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09.25.2017 Red-spotted Purple

Sometimes it just takes a bit of luck.  On this particular day, I was walking a path to Quabbin’s shoreline with landscapes on my mind.  On the way out, I was gifted this opportunity.  The butterfly spent a fair amount … Continue reading

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08.06.2015 Giving it up for future butterflies

Mary Beth noticed these on her potted parsley plants while hanging the laundry the other day.  Two instars (metamorphic stages) of Black Swallowtail caterpillars- Papilio polyxenes. They are eating pretty voraciously so I purchased four more plants and stuck them into … Continue reading

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07.17.2015 Streaking

Ha!  This isn’t what you were thinking.  🙂 Here are two species of Hairstreak butterflies.  We allow milkweed to grow on one side of our driveway in hopes of attracting a Monarch to lay some eggs.  So far we have … Continue reading

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02.19.2011 Bits of news

I recently had a couple of images published in  the book, “The Butterflies of Minnesota: A ‘flier’s manual” by Jim Patterson. Unfortunately, Mr. Patterson passed away shortly before the book was completed and his brother Art finished and published it … Continue reading

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