08.04.2019 With apologies

Just a note to say I am embarrassed to have not known about your posts until today.  I generally don’t use the reader for a few reasons…one being the number of clicks required to view a post and comment…so have relied on the email notifications of your posts. For some reason I am no longer receiving the emails and have asked on the WP forum why that could be.  In the future I will try to keep up by using the reader.  I thought it odd that no one was posting but it is summer and people take breaks.

I just caught a couple of recents and will try to catch up as best I can. A lot has happened in the interim.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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22 Responses to 08.04.2019 With apologies

  1. Robert Smith says:

    Hello Stephen
    I just received this. It appears to be an apology to me. None needed. You have not been on my E-mail list, but may have been getting my posts forwarded from elsewhere. If you would like to receive daily posts directly, please respond to this and let me know. I will add you. I get your posts, and enjoy them very much. I envy you your location. There’s plenty to capture my eye here in the midlands, but it’s not quite like New England. I’ve attached the most recent post.



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    • Hi, Robert. I haven’t received emails from you. It was a general apology to all whose blogs I follow. I just took a quick look at all your flowers but, maybe my oversight, but did not see a follow option. If you added me then thanks, I’ll look forward to seeing your posts.
      I’ve never been to the Midwest so always appreciate seeing what others find there.


  2. Jane Lurie says:

    What a gorgeous flower close-up, Steve.
    Recently, I noticed a dearth of WP emails and looked in my Junk Mail and there they were. All my new follower notifications and WP emails. Once I dragged them out into my mail, they seemed to be recognized correctly. Don’t know why that suddenly happened – perhaps I inadvertently tagged one as junk? Who knows. I do use the Reader but it’s a challenge to keep up! 🙂

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    • Hi, Jane. Thanks. Although a lovely flower, related to morning glories, it is also a pest, native though it is. Recently they started to establish themselves in our milkweeds which does not help the monarchs. This one was in the Quabbin watershed while I was hiking there.
      It turns out, thanks to Linda’s help, that somehow a box had been checked to stop notification emails. I don’t know how that happened but it wasn’t a choice I made. I haven’t checked my spam folder on WP but should take a look at it. In the past it was just full of scam and spams but maybe someone I care about might be in there. Glad you got yours straightened out.

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      • Jane Lurie says:

        Glad you figured it out.
        I meant junk on email not on WP. However, occasionally there is a valid comment in the spam folder on WP. Mostly, though, that is strange spam. 😉

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      • Oh yeah…junk mail. My inbox gets a fair share too. I guess it works with some folks, just like those stupid telephone scams, or they wouldn’t do it. Just a big nuisance.
        I have had a couple of wanted comments somehow get in the spam folder but generally it’s all the weird stuff you mention.

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  3. bluebrightly says:

    I understand , and I wish I had that excuse, but I follow way too many blogs and am always totally behind. I don’t use the reader either, and never had that happen to me. Strange. But you will catch up! The subtle textures and color on this morning glory are, well, glorious!

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    • That happens to me sometimes also, Lynn. I don’t think I follow as many as you but it easy to fall behind generally. I’ve just been using the reader to like comments on blogs where the option isn’t available. Guess I’ll use it a bit more. But it seems that I have fixed the problem. Time will tell.

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  4. This is similar to the purple bindweed that’s native in central Texas.
    I’ve occasionally had subscribers report that they stopped getting e-mails but I’ve never figured out what to do about it except suggest they resubscribe.

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    • Somehow a box got checked in the control of my notification settings. I asked in the WP forums but haven’t heard back. But thanks to Linda’s connection to help from WP she got the answer. I just unchecked the box but it’s too early, in both hours and passage of time, to tell yet if things are back to normal.


  5. shoreacres says:

    I got an answer back from WP. As soon as I figure out how to tell you to get to the page where you can adjust the setting that may be the cause of all this, I’ll send an email. Like Steve, I found myself thinking of our purple bindweed — I wondered if you had chosen it because WP had you in a bind!

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    • Ha! I just wanted to share something that expressed my appreciation of everyone who follows the blog and whose blogs I had not been able to comment on. With that seemingly solved, thanks to your aid, I should be keeping up again. If I had thought of that it would probably have occurred to me after I posted. That’s usually how it works.
      Thanks for the email. First thing I did this morning. I have no idea how the box got checked but it wasn’t anything I consciously did.

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  6. Beautiful. This is why I use the reader. Email is too often wonky, to use a technical term.

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    • Thanks, Michael.
      I’ve been on WP for seven or so years and this was the first bump in the road. Fortunately it is now solved. I do use the reader for liking comments where the option is not there on the original post. Not sure why certain blogs have like buttons and others don’t. Guess it’s one of WP’s idiosyncrasies.

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  7. I’ve gotten your notices in email and have never used the reader simply because I detest the reader. I’ve not commented because my computer had problems and I used my cell phone to keep up with your posts on FB.

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