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07.18.2020 Shaggy

There’s a lot more happening at the Milkweed Inn than just monarchs, although there can never be too many monarchs.  There are milkweed beetles which I shared the other day, milkweed bugs which I have yet to photograph this year, … Continue reading

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09.11.2019 Milkweed Tussock Moth Caterpillars

There are not many insects that thrive dining on milkweed.  Its sap is a bitter (I guess) latex that is poisonous to most, but a hardy few not only gobble the leaves up but use the poisons as a defense … Continue reading

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08.01.2019 It’s monarch munch time

Until they go into their cocoons it’s all about fattening up. I am always amazed that all I have to do is brush against a milkweed leaf and it will exude its milky liquid while the caterpillar can chow down … Continue reading

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07.26.2013 My yard adventures #1

As the title implies, this is the first in a series of I don’t know how many with a few images from our yard. Milkweed is considered a pest by many.  But we encourage a few “Pet Milkweeds” to live … Continue reading

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