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07.07.2022 The beauty of smalls

Both of these insects are small.  Not the tiniest of creatures but easily overlooked if not paying attention. Plume moths almost seem like they are not real.  There isn’t much to them and their wingspan is only about 1/2″. Grape … Continue reading

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07.13.2021 Grape Plume Moth

This moth- Geina periscelidactylus which is not the first image that comes to mind when you think of a moth landed on a milkweed leaf as a gentle rain was falling. Every day there is something different on our milkweeds but so … Continue reading

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08.15.2015 Geina periscelidactylus

The title here sounds a bit like Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid…which I can say more easily than the above Latin name…just barely), but it’s a moth…and a beauty at that. Grape Plume Moth on a milkweed leaf.I’ve not done much mothing … Continue reading

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