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07.18.2021 Bright Shiny Objects

Yesterday’s weevil may not have been cute and attractive but I think we can describe today’s subjects that way. Dogbane Leaf Beetles- Chrysochus auratus are promiscuous beetles mating constantly during their lifespan. I saw several paired up like this, although … Continue reading

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08.17.2019 Return to Potash Brook

On a trip through Hawley, MA to it’s namesake bog, I noticed this brook cutting through the woods alongside East Hawley Road. The brook eventually contributes to the water in the bog where there are orchids, pitcher plants and many … Continue reading

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07.13.2014 Doggies

Hah!  Fooled ya.  Not what you were expecting, I bet.  This is a Dogbane Beetle (Chrysochus auratus)  and one of my favorites.  It gets its name, for those who aren’t familiar, from the Dogbane plant (Apocynum cannabinum) aka Indian Hemp, among other … Continue reading

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