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03.03.2023 F F

Still a few long weeks to go.  This is a June shot which is about as early as we see them return from their mud haven.  But it’s been a warm winter so maybe an early arrival this year.

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06.23.2014 Tully Lake Sunrise

About two weeks ago I was driving by this spot with a friend when I noticed the sun’s location and thought it would be good for sunrise someday soon.  I woke early this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep and … Continue reading

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06.13.2014 Out of order

Not the blog, exactly. Yesterday’s post was from yesterday.  Today’s is from the day before. One of my goals on this “staycation” was to visit a few new places.  As much as I enjoy Acadia, which was the plan once … Continue reading

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06.11.2014 Selfie in a frog’s eye

While photographing Spirit Falls this morning, my friend and I noticed this bullfrog lollygagging near the edge of the stream.  It blended right in and we almost didn’t see him sitting there.A most obliging chap, I was able to get … Continue reading

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