11.11.2020 The Ride to Work

I’ve started an album on Facebook with this title.  Drive by could be another but I think, unfortunately, there is a first impression of that phrase that is less desirable.

These are iPhone shots that I stop for as I make my way to the day job and often breaking away to arrive on time is a challenge.

The problem I sometimes have with these is that, since the idea is that I am on my way to work, I post them from the phone.  But when I get home later and bring the files into LR and then PS the color profile is awful and trying to do the tweaks to match the Snapseed appearance is challenging.  I’ve come close with the first and not quite as close with the second and if not compared with the Facebook posts then they look just fine.  The light in the second isn’t quite as pleasing here but if I didn’t say anything….  🙂

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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27 Responses to 11.11.2020 The Ride to Work

  1. You’re most likely right that if you hadn’t said anything about the color profile, people wouldn’t have thought anything was amiss. Both shots look good to me. If only everyone had such a scenic drive to work.

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    • I learned a long time ago that most often it is best not to point out the flaws in one’s work. And mostly I don’t but was hoping that someone might have something to suggest. Believe me, I have shared “flawed” images in the past.
      Sometimes it is easy to take where we live for granted. I have driven by these scenes thousands of times, literally, in the 40+ years of working where I do. I am lucky to have a somewhat flexible schedule so dam able to take advantage of what I see.


  2. shoreacres says:

    I must say — your drive to work is a lot more appealing than mine. I suppose some might find ways to make Target, Home Depot, the line of cars at the grade school, and highway and bridge construction appealing, but it’s not going to be me.

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    • Not me either. I have driven by our Trader Joes just as the sky is lighting up and considered stopping but in all honesty my heart wouldn’t be in it. So I don’t. I am fortunate to have these scenes to enjoy rather than a busy highway lined with big boxes.


  3. Littlesundog says:

    What a gift to have the vision to see and capture the rising of the sun in sacred morning stillness. Not everyone chooses to see what you do. I remember the time I took a friend out for an early morning buggy ride through the pecan orchard in late summer, to experience the quiet and beauty. All she could remark on was the snarl of weeds and vine, downed trees, and all of the work it would take to make it “look like something”. She was totally unimpressed with the place I find interest and beauty at every turn, especially when everything is just waking up. Bravo to you for finding the sweet moments of morning!

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    • Thank you, Lori. I am amazed when I hear someone say what your friend said. My neighbor keeps his lawn like a fairway, all green, trimmed, and devoid of anything that isn’t a blade of grass. I see no beauty in that. We do have lawn and it does get mowed, but I go around the “weeds’ and enjoy their flowers as much as those we plant in our gardens.
      I’ve told this story before …One day while making this photograph a couple stopped their car next to me and asked what I was photographing. I pointed in the direction of the rock and flowers and their faces just dropped in disappointment. Of course maybe you would have wanted the same thing they did, a deer, but I think you enjoy scenes like that just as much as I do. 🙂

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      • Littlesundog says:

        I do enjoy rocks, mushrooms, tree bark, dead trees, skeletal remains – you name it, it’s interesting. Tukker the deer continues to graze on our “weeds” all through the winter. It’s so beneficial to let nature do her thing. I’m not fond of all of groomed yards. 🤨

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      • We keep our yard neat but really don’t care what is growing in it, that is, we welcome weeds and sometimes they are attractive additions. Gardens are much nicer in the yard than lawn. The world is filled with wonder, as you express, and why many don’t see that is disappointing.


      • We were driving around this afternoon and passed an undeveloped property in an industrial area where I remembered photographing wildflowers years ago. Today the whole thing had been mowed practically to the ground and looked dead.

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      • In the more rural areas around here it isn’t unusual to see overgrown lots. In cities those same lots would be filled with trash and other discarded items so if they were to be mowed they might be less of an eyesore possibly. We are overrun by “builders”. After a carpenter works for a contractor for a while he or she decides to start their own business. Same with landscapers. And, of course, we humans keep procreating ourselves into needy home buyers.


  4. Very nice Steve! I use my iPhone a lot especially when we are just taking a walk. Or if I have a long lens on my main camera and want a wider shot of something I think is interesting. I usually open my iPhone images in Adobe Camera Raw and can get much more out of the files. Also have had good luck opening in Camera Raw as a much larger image for some and make quite large prints. Takes a few tries to get settings that work well. Also I guess I am getting lazy in my old age and do not want to carry 2 cameras anymore!

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    • If I don’t process in Snapseed on the phone then my experience is the same, Reed, although in Lightroom rather than ACR. But the idea is to share the images as I make my way to work so I don’t wait to get home in the afternoon. Snapseed is great and I like the images I make through it. But the problem is that the iPhone profile doesn’t work well in my setup and matching it in ProPhoto takes a lot of pixel wrangling. I can usually come close as I did here but I can see a subtle difference. I guess I wouldn’t have anything to complain about if I had LR and PSCC on my phone. 🙂


  5. I pull over on the side of the road to take pictures often myself 😊 Nice

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  6. Eliza Waters says:

    I find them both quite pleasing!

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  7. Atmospheric shots, I can see how you might end up being late for work!

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  8. krikitarts says:

    Isn’t it just so cool what we are able to do with our phones now? Mine is still just a Galaxy 8, but I’m frequently very, very pleasantly surprised at its capabilities. Your first image is very Adamsian but in a pastel, colorful way. Have you tried increasing the saturation in the second?

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    • I did boost the saturation but deleted the layer after deciding it changed the mood too much. Thanks for the suggestion though. I wouldn’t have thought of it, but your Adams comment has me wondering how this would work in black and white.

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  9. These are just gorgeous photographs, Steve. Beautifully composed. With scenery like this, it’s a wonder you get to work at all.

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  10. bluebrightly says:

    It’s frustrating the way color looks so different in different devices and platforms and everything else, but I really, really like your project and I hope those color annoyances don’t get in the way of continuing it. I love the first photo – just beautiful, and when I imagine seeing it on the way to work, it puts me there.

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    • Thanks, Lynn! I will look into the possibility of calibrating the phone to my other devices but am not sure if that is possible. It won’t stop me although the conditions the last few days have. Both were just a few dozen yards apart but shot in different directions as you might guess. And afterward I stopped at the bakery for some forbidden treats. 🙂

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      • bluebrightly says:

        Treats, treats!! 🙂 We’re getting a bit of wild weather here, too – high winds meant 8 hrs without power last week and the wind was forecast to be even stronger yesterday. We geared ourselves up for another power outage, which didn’t happen. But a tree came down right next to, but missing the house and just short of a car in the driveway. Yeesh. Missed the bullet(s).

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