04.08.2020 Buffam Brook Cascade w/video

Yesterday morning, after watching the moonset, I drove over to Pelham for a favorite little waterfall that I have shared here before.  The water was running quite well with all the rain we’ve had recently. I climbed down to water level, waded across, and focused on one particular cascade.

I really like all the directions the rocks create for the water to follow.  A whitewater nightmare, I think. All those little barrels full of Tolkien dwarfs Gary mentioned the other day would be a very unhappy bunch.  🙂

A note about seeing this at its largest.  If you click the image you will go to a new page and at the bottom right is a box you can click to see the image alone on the screen.

To get an idea of the sound of these falls as well as how it was to be there, I made a video with the iPhone which I posted on YouTube.  I’ve asked how to upload a video to WP when talking with a Happiness Engineer the other day and YT appears to be the only way. If you’d like to see the video larger just click where it says YouTube.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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27 Responses to 04.08.2020 Buffam Brook Cascade w/video

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Love this image with all of the crisscrossing pathways of the water, Steve. The video and especially the audio part of it was a really nice bonus. There is something so soothing about the sound of flowing water in a brook or a stream.

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  2. Beautiful details and movement, Steve.

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  3. The fact that the water is going every which way adds to the attraction. All the water together looked to me like a kind of scaffolding.

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  4. Very Nice Steve! Bray image! Love the “Flow” of the water!

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  5. Beautiful composition and control of time and space — shutter speed and DOF. It draws me into the picture. Almost literally.

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  6. Nice cascade close-up! Love the sound of falling water … it’s the same on my meditation app!

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    • When I was recovering from the wnv a while back I listened to water as relaxation to help me fall asleep. It did a little but the lorazepam helped even more. 🙂 I really enjoy the time next to moving water whether a crashing cascade or a gurgling brook.


  7. Eliza Waters says:

    Flowing water is so soothing – nice takes, Steve!

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  8. Ms. Liz says:

    Lovely to hear the water as well as see it 🙂

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  9. krikitarts says:

    That would indeed be a wild ride–one would have to be padded and protected in in a closed & sealed sphere. Not likely to come to fruition, I’m afraid.

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  10. shoreacres says:

    Lovely photo and video. I enjoy the sound of live water, although we’re a little short on streams around here. The ocean does nicely, but with most beaches closed now, that enjoyment’s less accessible.

    By the way — YouTube isn’t the only way to upload videos. Behold: a page from WordPress itself outlining the various ways you can do it. You’re on Facebook, so that could be an option, too, especially if it’s easy to get an iphone video to Facebook.

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    • Are you allowed to sit on the dock of the bay?

      I shared this on here hoping others might see it too. It’s a great series if you aren’t aware of it with musicians all over the world participating in the spread of happiness. I may do another as a post.

      I’ll check that out, thanks. Funny that a Happiness Engineer couldn’t tell me about what you found with a simple WordPress search. I did post that video on Facebook before here but figured you and others don’t do Facebook so didn’t try to link it.

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      • shoreacres says:

        I consult that WP video page from time to time, because I’m always forgetting the new shortcode for adding videos. Maybe the Happiness Engineers are only responsible for engineering happiness, and don’t do technical support.

        There’s such a patchwork of regulations just now, it’s almost impossible to know without research what’s allowed and what isn’t. I’ve been enjoying the back-and-forth between the city of Galveston and the incorporated village called Jamaica Beach. Galveston-the-City takes up the entirety of Galveston island except for Jamaica Beach. Galveston closed all the beaches, Jamaica Beach didn’t. Let the sniping begin.

        That’s a great tune from an excellent series. My favorite tune for chasing away the Pandemic Blues just now is this one from Winwood. Roll with it, indeed.

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      • Yes, this thing is not exactly bringing the best out of some people.

        I do like that song (am trying to follow the advice) and most everything he’s done…such as this.

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  11. bluebrightly says:

    True, that water is really going every which way and tiny dwarf rafters would be calling for help. The video is really fun to see – I got excited when I found the spot where you took the photo in the video.

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    • You spotted the little intimate composition. I’ve shot this spot many times so wanted to concentrate on the special part that I enjoyed. Glad you did too. Those rafter would have felt that they were playing a part in “Tommy”. 🙂

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