05.07.2021 White Trillium

From the backyard wild spot-Trillium grandiflorum

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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24 Responses to 05.07.2021 White Trillium

  1. How handy to have these in your back yard.

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  2. Peter Klopp says:

    A superb composition, Steve! I like the contrast that the dark background provides for the white trillium.

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  3. Jane Lurie says:

    Beautifully shot, Steve. Love the composition and colors. Gorgeous.

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  4. That’s a gorgeous flower and beautifully captured.

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  5. Beautiful. The translucency of the petals, especially, makes this a lingering image.

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  6. Eliza Waters says:

    A gossamer beauty!

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  7. bluebrightly says:

    Remind me, please – the wild spot features wild Trillium or did Marybeth plant some? I seem to remember you had some planted but no, maybe that was something else, something in a barrel….at any rate, that is one happy-looking flower!

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    • All my doing, Lynn. Mary Beth has her hands full with the vegetable and flower gardens so the woods are all mine. I did plant this one, purchased from a garden shop owned by the New England Wildflower Society, and others are being added. The barrel holds some Fringed and Closed Gentians which I hope flower this year…they are biennials and self-seed. More will be added to that.

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      • bluebrightly says:

        I like the way you divvy up the outdoor chores. Yes, the gentians! They will come later, let’s hope! I have some things in pots, a few from the local Washington Native Plant Society…Twisted Stalk (like Solomon’s seal), another similar plant, and a native Lonicera (honeysuckle). They’re coming up vigorously in pots but the one or two I put in a wooded area were devoured by slugs. Oh well.

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      • If I lose plants in the woods around here it is rabbits that are the culprits…occasionally a deer nibbles a bit too. We don’t really have slug problems.

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  8. shoreacres says:

    Is this an older bloom? It looks as though there’s a bit of fading already. The faint brown spots on the petals look like our magnolia blossoms when heat or excessive rain begins to affect them. It certainly isn’t unattractive; what my eye sees as a less-vibrant white goes nicely with the darker throat.

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  9. BookWorm says:

    I am a fourteen-year-old boy from India, and I am quite regular on your blog. Your photography leaves me spellbound and your words make me smile! I am a book reviewer and an animal activist. I too have a blog on WordPress, do visit me and tell me what you think about it!
    Here is the link: https://bookworm727642419.wordpress.com
    Warm Regards,

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  10. Very Nice Steve!


  11. Todd Henson says:

    Beautiful, and so great you don’t need to walk that far to photograph it. I’ve been keeping my eyes open as I hike the local woods for any of the flowers you post. I don’t know that I’ve found any trillium yet, but did stumble upon a number of lady’s slippers today. I was pretty excited, even if the locations made pleasing photographs a challenge. 🙂

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    • Yeah, it is handy. 🙂 If all my subjects were in the yard I’d not get much exercise. I am envious that you are seeing lady’s slippers. Ours are still a few weeks away. But you can count on seeing them here. I hope you will share those that you are seeing.

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