09.16.2018 Quabbin Hill Goldenrod Landscape

The fog wasn’t quite as thick as advertised but still enough for some ambiance.  These showy goldenrods are not as large a patch as it appears, but I got close to them and the wide angle gives a much larger appearance to the grouping.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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16 Responses to 09.16.2018 Quabbin Hill Goldenrod Landscape

  1. Beautiful shot, I like the foggy backdrop.
    Doesn’t it seem like this is an unusually showy year for goldenrods? Or that’s just my impression.

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    • Wellll, they are showy goldenrods so I would have to agree. 🙂 It’s hard to say because I am seeing them in some places fully flowered and in others not quite as much. Still time though. We have bunches of them in our yard that are not quite fully flowered yet.

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  2. Great shot love the perspective in this !!

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  3. shoreacres says:

    This is quite a sight. I’m sure I’ve never seen anything like it — those long stems seem quite un-goldenrod-ish to me, but there they are, and they’re beautiful. The BONAP map shows it all around me, but when I looked for sightings on iNaturalist, there were only three listed; all were farther inland, and one was in a park.

    The blooms are so bright they seem to be burning off the fog themselves.

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    • I should share this on iNaturalist so you can see my location. 🙂
      Showy Goldenrods are known for their erect posture rather than drooping like most others, myself included. I probably would have made the image with another species but these stand so tall and, I think, really make the image. I had thought about standing further back so the fog would have a chance to effect the foreground but decided I liked the bright yellow and didn’t want it diminished.


  4. My eye was drawn to the gold flowers and really I almost did not look beyond to the trees. Usually I do not read your intro until later. I like to look at the photos first. So this one certainly is a new perspective.

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  5. You did a good job of making the stand seem denser than it might otherwise have. I know what a challenge that can be.

    I’m hoping the rain we finally got will bring out a good crop of goldenrod in the next month or two.


  6. Gallivanta says:

    Love the way the goldenrod patch is doing stand-in duty for the sun. Before my WordPress life I was always slightly puzzled by a recipe in a very popular and very old New Zealand recipe book. The recipe is Eggs a la Goldenrod. I now know more about the recipe as well as what a goldenrod is.

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  7. Very nice. I love how saturated colors are when the conditions are like this. I hope you are feeling better!


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  9. Eliza Waters says:

    Very showy, indeed! 🙂

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