04.30.2017 The unexpected sunrise

It was a bit overcast when Bentley and I went out at 4 this morning.  But anything can happen in a couple of hours.  Anyway, I wasn’t considering a sunrise shot when I left at 5:30 to visit a waterfall in one of the local hilltowns northwest of here.  As I drove west along the road I travel in leaving our neighborhood, I glanced in the rear view mirror and it said STOP!!!!!  I ran across a field and lined up this oak tree with the eastern sky.More correctly this is civil twilight.  Sometimes the best things are unplanned.      🙂

On another subject.  I stopped at W.F. again today and got another of the same sandwich.  This plan did work and I got to eat my half for today with the other remaining for tomorrow.  Bentley drove me nuts whining and begging but he got none.  Poor starving beagle.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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18 Responses to 04.30.2017 The unexpected sunrise

  1. Jim R says:

    It was a successful morning and Bentley got to be with you. He’ll figure out a revenge about the sandwich. Just wait.

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  2. Lovely shot, and a very graceful tree.
    How did I not know “civil twilight” before?! And the second thought to dawn on me – – cool name for a band. When I searched for the definition, I see a South African rock band was way ahead of me!

    • You are not alone, Robert. To most people that time of day is simply dawn. I was going to joke about “uncivil” twilight, but just to be sure I Googled it and find it is no laughing matter. I like the rock band much better.

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      • Yikes looks like a scary bit of history, yes, the rock band looks like a more upbeat topic. It also prompted me to thinking of this past election season, as the twilight of civility.
        I never knew until you posted this, that “twilight” applies to mornings, too. I see in a google search, that astronomers, sailors, and werewolves have all weighed in on the definition – -maybe in the days before artificial lighting became common, people were more aware of such distinctions.

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      • Yes, apparently civility is no longer held in esteem by much of the population.


  3. shoreacres says:

    I still can’t get my mind around “twilight” as a term for morning light. I guess I spent too much time listening to The Platters sing, “Heavenly shades of night are falling — it’s twilight time.” That’s been sixty years ago, and I still remember the lyrics and melody. Still, whatever you call it, the photo’s lovely. The trees on the horizon add a good bit.

    I’m glad you got your sandwich. I need to find something to tempt Dixie Rose’s appetite. I’ve just noticed the past week or two that she’s losing weight. I’ve noticed she isn’t eating as much, and I need to find a way to remedy that. Since she won’t eat any human food of any sort, it’s a bit of a problem. I’d happily feed her chicken or salmon — anything — but she’ll have none of it. Crazy.

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    • I am shocked that there is a dog that will refuse human food. Not even pot roast with gravy? Does your vet have any ideas why her appetite is fading?

      Since we are more or less the same age group, that song is very familiar to me also. Most people, almost all probably, think of twilight as at the end of the day. To be honest, until I started using The Photographer’s Ephemeris so did I.

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      • shoreacres says:

        Oh — Dixie Rose is a cat, not a dog. I know, I know. Cats are weird. But she is a very unusual cat in many ways. She’s never jumped onto a table or counter, never has clawed the furniture or visitors’ legs,, and doesn’t spit up hairballs. Good kitty.

        I may have solved the eating problem. Today, I bought some food she used to like until everyone around her decided she needed to lose weight. When I put it in her bowl, she chowed down. She’s been back for seconds and thirds, and is eating well. A crisis averted, perhaps.

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      • That’s good news. Here’s hoping she continues to gobble down that food and keeps a healthy weight.


  4. That’s an excellent sunrise.
    With the rate at which automation is proceeding, it shouldn’t be long before our car tells us to stop for a picture without our having to look in the rear-view mirror.

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  5. Steve, this photo is “hugely” beautiful. The lone tree situated in the middle of a blazing morning shy is very bigly.” But in my own words, it’s a fantastic scene and one that I think should be printed.

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  6. neihtn2012 says:

    Sunrise or civil twilight, it is a fabulous picture!

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  7. Oh wow this image is perfection. I stared at it for several moments, just drinking it in. ….poor beagle! 🙂


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