07.01.2020 Waterfall Wednesday

Here’s a memory from 10 years ago, almost to the day, when I made a trip to Northern Maine and, among other things, visited this spot where many previous had made nice images. Getting there is half the fun, requiring one to wade across the West Branch of the Pleasant River and then about a one mile hike along parts of the Appalachian Trail. It’s one of my favorite waterfall adventures.

Screw Auger Falls (there is another of the same name elsewhere in Grafton, Maine)              Gulf Hagas, Brownville, Maine

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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19 Responses to 07.01.2020 Waterfall Wednesday

  1. Todd Henson says:

    I love it when great memories and great photos go together. Beautiful photo!

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  2. shoreacres says:

    That looks quite refreshing. About 2:00 this afternoon, I would have been happy to be standing beneath it; our summer Heat has arrived, and it brought its friend, Humidity, with it.

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    • As they say, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity and sometimes it is both. We don’t often experience Texas heat but lately the humidity has been a rival.This is well known for just the scenario you wish for, lots of folks get in that pool during the summer.


  3. Tried to cross once and the water was too high. Ellen is a local.

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    • It was pretty iffy the day I did it. Almost waist high with a good current. I was determined so did it but was a bit younger and more fit as well as better balanced back then. It’s doubtful I’d do it now.

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  4. Ah, memories! Nice capture of this remote spot, Steve. Worth the trek to get this.

    I started out in Milo but spent most of my growing up years in Brownville. My memories of being at Gulf Hagas are all in family photos with us three kids under 7, which may explain why we never went again.

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    • Thanks, Ellen. It was worth the soaking, coming and going, and I am glad that I did it. I guess there is another way to approach it, longer I think, but I chose the wading path. I would have enjoyed growing up there and having the entirety of Gulf Hagas with its many waterfalls and the brook to explore. I didn’t actually go into Brownsville so don’t know what the town is like now.

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      • Yes you would have, and many more great outdoor spots which I now realize are really special. Brownville, and that whole region, is a shadow of it’s former self population and economy wise.

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      • I am not at all surprised that it has changed and there are economic woes associated with that. I have friends in Millinocket and that area became quite depressed by the loss of paper mills. It has since become host to the Katahdin Woods and Waters (KWW) National Monument but that happened with a lot of resistance by folks who thought the mills would return and they would all get their jobs back. As well, the land had been bought by Roxanne Quimby who, along with Burt Shavitz, started Burt’s Bees products. When she sold her interest in the company (the story of which was also a source of negativity toward her) she took some of that money and bought a large tract of land in Maine. She then closed it to hunting and snowmobiling which angered the locals. When the land was offered by her as a national park those who hated her as well as who thought paper mills were still the future fought the proposition. It eventually was given monument status by the Obama administration and has done what was expected…revitalized the area with tourist dollars and opened other land for hunting along with the protection of the land.
        I was hoping to visit the area this past June but extenuating circumstances prohibited that. Maybe next year.


  5. Eliza Waters says:

    And a lovely memory it is indeed!


  6. Where’s the screw auger?


    • I am not sure exactly but think it has to do with the balanced rock and how is has caused the water to carve the top. I would guess that at times of higher water the flow goes over and around creating the hollow you see.


  7. Essence of waterfall.

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