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09.05.2022 More Aster Attraction

This Blackberry Looper-Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria caught my eye after the Cabbage White flew off. I haven’t photographed an adult yet but with any luck this larva will give me the opportunity.  When mature, it’s an emerald with white lines and quite … Continue reading

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04.21.2015 Firefly Larva

Be prepared…not everyone will find this larva as attractive as I do, but it is pretty cool and will eventually provide a summer light show in my backyard.  I was letting Murphy out when I found a couple of firefly … Continue reading

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07.26.2013 My yard adventures #1

As the title implies, this is the first in a series of I don’t know how many with a few images from our yard. Milkweed is considered a pest by many.  But we encourage a few “Pet Milkweeds” to live … Continue reading

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07.17.10 Cecropia Moth larva

My wife, Mary Beth, was pruning the spent blooms from one of our Tree Peonies when she spotted this gorgeous Cecropia Moth caterpillar munching away on some of the leaves.  I’ll be keeping a watch on this and, providing it … Continue reading

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