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07.02.2015 Wahconah Falls Brook

The brook is a few miles long, but this section is just a few feet, 100 or so, down brook from the falls.  I am not sure if this would have benefited from a wade, but I liked the lineup … Continue reading

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08.22.2014 When is a butterfly not a butterfly?…and I don’t mean moths.

If you are a lepidopterist (or wish you were one) then you know I am talking about Skippers.  Quite similar to butterflies, the main differences are a more stout body, not as slim as a typical butterfly, and having a … Continue reading

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08.08.2014 At last!!!!

I think most of the visitors to this blog are aware of the sinking numbers of Monarchs.  I have seen very few over the last few years and none this year at all.  Until last night.  As the light faded … Continue reading

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07.26.2013 My yard adventures #1

As the title implies, this is the first in a series of I don’t know how many with a few images from our yard. Milkweed is considered a pest by many.  But we encourage a few “Pet Milkweeds” to live … Continue reading

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02.19.2011 Bits of news

I recently had a couple of images published in  the book, “The Butterflies of Minnesota: A ‘flier’s manual” by Jim Patterson. Unfortunately, Mr. Patterson passed away shortly before the book was completed and his brother Art finished and published it … Continue reading

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