07.16.2019 South Maple Street Sunrise

There are folks who can wax poetic about the sunrise.  The beginning of a new day filled with possibilities greets us. Even the rainy days have much to offer but a start like this really promises so much. Poetry is not one of my abilities but I hope the image brings verse to mind.

Of course, a click will get you a much larger image to view.

This was a beginning of an enjoyable and fruitful day.  Afterwards I found a lovely flower and some rock abstracts which will appear here as the week progresses.

The annual wood pile attack is under way and yesterday saw a lot of progress.  We receive our wood already cut and split, but like to have more small pieces that make for hotter fires so I employ the splitter throughout the summer.  The small engine mechanic got me thinking about starting in February when I won’t work up the same sweat.  But we are thinking about converting to solar and heating with one of the new split systems.  Either way my summer labors may be coming to an end.  🙂


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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16 Responses to 07.16.2019 South Maple Street Sunrise

  1. The shallowly diagonal clouds complement the overall horizontal sweep of your landscape. A good beginning to the day, indeed.

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    • From my yard which is a neighborhood filled and surrounded by trees, I am not complaining mind you, there wasn’t much to see in the sky until I got on the road to Hadley and looked over my shoulder…okay to do at 4:45 am when no one else is on the road…and saw the horse tails forming. I was pretty excited and, although they didn’t quite light up as I had hoped, there was still enough magenta in them to be drawn out in post-processing.Fortunately the thickest clouds were more to the south and the sun’s approach got through.


  2. shoreacres says:

    Unfortunately, the enlarged version I see isn’t much larger, since I’m currently confined to my iPad. I came home yesterday and discovered the lights still were on, but the internet had gone dark. Even a trip to yon internet provider’s store for a new modem didn’t help, so now I’m waiting for the Tech Guru to arrive tomorrow. It’s a sweet bit of irony, for sure, given my recent musings on coping with blackouts. At least it seems it’s possible to transfer images form a PC to an iPad using iTunes, so if this isn’t resolved quicklyl, I’ll learn yet another cyber-trick.

    Your photo is lovely, and conveys a real sense of peacefulness. It looks like there’s some ground fog reflecting the sky’s light — very pretty.

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    • Sorry to hear of your internet problems, Linda. A small part of our life that turns out to be bigger once there is a failure. I hope the resolution turns out to be simple and as a result quick as well. Ironic it is but at least the blackout is only virtual and not a warming refrigerator. Relatedly, did Houston see much of Barry’s effects?
      It was very peaceful and although a few cars did pass by as I was shooting at the edge of the hay field, they stayed on the other side of the road and didn’t even sway a blade of grass. Yes, there is ground fog that was absent on my arrival but developed as the morning progressed. By the time I finished shooting it had dissipated as the sun poked above the horizon.


      • shoreacres says:

        No, we didn’t see much from Barry at all. The northern reaches of the metro area had much more rain than we did, but I don’t think we got more than an inch, and no wind to speak of.

        Now that I have my computer back, the photo’s even more wonderful. The sky details were lost in the smaller image; this is wonderful.

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      • I am glad that you got to see this larger and enjoy it, Linda. Thanks!

        We were predicted to get torrents from Barry’s remnants but, at least locally, it didn’t happen. We got one good shower which we needed and appreciated but it didn’t inundate us as promised. Now we are looking at several days of heat and humidity but no rain. High temperatures and humid conditions often breed spot thundershowers but so far that is not being mentioned. We sure could use some extended rain.

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  3. Your panoramic crop nicely emphasizes the sweep of the colors and the reflection just below the horizon. What a way to start the day!

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  4. Ann Mackay says:

    What a wonderful start to the day!

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  5. Todd Henson says:

    Very beautiful colors in this one, Steve. I like how the mist, if that’s what it is, separates the foreground from the background. Nice work.

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    • Thanks, Todd. Mist or ground fog,.It crept in on those poetic little cat feet as I waited for the light. It definitely makes a difference and I was glad to see it.


      The fog comes
      on little cat feet.

      It sits looking
      over harbor and city
      on silent haunches
      and then moves on.

      Robert Frost


  6. Pete Hillman says:

    That is a stunning image Steve. I really like the panoramic balance and those hues and details in the sky are wonderful!

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