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06.02.2021-2 Quabbin Park Loop Road-Lichen on Rock

When I am walking along this road I often look at the “guard” rocks that keep us from driving onto the grounds and sometimes find interesting patterns which have been subjects of previous posts. I haven’t ID’d the lichen yet … Continue reading

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12.03.2020 Turbulent Thursday-Dean Brook Plunge and Splash

Another from a good day at Dean Brook. This is a companion to this image that I posted last year which was located in the lower right here.  Not quite as organized but plenty to immerse in.

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03.03.2020 Feather Dusters

Other interpretations welcomed. These were tricky to capture.  I like to be directly above these as subjects to more easily capture all the detail in a flat plane.  But the ice had melted and refrozen with an air layer between … Continue reading

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