08.10.2020-2 Monochrome Monday

The Holyoke Mountain Range seen from the Honeypot by the Connecticut River in Hadley, MA. at morning twilight.



About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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22 Responses to 08.10.2020-2 Monochrome Monday

  1. A beautiful, atmospheric vista. Very nicely done, Steve.

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  2. Mike Powell says:

    Moody, morning mountains–I love the mood of the moment, Steve.

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    • I find early morning, especially a few moments before even twilight begins, to be a moment of calmness that sometimes sets the tone for the day. I am glad that you caught the feeling. Thanks, Mike.


      • Mike Powell says:

        Thanks, Steve. I have gotten a little lazy with the somewhat greater confinement caused by the pandemic, so I haven’t seen a sunrise in a while. I may need to go back to my older habits of getting up a bit earlier.

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  3. Nice Steve! Very interesting image! The more you look at it, the more I like it!!


  4. Now that’s a change for you; you generally don’t go for such somber scenes. It works here.

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  5. Jane Lurie says:

    Beauty, Steve. Love the stillness.

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  6. Todd Henson says:

    Very nice! This one works really well.

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  7. krikitarts says:

    This makes my canoe urges come out. Actually, we’ve been talking about taking our canoe (which we brought with us in the container) out for its second paddle this weekend, this time in one of the nearby bays. I hope to be able to report on how that goes. It’s pretty exciting.

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  8. krikitarts says:

    It’s the Covid rearing its head again. Four new cases in a household yesterday. Sigh.


    • At least it is all in one household and hopefully discovered in time before any spread. NZ has still done amazingly well. Sadly it only takes one careless individual to multiply the disease.


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