10.14.2021 Valley Big Sky

We’ve got mountains here in the Happy Valley (a name coined because of all the hippie culture back in the day) but compared to other ranges they are not that large.  This composition makes them look even smaller. They are not as they appear here, influenced by 16mm, and dominate the local landscape more than it may seem.

I don’t often make afternoon images but those trees light up nicely with the setting late afternoon sun. And there were those clouds.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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21 Responses to 10.14.2021 Valley Big Sky

  1. Ann Mackay says:

    Gorgeous sky – feels like I haven’t seen one like that in a while!

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  2. This week we’ve been on the same page—well, different physical pages, actually—in having cirrus clouds embellish a scene.

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  3. Jet Eliot says:

    woo-hoo! What a sky you give to us, Steve, thank you. You’re right, the mountain doesn’t look that big here, but the sky is truly magnificent, and the colors and serenity of this photo are delightful. Sending a smile your way….

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  4. Beautiful image Steve! Love the clouds & the trees!

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  5. Peter Klopp says:

    The clouds lend depth and beauty to this amazing fall picture.

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  6. Tina says:

    Lovely capture, Steve! It’s a cheery shot!

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  7. rolson6291 says:

    Dear Sir:

    I appreciate your daily blog. Great images.

    What equipment are you working with to capture the great images? Just curious.


    Rob Olson Kennebunk Maine

    Sent from my iPhone


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  8. Eliza Waters says:

    Being up in the hills, we never get the vistas one sees in the valley. Nice shot!

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  9. shoreacres says:

    I do enjoy that sort of cloud, and we rarely get to see them. I do come across them in the hill country, though; I can’t help wondering if the mountains don’t play a role in directing the wind currents. No matter: they’re just beautiful. They look like quill pens — it’s another form of sky writing.

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    • The mountains definitely affect our weather and I would think the cloud formations as well. Quite often as we watch the radar approach of storms, both rain and snow, they veer either to the south or divide, part going south and the other passing us by to the north causing prolonged drought. This year was different for some reason and we’ve received more rain than usual.
      The best form of skywriting, I think.


  10. I’m jealous! This is dream sky!

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  11. Awesome cloudscape, Steve. As somebody has mentioned … that is a dream sky 🙂

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