09.26.2017 A tree grows in Quabbin


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4 Responses to Quabbin-Park-Spreading-Oak-091717-800

  1. Barry says:

    Beautiful photo. This place looks magical


  2. Faith Utley says:

    Hello Steve, I finally decided to go through & weed out my email when I came across this lovely photo that I did see when you posted. But too often, I think I will respond to my email & it just never happens!! However, I want to say that I have truly missed your daily posts for quite some time now but trust all is well with you & family. I always look forward to opening your posts with so much beauty captured that delights, not only the eye, but also the soul! Take care.


    • Hi, Faith. Yes, all is well as I hope is true for you and your family as well. I just lost a bit of my enthusiasm for blogging. How long it will last is hard to say but I will pop in at least occasionally as I did this morning. Thanks for checking in.


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