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10.02.2018 More mushroom finds

As I was looking around the North Quabbin woods this past Saturday I saw this  mushroom standing out in the darkness. This is a Crown-tipped Coral-Artomyces pyxidatus. Sometimes walking our dog results in finding something as well, in this case … Continue reading

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09.26.2018 Three Edibles

I don’t forage, so these had nothing to fear from me and I wasn’t going to deprive all those spores of their destinies.  But there are a few mushrooms that are unmistakable even to a layperson like me. This is … Continue reading

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09.25.2018 Small Surprises

A few days ago, while looking for some small orchids in North Quabbin, I came across this rotting pine stump covered with tiny mushrooms. It’s just an iPhone shot and didn’t get all the color as you’ll see. I went … Continue reading

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08.23.2018 Black Trumpet Fungaretum and a Close Up

What luck. Yesterday I had a quick drapery rod installation for a store customer.  As I unloaded my tools and said rod entering through the garage, I noticed a motherlode of Black Trumpet mushrooms along the front sidewalk.  The customer … Continue reading

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08.21.2018 Coral-pink Merulius

After two shots of froggie yesterday, he hopped under a log.  When I hopped over the log to see if I could see him I saw this instead. Phlebia incarnata.  There were several groups of these along the log but … Continue reading

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08.05.2018 Return to Murphy Falls

What do you do on a day when it is pouring rain?  Photograph water, I guess.  And I love this waterfall and it also kindles memories of Murphy who I still miss almost as much as I did the first … Continue reading

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04.01.2017 Scaly Chanterelle and an Orange Chanteuse.

Lots of good April Fool’s stuff going around, but that’s not in my wheelhouse, as they say, so I’ll just post something more summery on this snowy, slushy April 1st. Turbinellus kauffmanii fka Gomphus kauffmanii fka Cantharellus kauffmanii-Kauffman’s Scaly Chantarelle … Continue reading

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