Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger’s Gaping Maw of Death. 🙂Wild-Ginger-Blossom-NSN


9 Responses to Wild Ginger

  1. Great gaping ginger. That looks like a mouthful- it even has bottom teeth. I like the macro photo a lot. I had a difficult time getting to this page. I even had to change my password tonight. 🙂


  2. Thanks, Yvonne. How did you happen upon this…it’s from last September. 🙂 It does look terrifying, doesn’t it. I am not sure if the root is as pungent as the cultivated variety since I don’t pick wilds, bit the flower is a kick.


    • Michael says:

      Hi Steve,

      I’m new to your site, but came across this, too. This post has a direct link from your page’s navigation bar (or whatever you call the row of links on the header of the page– Home About etc.), and I clicked on it! I’m sure you can change that if you so desire, but this one does make quite an impression, so I can see why you might have left it, too!

      Happy New Year!


      • Thanks, Michael. I was aware of the link and have no idea how it got there. I might have clicked something without realizing. I don’t mind but maybe should consider rotating links at that spot.
        Happy New year to you as well.

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  3. I don’t know how I happened upon this post. It was ‘just there.” WP is off on a bender again and so is my Yahoo mail. I’m not getting notices of blogs that I follow and I have no idea who is at fault. I turned off comments on my blog. It was all getting to be a real hassle. But I like “Ginger” with her mouth open. I doubt that the native ginger can compare with the exotic ginger. For what it’s worth, I love the smell and taste of the ginger that I buy at the store.


  4. Looks huge, great image!


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