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08.29.2020 Gimme Shelter

We have received a fair amount of gentle rain today which is very good for wetting the ground.  Later we should see some of the remnants of Laura as the storms heads northeast. Whether that will replenish the brooks remains … Continue reading

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07/13/2020-2 Macro Monarch Monday

We have at least two monarch larvae so far.  At least I have seen a monarch caterpillar twice at a distance from each sighting along the driveway.  Maybe the first one went for a long hike and was the second … Continue reading

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08.01.2019 It’s monarch munch time

Until they go into their cocoons it’s all about fattening up. I am always amazed that all I have to do is brush against a milkweed leaf and it will exude its milky liquid while the caterpillar can chow down … Continue reading

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07.15.2019 Along Branch Bridge Road

This is a popular locale for fishing and insect watching.  Lots of dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, and various other insects. It’s also the spot where I made the Tall Meadow Rue image last week. This first image was a pleasant surprise … Continue reading

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