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09.07.2020 Spalted Wood as Abstract II

Yesterday I really didn’t have anything special in mind as I headed out so drove over to Quabbin Park.  It is not opening until 7 now so a sunrise there was not possible but the sky was mostly overcast so … Continue reading

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08.04.2020 The best way to rid your garden of harmful pests

Assassin Bug-Pselliopsis cinctus practicing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) on a Japanese Beetle-Popillia japonica. Gardeners can purchase Assassin Bugs but ours are all here by their own choice. They won’t eradicate the unwanted beetles but do keep their numbers down.  I … Continue reading

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08.01.2020 Well, I went and Katydid it

What I went and did was acquire a twin flash unit which is semi-permanently attached to my 40D and 100 macro.  At 1/250 sec I can actually hold still long enough to capture a sharp image.  Shooting in the yard … Continue reading

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01.09.2020 A rose petal intimate

I’ve had the Laowa 25mm 2.5-5 macro lens for a little while and last night was my first effort with it.  Maybe a rose wasn’t the best first subject and it was more challenging than I expected to figure out … Continue reading

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