09.01.2018 Schooner Head Sunrise

This visit to Acadia saw every morning start with the same basic sky.  No complaint as they all produced some color, a bit of drama, and lots of peace and quiet…well, aside from the sound of crashing waves which can be quite soothing.

When I arrived here, a cruise ship was slowly moving across the water and I worried that it would be right in front of the sun as it rose but fortunately the timing was right for it to have reached Frenchman’s Bay before sunup.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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15 Responses to 09.01.2018 Schooner Head Sunrise

  1. Nice. And, you’re up early even when on vacation. Such dedication. So, this trip to Maine is an annual thing? How long have you been going there? I see it’s been since 2015 at least.

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    • Yep, early it is. All my vacations include time for photography in the morning. Mary Beth is very happy to stay in bed while I am out. Matter of fact she is glad to get rid of me so she can have the whole bed to herself.
      Our first trip there together (Mary Beth went there once by herself before Steve) was in 1983. We vacationed in French Creek for a week in July(which was when we decided to wed) then in Acadia for a week later in the summer (where didn’t change our minds). There have been a few years we missed and a couple where I made a second trip solo but we generally go there annually.


  2. I have a new favorite! This is breathtaking. Were you there at the same time as Steve S. ? I’ve been hankering to take a trip out there myself and so really enjoy seeing these images.

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    • Thanks, Melissa. I think you’ll enjoy the others that will follow then. I saw that Steve already answered your question. It would have been fun had we bumped into each other.
      You should make the trip. Acadia is a wonderful park with many environments beside rocky shorelines.


      • It’s bubbling away as a desired trip for sure, but maybe not this year. We’re considering a second trip to the Asheville area. We loved it there so much we might end up moving there. Of course, it is an inconvenient distance from my beloved redwoods…..

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  3. Todd Henson says:

    Another beautiful image, Steve. I love seeing these views from Maine. Such a scenic state, especially along the coast.

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  4. In a few cases on recent trips, rather than waiting for what could’ve been a while, I photographed a scene that included an unwanted boat, knowing that I could remove it when processing the picture. A cruise ship right in front of the sun would’ve been a different story. I’m glad your problem resolved itself without your having to do anything.

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    • It would have been a pain and probably a challenge to remove without a bunch of artifacts to deal with. Over the years I have only had one cruise ship in a picture and didn’t love the image anyway so just tossed it.


  5. shoreacres says:

    Now, if a schooner had sailed by, that would have been a ship worth keeping. These photos remind me of offshore sunrises, and the first light that precedes them. In my experience, no matter how beautiful the colors that follow, they always begin in black and white: then gray, then pearl. Even after an uneventful night watch, I always was happy to see that first, faint light.

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  6. I really like this photo. The tree, the light and the composition is marvelous. This would make a nice print and a painting as well.

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