02.26.2020 And now for something completely different….

Not really different for those of you who know that I am up early chasing sunrises and dawn light.  But lately the majority of posts have been icy close up abstracts.  Before going to the skunk cabbage seep, I stopped at Enfield Lookout for a view of Mount Monadnock and liked the soft color of the distant haze and the view through that of the snow capped mountain.

We’ve now entered second stick season.  Most of the snow is gone, the bare trees dominate the landscape, and plants have yet, for the most part, begun rising from the ground and  producing their leaves.  But it won’t be long and it’s still early enough for some snow which during these warmer months can often be heavy albeit short-lasting.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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21 Responses to 02.26.2020 And now for something completely different….

  1. Very Nice Steve! Really like the layers of the landscape going into the background!

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  2. shoreacres says:

    “Second stick season” made me laugh. You may have used the phrase before, but I don’t remember it. Nevertheless, I knew immediately what you meant. I like the rust-colored landscape, especially combined with the steel blue water and receding hills.

    Places north of me are due for more freezing temperatures this week, so full spring’s not here yet. I had to go out and tie up my wind chimes last night. We had quite a front roll through, and what’s musical in 20 mph winds is pure annoyance in 30 or 35 mph.

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    • I think it’s the first time. I have used just plain stick season before. Winter gives us a little more interest in the landscape but without all that snow it’s a little more challenging. Of course, a little fog is a welcome sight.
      The sun really helped with the color on the hillsides. It wasn’t terribly strong light but effective.
      We have some wonderful tubular chimes that are delightful in a gentle breeze. Not bad in a wind but, as you say, annoyance in a gale.

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  3. When I searched for your exact phrase “skunk cabbage seep” I didn’t expect to get any hits but in fact I got 131 of them.

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    • I just said that based on where I was but I am not surprised it’s a common phrase. That seems one of a few types of wetlands one might expect to find skunk cabbage.


      • By the way, have you ever come across a picture of a skunk and skunk cabbage together?

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      • No. I rarely come across skunks at all. The only time that comes to mind was a rescue. As I was driving home from some photography I came across a skunk in our neighborhood running around with a Yoplait container stuck on its head. I did what any animal lover would do. I grabbed the container from the skunk’s front end and started running. I doubted the skunk would say thanks..at least not in a pleasant way.


  4. Beautiful, Steve. I really like the different layers and depth in the landscape.

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  5. The layers and the color palette are perfect. And I, too, got “second stick season” immediately. Great expression.

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  6. Todd Henson says:

    I like the layers in this one, Steve. It’s always fun watching as the season changes. I’ve been noticing larger groups of robins hopping around the grass fields. And buds are becoming more visible on a number of trees, giving some a reddish cast over top of their brown bark.

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    • Thanks, Todd. Our buds aren’t showing much color yet, but I have seen a few of the returning spring birds…grackles and redwings. A few robins also, but we generally have an over-wintering population of them as well as Canada Geese.


  7. bluebrightly says:

    A beautiful shot, Steve. Second stick season? Interesting. I’m sorry Warren did so badly at home, BTW, but anyone is better than what we have now. Sigh.
    Sorry to bombard you with comments, too. Been down with stomach stuff, nothing too serious ultimately, but it’s floored me for now. Hope your week is going well.

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    • Bummer about the stomach thing…flu? Not to worry about all the comments. I appreciate getting them whether a bit at a time or all at once. I just hope that bug is gone and all is well for you.
      I was surprised by her showing here. I guess that says a lot about her possibilities. We certainly need a change whomever gets the nomination. Then there will be more to worry about until things get sorted out. It’s a fine mess we got ourselves into.

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