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10.23.2021 Orange you glad it’s October #2

Autumn is fall color season and mushroom season as well.  This Amanita muscaria has that warm glow that signifies the end of summer and the hues of the cycle of life. I’ve yet to find one of the bright red … Continue reading

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08.23.2018 Here you go, Andrew…a waterfall and a mushroom

This past Sunday I visited Bear’s Den to see how the waterfall was doing.  It was doing very well.  Lots and lots of water.  (I posted a tannin colored cascade from here the other day) And there was also an … Continue reading

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10.30.2014 Don’t eat a Amanita

Bad grammar but it has a rhythm.  🙂 Fungi are such interesting organisms and are essential to the ecology and success of plants.  The mycorrhizal association they have with plants is one of mutual benefit.  Fungi break down minerals and … Continue reading

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9.23.2013 ‘shrooms

A few posts ago Bente asked to see the mushroom I had photographed.  Well, I don’t think I will post that although it could qualify as a bad photo for Diva’s request.  Anyway, I have some of that species and … Continue reading

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