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09.24.2021 Frog Friday

In grass and other plants up to my knees I was lucky to see him much less get a clear shot. But frogs are getting scarcer in the morning as the season winds down and the overnights are cooler so … Continue reading

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07.30.2021 Frog Friday 30+5

For a change, here is a green frog-Lithobates clamitans.  The vast majority of frogs I see in Poor Farm Swamp are bullfrogs so this was something different. So bumpy.  It must have been a chilly morning.  The most easily identifiable … Continue reading

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10.16.2020 Fabulous Frog Friday Flashback For Frog Fans

I gave my usual frog haunts a couple of looksees at the end of the vacation week and found only one in a not very attractive setting.  Not even Photoshop could make it share worthy so to the archives we … Continue reading

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09.11.2015 Frog on a Hot Tin Can

That has a familiar ring…. On the way back in from retrieving the newspaper.  I have no idea why a green frog would want to perch on top of the bird seed can in our garage, but I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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06.24.2015-2 Wednesday Bonus Frog

This is a green frog…yep, it is green and it is a green frog (Lithobates clamitans).  🙂

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