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09.08.2022 A handsome greenie

I’ve mentioned previously about the larvae that collect debris as a disguise or camouflage known as bagworms. They are members of the Synchlora genus also known as Emeralds. Wavy-lined Emerald-Synchlora aerata.  When young  and not so fastidious as the adults … Continue reading

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08.25.2014 Both sides of the story

In this case, the story is a possible False Crocus Geometer.  I say possible because the Genus Xanthotype is a very confusing one with several species that can only be confidently identified by the delicate term…genitallic dissection.  I am happy … Continue reading

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08.28.2010 Large Lace-border Moth

While composting our corn husks and cobs last night, I came across this resting moth in the woods.  Although butterflies are considered more attractive by many, I’ve found the moths to be just as attractive and the sheer profusion of … Continue reading

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