12.06.2019 Freezing Fog Friday

Snow smoke! Folks who live near large bodies of water will often see sea smoke which is more or less the same thing.

Yesterday morning was pretty chilly.  After a snowfall that lasted from Sunday evening until Tuesday morning with some flurries off and on into Wednesday Thursday brought cold temperatures which, when floating above warmer snow (I know, seems an oxymoron), caused fog to form consisting of minute ice crystals floating in the air.  Much of my drive to work from Amherst to South Hadley was filled with fog. Where was a quick stop to catch a shot of what I was seeing?  Why a golf course, of course.

The fog lasted for an hour or more and I would have liked to go A.W.O.L. but I’m a responsible kind of guy.  🙂

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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25 Responses to 12.06.2019 Freezing Fog Friday

  1. Mike Powell says:

    I love the softness of that solitary tree shrouded in fog. Nice catch, Steve. It’s tough begin responsible, isn’t it? You needed to call in a claim you were delayed by the weather, which is true, albeit not the whole story. 🙂

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  2. You’re fortunate in getting to enjoy that kind of fog. Too bad you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) play hooky.

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    • It’s a case of wouldn’t. I had no appointments but had to go in just the same. It’s a habit built over 40+ years. When it comes to retirement time I may still find myself wandering in.

      Yes, we don’t see it that often in quite this way. Ground fog is not uncommon and there are occasional sweeps of frozen fog.


  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Love the mystery in this shot, Steve. I’m enjoying the dormant trees a lot this year. Their structure is so appealing.

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  4. Melissa Hall says:

    Stunning steve!! I wanted to capture a shot of this fog the other day but didn’t have the time. This is miraculous!

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  5. Ann Mackay says:

    Love the mysterious feel of this image. It must have been really cold! 🙂

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  6. melissabluefineart says:

    I was all set to say, “stunning stunning stunning” but I see another Melissa more or less beat me to it. I’ve enjoyed mornings just like this and, like you, screeched to a halt at a golf course to savor it.

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  7. eremophila says:

    A great example of when less is more, so much more! Love it!

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    • Thank you, eremophila. Less is often more…it’s all in the details which are often much more complex than the larger picture. If I may ask, how did you pick the Figwort family for your namesake? Is there something that you relate to personally?

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      • eremophila says:

        It’s an interesting question Steve. There’s a few aspects to it. Firstly, Eremophila’s can be desert loving, and that I am. E. nivea is a beautiful coloured flower and I love it’s silvery foliage. It comes from Western Australia, and while I was born in South Australia, my parents came from that region. Looking at the Figwort part of it, I LOVE figs! So it’s just one of those things that seemed to fit. At the time I began using it, I wasn’t aware of all of these elements,
        So I guess I was just lucky, or being guided without my full understanding 🙂

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      • Thanks for your answer, which is also interesting. We have figs in common then as I love them too…and dates. Your fate is obviously fig-related. 🙂


  8. shoreacres says:

    What a beautiful image. We’ve not had any sea smoke yet this year, but I have my fingers crossed. Of course, when the sea smoke arrives my fingers will be just as cold as yours, but I’d love the opportunity to try and capture it.

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    • Thanks, Linda.
      I hope you get some sea smoke soon…and maybe even often We had some frozen fog again today although I did not get to shoot much of it…at least not the airborne stuff but there was hoar frost of the dried plants.
      For cold weather I wear glove liners and then have the small heating pads in the palm of my warmer outer gloves. Might look funny top- other Texans but toasty fingers are no laughing matter.


  9. bluebrightly says:

    Oh, I love what you do with Freezing Fog Friday, let there be more!

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