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07.10.2021 Incoming!!! Run for your Life!

The last thing you see before OW!  Go ahead…click it, I dare you.  LOL Another shot of a Bald-faced Yellowjacket-aka Bald-faced Hornet-Dolichovespula maculata.

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08.26.2020 Wasp Wednesday

We had a brief downpour yesterday which, although short-lived, gave us a bit of relief from the heat and some much needed moisture. While there was still just a light drizzle coming down I went out looking for insects and … Continue reading

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09.08.2019 Coincidental ties in to recent conversations

The last few days, Steve and I have remarked about a couple of things, hornet nests and leaf-roller spiders.  As luck would have it, I had a chance yesterday to photograph both subjects here in the yard. The first we … Continue reading

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09.29.2013 Bald-faced hornet nest

It’s a good thing I was mowing the lawn and not trimming the bushes today.  I’ve seen these nests often enough but usually they are high in a tree and unapproachable.  We have one in our yard in one of … Continue reading

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