at a handy dangle.  All in all I’d say I am pleased…which I had better be for $200.  So far it’s money well spent.

I visited the Middle Branch of the Swift River at Gate 30 of the Quabbin for the umpteenth time.  Although the river is still running free and unimpeded by any frozen blockage, there were some nice icicles forming and I picked out these with some interesting flow for contrast.

Icicles-112214-700WebI tried several different exposure times to see variously defined flows and settled on this one….5 seconds@ISO100.  I made a few at shorter times but felt that the more defined and rough flow competed too much with the solid ice formations.  I made several other framings but like the inclusion of the curved water on the right here better than the rest.  Ordinarily I would prefer a lower angle, but that drew the rock into the right edge of the ice and I wanted a little separation there.  So the tripod was elevated to get that angle.

So that’s my first of the season.  More to come.

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11.21.2014 Feathery Frost and Black Ice

It’s been a long week, but the weekend is here and tomorrow morning is predicted to be the coldest of the season to date.  18°F….it’s been colder elsewhere, but for us the house timbers should be giving up a few creaks overnight.

Probably not cold enough for this, but maybe a little ice will be evident.


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11.20.2014 Another cold one

Since I don’t do much photography during the week, it’s back to the archives again.  There may be some icy opportunities this weekend before we return to the 50s and 60s next week.

On a very cold Valentine’s Day morning in 2010 I found these abstract patterns in a ditch in Hadley, MA.  It’s the same ditch I visit for Trout Lilies in the Spring. These  images are a little more on the abstract side of things than yesterday’s.  Probably just as cold, but this is a freeze on top of a melt on top of a freeze formation.  A little carelessness could have caused the whole scene to crinkle into crumb ice.



Ice-Patterns-1-021410-700WebWhen I was a kid, I loved stomping on this hollow ice stuff and hearing the echoey crunchy  sounds.  It was tempting, but I just made my images and left it uncrinkled.

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11.19.2014 Hoar Frost

Here is an example of why, despite my dislike of and discomfort in cold weather, I go out with my camera in winter.  The dark background is natural…a beaver pond in Cadwell Memorial Forest, Pelham.  I made a few images on this day with hoar frost everywhere I looked.

Hoar-frosted Twig at 4°F on 1/15/12.

Frosted-Twig-2-700WebTo get this image I had to kneel over my splayed tripod and, despite wearing thermals and flannel-lined jeans, enough heat transferred through my clothing to cause the fabric to stick to the ice.  The ice was pretty thick in most spots, but I did have to cross a few where it was thin.  I really appreciated my NEOS Overshoes.

I made another a few days earlier in similar conditions including this one with an algae influenced background that appeared here back in 2012.

It has been somewhat uncommonly cold lately, but we should see warmer weather over the weekend.  It will be a little while before intimate little frosty compositions such as these are available again.


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11.17.2014 The Fleabane and the Fly

Yesterday Steve Scwartzman posted a Hover Fly image and suggested I post one that I mentioned in comment.  This is an oldie, from 2008, that I made along my driveway.

Hover, Flower or Syrphid Fly (Toxomerus marginatus) on a Daisy or Annual Fleabane (Erigeron annuus). So many names. At least, so far, the Latin names remain the same.

Hoverfly-on-Daisy-Fleabane-062308-800FBIt’s not unusual for these to show a nice stained glass appearance on the wings.

I am not sure I will leave yesterday’s post up as I think overall it could be processed better.

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