07.13.2019 Another North Quabbin Sunrise

Stopped on my way to look for rattlesnake plantain in North Quabbin, which I did find but the images are still waiting for processing. This was certainly a nice start to the day although the clouds overhead (second image) never really lit up as I hoped they would.

The starburst (not the iPhone)


The prelude (the iPhone}

Image may contain: sky, cloud, twilight, outdoor and nature

The iPhone shot is a cut and paste from my posting on Facebook.  I placed it second so it would not reach into the menu list. Chronological order be damned.  🙂


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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13 Responses to 07.13.2019 Another North Quabbin Sunrise

  1. You followed lacigolonorhc order.

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    • I admit it…I had to Google that. The more colloquial term would be “ass backwards”.


      • Your colloquial term is definitely punchier. You prompted me to repeat your Google search. At the beginning I got asked (without a question mark):

        “Did you mean:
        lacigreen lacey connors”

        Then the first hit was for “Anagrams of lacigolonorhc – FreeAnagramSolver.com,” which correctly gave chronological as the one and only angram of lacigolonorhc .

        The second hit was for the Facebook page entitled Reverse Chronological. Too bad someone beat me to it, ’cause I was beginning to get fond of lacigolonorhc .

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      • Now that you know it make good use of it so you won’t forget it..


  2. You captured the sun’s emergence beautifully, Steve. What a special moment that must have been for you.

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  3. shoreacres says:

    When you do post about the object of your search, I hope you’ll explain how an orchid ended up with the name ‘rattlesnake plantain.’ And whether you intended it or not, those Eagles are flying again. Funny, how neatly “It’s another North Quabbin sunrise” fits a certain tune. Even the last lines are fitting: “This old world still looks the same — another frame.”

    As for chronological order, I seem to remember someone in the dim past saying, “The last shall be first, and the first last.” You’re in good company!

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    • I did just that, Linda. You’ll see. Yeah, I know without looking what the link is…but I’ll click it anyway for the song. I guess they weren’t nature photographers because we know it’s always a little different.

      He had a way with words. I am not at all religious or spiritual, but there’s no questioning the wisdom he shared with the world. As for the company you mention, I am not worthy of washing his feet.


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