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08.17.2019 Return to Potash Brook

On a trip through Hawley, MA to it’s namesake bog, I noticed this brook cutting through the woods alongside East Hawley Road. The brook eventually contributes to the water in the bog where there are orchids, pitcher plants and many … Continue reading

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08.16.2019 Bubble Pond Cedars: Together for life

Another old (1994) Acadia image recently reprocessed.  These two Atlantic Cedars have an obvious attraction to each other. When visiting Acadia last year, I saw that their grip was as strong as ever. This same trail presents this mystery as … Continue reading

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08.15.2019 Meadow-bottle Gentian

As summer moves along and autumn approaches, there are certain flowers one starts to anticipate.  For me, it’s the gentians.  First appears the closed or bottle gentians.  In today’s post, the Meadow-bottle Gentian-Gentiana clausa. This is about as open as … Continue reading

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08.14.2019 Pack Monadnock from New Salem

Yes, this is a familiar view, one I have shared many times.  But as with most things repeated here, there is always something a bit different.  In this case it is the closest view I have shared, made with the … Continue reading

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08.13.2019 Well, it ain’t exactly Texas

I am always envious of the wide swaths of wildflowers my Texas friends share in their blogs.  Most of the time here in  Western Massachusetts the flowers are in small patches with a few exceptions like Goldenrod or Buttercups. I … Continue reading

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08.12.2019 Layers, diagonals, and fogs, oh my!

Yesterday morning when I arrived at the New Salem Overlook I did just a quick drive through.  The sky was clear so I moved on to look for other places since I prefer clouds at sunrise to catch some color. … Continue reading

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08.11.2019 New lens

I’ve been wanting something with a bit more reach for shooting animals.  My 70-200 is often enough for obliging frogs and turtles that allow approach and the 180 macro works well for smalls like red efts.  But birds, even large … Continue reading

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