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08.31.2018 Through the looking log

Apologies to Lewis Carroll. I’ve visited Hunters Beach (and Little Hunters Beach) many times.  There are wonderful cobblestones at both which really are quite colorful once they get wet from the tide or rain. But on this day I wanted … Continue reading

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08.28.2018 Dawn Pano

©Well, I don’t know whether it’s the iPhone app or WordPress’ issue, but commenting on and liking your comments is a bit of a pain on my phone as I am constantly having to leave my info as well as … Continue reading

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08.26.2018-2 Up and Over

I love finding odd shaped trees.  There’s a mystery about them that challenges the imagination even with the knowledge that there is a perfectly good explanation. We are visiting Acadia N.P. and I found this tree with this strange root … Continue reading

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08.26.2018 Canada Lilies

Every year I look forward to photographing Canada Lilies. It’s a challenge trying to find some way of presenting them a little differently than before. I don’t think these are all that unique but they are lovely flowers and I … Continue reading

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08.25.2018 Flying Flower Caterpillars

Well, I hinted to Ann (Gallivanta) earlier that I would post a flower today, but I’ll save those for later. I’ve been experiencing great luck with Monarch larvae this summer.  I know one perished for sure and am not sure … Continue reading

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08.24.2018 Common Bladderwort-Utricularia vulgaris

Here is another carnivorous plant albeit a fairly small one.  These are the little yellow flowers you see extended above shallow waters on the edges of ponds.  They have little trapdoors that can snap shut faster than the speed of … Continue reading

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08.23.2018 Here you go, Andrew…a waterfall and a mushroom

This past Sunday I visited Bear’s Den to see how the waterfall was doing.  It was doing very well.  Lots and lots of water.  (I posted a tannin colored cascade from here the other day) And there was also an … Continue reading

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