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09.15.2021 Sunrise Pod

A short time before photographing the Sulphur on Monday, I wandered around the meadow looking for milkweed silk shots.  Made a bunch but so far prefer this one that is just starting to split.  The sun was just cresting the … Continue reading

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10.08.2020 Milkweed Floss

While on Mount Pollux I had fun running around to all the milkweed seed displays.  This was my favorite.

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09.21.2020 Milkweed Fluff

A sure sign that Autumn has arrived. After yesterday’s sunrise endeavor I drove by the fire ponds in Wendell. I noticed this milkweed plant separated from all the other growth at the side of the road and the shaded water … Continue reading

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07.26.2013 My yard adventures #1

As the title implies, this is the first in a series of I don’t know how many with a few images from our yard. Milkweed is considered a pest by many.  But we encourage a few “Pet Milkweeds” to live … Continue reading

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