07.09.2019 Noble Prince’s-pine

Also known as Pippsissewa, Noble Prince’s-pine-Chimaphila umbellata, has a very unique flower. Native Americans had many uses, both medicinal and as food, for this curious flowering woodland plant.

One of the more recognizable uses, especially before chemical additives, was  for root beer flavoring.  It’s also used in salves and herbal tea.

The above image is a 2-shot stack for increased depth of field .  The light was direct sun and the background is my shadow.

Pipsissewa is native in most of the United States.  These were found in the Federated Women’s Clubs State Forest in Petersham, North Quabbin, MA.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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16 Responses to 07.09.2019 Noble Prince’s-pine

  1. The buds in the first photograph reminded me of shower heads.
    That’s an excellent closeup you’ve got in the second picture.

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  2. Steve and Steve. Professors both.

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  3. Todd Henson says:

    That really is an unusual looking flower, don’t believe I’ve ever seen one. Your mention of it being used to flavor root beer left me craving some, so I popped open a Virgil’s, which claims to be chemical free. Maybe there’s a little Noble Prince’s-pine in there. 🙂

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    • That would be pretty cool, and refreshingly so, if they did use a natural substances like this wildflower for flavoring. I don’t drink much soda because of the sugar content and my having diabetes, but maybe I’ll try a Virgil’s, if we have it here, sometime for the natural goodness.


      • Yup. It appears a few stores locally carry it, including Whole Foods.


      • Todd Henson says:

        I also try to limit my soda intake. Way too much sugar. But I do like to have one every so often, and Virgil’s is by far my favorite root beer. I try to keep one in the fridge for when the craving hits. They also have a special edition Bavarian nutmeg version in a larger bottle that’s also very good.

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      • I’ll definitely try one, Todd. I was that way with Smirnoff Ice but that was a while ago. Now it’s the rare half glass of wine. Saturday is shopping day for me so I’ll look for Virgil’s while at WF.


  4. bluebrightly says:

    Very cool, Steve! I used to see the leaves regularly but hardly ever saw the flowers. The photos are beautiful – they cannot have been easy to do. The last one is just stunning with that curved stem and the dance of focus and blur. Lovely!

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    • The close up was a challenge and it took three visits before I was satisfied. Eventually I decided to do a stack for sharpness without bring in the background. The last is my favorite too. 🙂


      • bluebrightly says:

        Three visits – that’s dedication, and it totally paid off. I like the idea of stacking to keep the flower in focus but leaving the stem and background soft. Focus stacking is another thing I need to learn – my camera has the software to do it with my macro lens, but I just haven’t had the time to read up on it.

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      • My camera is a bit long in the tooth so stacking is not in camera. I use Helicon Focus for putting the images together. I am disappointed that we can do HDR in Lightroom but not stacking. Its stacking function is something else entirely.

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