04.15.2014 A slow start and a slower finish

I don’t know about these titles.  I am not sure naming these posts is my strong suit.  Well, it’s more about the images than whether or not I am clever….I am not in case you need clarification with that. :-)

The sky was a bit iffy on Friday morning, but there was a sliver of open sky amongst the clouds so I started out with hopes of some color in the clouds.  Didn’t happen.  Just a little light before the sky snapped shut over Owens Pond.  Please click the images to see a larger view.Owens-Pond-dawn-041114-800WebSo with the threat of rain I thought about packing it in but went to Amethyst Brook instead.  This image is from 2011 and looks much better with the green than it did Friday.  Just a teaser for what’s to come in a few weeks.Amethyst-Brook-Cascade-and-Falls-800FBAs it was a bit bleak, I decided to explore the other side of the road and got a couple of images worth sharing as we wait for Spring to really kick in.  I hope you enjoy them.

The black and white image:Amethyst-Brook-041114-600WebAnd one in drab but living color.Amethyst-Brook-2-041114-600WebI’ll be very happy when I can present you with images containing green for a background or maybe even a flower or two.  Soon. ;-)

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04.14.2014 Gate 5 revisited

Have I ever mentioned that I like to go back to favorite places a lot.  Favorite for a reason.  I wasn’t sure how the morning would be as there were high clouds over the horizon which seemed promising, but after yesterday’s brief sunrise I wasn’t sure.  Today turned out similar but without the sun showing itself at all.  It did warm the sky pretty well, I think.Gate-5-Sunrise-041414-2-1000WebThe water was quite choppy with the strong breeze this morning, so in addition to the circular polarizer, I added a 6 stop neutral density filter to allow the water to go smooth.  I don’t really like choppy water.  I don’t think this will be a candidate for black and white. :-)

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04.13.2014 Twins

The clouds on the horizon caused the sun to be reflected at a height that created a second star.  I’ve not had this happen before.  Probably not a wall hanger, but something different.Gate-5-Sunrise,-041314-600Web

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04.12.2014 Six of one….

Half dozen of the other?  If it sounds as if I am a bit ambivalent that is misleading.  I do prefer one over the other but I am curious how others relate to this.

I’ve been driving past this hillock for years and always thought I’d like to make an image but something always prevented me from stopping.  The University of Massachusetts is on the other side of these fields and woods and a large chimney is often visible at the rear.  Not so on this foggy day.  I did several single images isolating different groupings, but decided to share this panoramic view of the scene.

I am never sure how others will respond to certain images and this is one of those. I like it, but that may be because of my long standing desire to photograph it.  I’ll be interested and appreciative of any comments good or bad.  Thanks!

Clicking the image provides a much larger view.Northeast-Street,-Amherst-2-041214-1800WebOr….Northeast-Street,-Amherst-041214-1800WebThis also marks the first of my images linked to Facebook.  If you have come here via that link, please let me know.

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04.04.2014 A nameless brook in the Quabbin watershed

Well, my last post was a flop and has now entered the bits and bytes stream of recycled data.  I haven’t done away with the image, just the evidence. :-)  Maybe it will reappear some day.

This morning I went scouting for a sunrise composition for tomorrow or Sunday and while walking the edge of the Quabbin found this little stream which shows up on maps but I find no name for it even on the Quabbin map itself.  But the light was nice and the flow great so even without a name it has a few moments of internet fame….I hope.Gate-5-Brook-040414-800WebMaybe tomorrow I’ll have a shot from the other direction with some dawn color.

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04.01.2014 Porter’s Keystone Bridge

I think I posted a shot of this bridge a few years ago.  It’s sort of an icon around here for Quabbin photographers.  So here’s one more.  It’s pretty impressive, hand built by one man, Adolphus Porter, back in the days when handwork was honored and, seeing its longevity, with good reason.  Porter was obviously a craftsman.  Of course, it only sees the occasional state maintenance vehicle now so little traffic beside humans, but still quite a feat.Porter's-Bridge-800Web-2I hope you have been enjoying the black and white offerings.  It is something I am thinking in more and more.  However….with Spring almost here, besides the calendar saying so, I am quite eager to start sharing some floral colors.  Shan’t be long. :-)

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03.30.2014 Single Birch in the North Quabbin

Rainy, moody and colorless day today.  Monochrome fits.A-single-white-birch-surrounded-by-evergreens-800Web

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