07.01.2019 Anomalily

I haven’t found out why, but the pond I visit most often to photograph white water-lilies has been drained.  I looked around and didn’t see where a beaver dam was removed but I would guess somewhere that is the case.  At any rate, the pond is starting to fill again and yesterday I was able to find a few of the lilies. In one spot I found three alike. I’ve not seen  one like this before.

There are both white and pink flowering plants there so I am guessing this is a natural hybrid.  I’ve shot quite a few of these over the years and all have had sepals the same color as the petals.  In posting on a native wildflower group page on Facebook, with some members being employed by the Native Plant Trust,  I haven’t seen  anyone say they have seen this before.


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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19 Responses to 07.01.2019 Anomalily

  1. Here’s to novelty. For your sake, I hope this find turns out to be something unusual for other people as well.

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    • I haven’t heard anything one way or the other from the Facebook Native Wildflower group where I posted it. Just a bunch of likes. I’d think someone would comment whether they had seen it or not. I am glad to have found it with or without validation.


  2. Ann Mackay says:

    Beautiful – lucky you! 🙂

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  3. Wow, a knockout!

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  4. Otherworldly. Mesmerizing.

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  5. Todd Henson says:

    This one is a beauty, and how great if it also happens to be unusual. It’s in such good condition, you found it at the perfect time.

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  6. shoreacres says:

    That’s a beautiful flower. The blue-green leaves complement it nicely, and I’m especially taken with that open center. It looks large, too. Very impressive.

    It’s always exciting to find an unusual ‘something,’ and when it’s not only unusual but nearly perfect, it’s especially satisfying. Of course, it takes a good bit of looking to figure out what’s usual — then the unusual begin to stand out.

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    • As with everything the more time one spends observing the more the world opens before us. I think familiarity got a bum rap with the aphorism. One reason I visit the same places often or shoot the same subjects, like flowers, is that each time I get a better sense of what I am observing and eventually get an image I am pleased with. Nothing is perfect but one can approach it with knowledge.
      These flowers have the species name odorata and had been named fragrant water-lily. But I have never got much of an aroma from them so it must be subtle or my sense of smell has become muted.

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  7. bluebrightly says:

    You made a really beautiful photo, and what an interesting find that is.

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  9. Being slightly different from everybody in one’s surroundings makes someone more interesting right away, doesn’t it? That’s true for flowers, animals, and human animals.

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