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07.22.2019-2 Meadow Frit

Just a humble butterfly hangin’ out at the swamp. Meadow Fritillary-Boloria bellona in Lawrence Swamp’s wet meadow.

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06.05.2019-2 More lady’s slippers

On a less bittersweet note… One day last week the call of the lady’s slippers was still strong.  It usually lasts as long as they do and I try to visit as many as I am able. This is a … Continue reading

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01.17.2019-2 7 A.M. and all is well.

Downtown Amherst in the Snowless Winter Well, snowless until tomorrow morning and then Snowzilla on Sunday.  But on December 30th the only telltale sign of winter was the lack of leaves on the Amherst Merry Maple. Our Town Hall.  Nobody … Continue reading

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07.22.2021 Just hanging in there Thursday…almost the weekend.

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