01.17.2020-2 A little something extra. :)

Speaking of doing something a little different…  🙂



About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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21 Responses to 01.17.2020-2 A little something extra. :)

  1. Ms. Liz says:

    Oh wow, that is super special!

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  2. Delicately beautiful. Beautifully delicate.

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  3. Very nice! I think still-life photography is more difficult than people who haven’t tried it think!

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Such clarity – nice vase!

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  5. shoreacres says:

    I spent a few years photographing dinnerware and art china for listings on eBay, and believe me — I know how hard it is to control the reflections or light a piece evenly. I did well enough, not knowing about any of the techniques that real photographers use, but it was a chore. This is especially nice because of the porcelain-like appearance of the flower, and the way the white edging on its petals suggests the gold trim on the vase.

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    • I was having a lot of trouble with shadows in front of the vase from the above and back lighting. Finally the flashlight I take out when Bentley wants to do his thing after dark. It’s 700 lumens bright so with a few tries at different angles I finally eliminated most of that shadow. I decided that I liked the slight shadow of the flower at the top of the vase not that I could have done anything about it without a more elaborate setup. For now, and maybe forever, my portable studio on top of my framing bench will do.
      Were you selling of the family heirlooms? I tried selling some silver we inherited but it turned out to not have much value so just gave it away.

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      • shoreacres says:

        No, I had started collecting china, and then I collected more. I started with Homer Laughlin, then expanded to some other Ohio Valley potters. Eventually, I realized the china was taking over the house, and that I needed to clear some out — making money to buy more in the process. That’s when I started to sell.

        Since the market for my goods was primarily other collectors, it was easy and profitable. I stopped online selling after shipping costs went up so much, and eBay changed so many of their rules. It was fun in the beginning, with plenty of opportunities to buy cheap and sell high.

        What I have left now is almost all chamber pieces and art china, c. late 1800s to about 1920. At least I don’t have dinnerware sets under the bed any more.

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      • Ha! My quick first read read “chamber pots”.
        When I first started looking at eBay I got enamored with Staffordshire Blue china. Of course, all I could afford for the most part was reproduction but most of those were not recently done. We have a few pieces in a cabinet but they never get used. I don’t think they will amount to much if I ever tried to sell them.
        After my mother passed away my father decided to get rid of almost everything that reminded him of her and one thing was a set of Syracuse China that his sister had put together for my mother after they got married. I still have it in boxes in our basement aside from a few cups and saucers in the same cabinet that I just mentioned…with one cup broken. I think I sold one or two things on eBay but can’t remember what they were. OTOH I have bought a few things like my current camera bag which at the time was no longer available and I wanted to replace my old one with the same model. If I ever decide to sell part of my book collection I am not sure if I would do it there or on Amazon.

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  6. Lemony says:

    Nice clarity and color.

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  7. bluebrightly says:

    Sweet! Gorgeous reflection on the vase, beautiful colors and light – and the white background complements it all perfectly.

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