12.20.2022 Beautifully Cold, Coldly Beautiful

Mount Pollux after a light snow.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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12 Responses to 12.20.2022 Beautifully Cold, Coldly Beautiful

  1. Those foggy bands across the mountain are attractive.

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  2. shoreacres says:

    The faint blue cast to the snow is attractive. This may be the most subtle blue-and-brown combination I’ve ever seen. It does look cold: cold enough to remind me of the sound of snow crunching.

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    • It matched the blue of my lips, Linda. LOL Your assessment is spot on, cold and crunchy. Fortunately nobody had decided to crunch away before I arrived there for a shoot. I’ve encountered people on horseback up there but no tracks on this day.

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  3. Wally Jones says:

    I am always amazed how much how perception of the same scene can be affected by factors such as light, time of day, the artist’s creativity and, as here, a different season.

    The snow provides a softness to the landscape and the light in the background complements that soft feeling.

    Compelling photograph, Steve.

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    • Thank you, Wally. Yes, all those things do change the appearance of a given picture. A few inches one way or another, warmer or colder soft light, and as you mention of course the time of year. Also the love one feels for the subject, in this case Mount Pollux, plays an important part as it does with all the beautiful creatures you share in your posts. It shows.


  4. NICE! I like the hint of that hill/mountain in the distance. A great wintry scene!

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  5. Beautiful image Steve! Really conveys COLD!

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