06.29.2020 Dawn Mood

I wasn’t sure what to expect yesterday morning but there was a lot of dense fog in the early hours and I hoped for something more subtle than most of the sunrises I photograph at the South Maple Street location.

The fog did eventually burn off but not for quite a while.  As I opened my hatch to load back up I decided to do one more image with the feeling of the morning.

Later in the day we got a nice series of showers which we dearly needed.  There might be more on the way for today. 🤞


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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29 Responses to 06.29.2020 Dawn Mood

  1. Beautifully moody, Steve. I really like both images, but I particularly like the portrait and the dirt road guiding you into the mystical landscape.

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  2. Definitely different from your traditional dawn fare; moody, as Pete said.

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  3. Ditto on Peter Hillman’s comments.

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  4. I’ll be the contrarian here and say moodily beautiful.

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  5. Nice Steve! Really like the “mood” of the 2nd one!

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  6. Eliza Waters says:

    Nice, soft colors, Steve. The clouds have definitely been ‘moody’ lately!
    Today’s storms were pretty wild!

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    • Thanks!
      And today’s as well, Eliza. As I went in to work in So. Hadley this morning there were trees down all over the place. Some close calls for some houses.This afternoon saw some strong thunder showers and close by lightning strikes.No idea if there were any direct strikes/damage locally.


  7. Norther says:

    I love the colors here. Very moody.

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  8. krikitarts says:

    It’s often well worth taking the time for that one more image. It certainly was for you with this one. The second image is so inviting, I want to step right up and in, and see what’s waiting beyond.

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    • I just mentioned to Todd that I had intended the second image at the beginning then got so wrapped up with the first that I almost forgot about the second. I can tell you what is waiting beyond…another field, some woods, and then my neighborhood. 🙂

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  9. Ann Mackay says:

    I’m glad that you paused to take that second image – it really draws me in. Fabulous colours and mood that give really different images!

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  10. These are both lovely, Steve. I especially like the band of light in the top image.

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  11. Todd Henson says:

    I really like that second photo. Such a great atmospheric shot. And the road leading towards the two background trees behind the ground fog is a nice touch.

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    • I have a tendency to zone in on what I am doing and zone out on everything else. When I parked my car I intended to include the road but decided to isolate the tree in the field first. Then I forgot all about the road until I popped the hatch.
      The other funny thing when I popped the hatch was what I had not seen in the dark. I parked at the edge of the hay field and didn’t see whatever the metal dragging implement was but it sure might done some serious damage to my tires had I run over it. Phew…big sigh of relief as I pulled away.


  12. shoreacres says:

    I like the second image. The mottled sky is a perfect accompaniment to the land, and as a whole, the scene has a working-rural feel to it that’s especially pleasing.

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    • It is working rural. In the dark I didn’t see the piece of metal dragging equipment lying in the tall grass that would have flattened my tires had I driven over it. Sharp and rusty and only a few inches from my passenger side wheels. It had just been hayed and the second growth has started. Fodder for the milk cows.


  13. bluebrightly says:

    The sky is about as subdued as you can get, and just beautifully rendered. Sweet!

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