04.26.2017 Oh, just another spectacular beginning to a day

It’s getting harder and harder to get out of the house in time for sunrise.  Bentley requires some quality sit with time in the morning or he wakes Mary Beth up when I leave, so that takes up a half hour in my recliner.  Worse ways to start the day but not exactly a get up and go beginning.  But Mary Beth needs her sleep and I need my breakfast.  So it’s getting a little harder to get out by 5.  Should I just get up earlier or have a Kind Bar or two as I drive to whatever destination and have a full breakfast late morning.  Maybe I should stop at a Sugar Shack and have some pancakes or waffles with maple syrup or creme.   🙂

After luring you in with a title suggesting something about a sunrise, I guess I should post an image, eh?Once again I’m a little time reversed as this is sunrise in New Salem over North Quabbin on the 17th before I drove back to Pelham for yesterday’s waterfall images.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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11 Responses to 04.26.2017 Oh, just another spectacular beginning to a day

  1. Jim R says:

    Beautiful shot.

    Would Bentley like to go with you on your morning forays?

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  2. A spectacular sunrise with so many layers of varying colors. I think this one is magnificent.

    Maybe you can take a granola bar and a cup of your favorite breakfast drink.

    Pets tend to slow us down but there must be a solution to a fixable problem. At least I think there is a way to work around Bentley’s need for extra attention.

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    • Thanks, Yvonne. As I just mentioned above, after I’ve seen to his needs, both for food and attention, he settles down. If there are a few days when I get out before that happens, Mary Beth gets into bed with him and usually they both get some extra winks in. I think over time he’ll adjust.

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  3. Todd Henson says:

    Wow, the color in this one really pops, and I love the layers. Misty hills and mountains always appeal to me. Mornings have always been difficult for me. Sometimes if I’m running really late I’ll take a couple bars to eat on the way, but I do find I usually prefer the days I take the time to eat something of substance before heading out. Always a tough call, though.

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    • I’ve been rising early nearly my entire life. From my younger years having a paper route then working at a gas station before and after school to full time work that began at 7, morning always started before most for me. There were a few college years when, for one reason or another, I either slept in or not at all.
      I always prepare breakfast at night, so that helps but at the solstice sunrise sometimes requires skipping until later.
      I agree. This scene is definitely more appealing with some valley fog and clouds. Thanks, Todd.


  4. shoreacres says:

    I understand the issues with Bentley. Dixie Rose expects that I’ll have my first cup of coffee with her, wielding the brush. If I try to skip it, there are complaints, and if I head out the door without giving her that attention, the accusatory gaze is pretty fierce. Sometimes, needs be — but even if I’m having to leave early for some reason, it’s the routine that counts, and I make sure to get it in.

    The color here is nice, but what I really like are the four textures that are so different one from another. Those differences add to the image’s appeal, I think.

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    • I am fortunate that on the days when I will have to fly out of the house earlier than recent times, Mary Beth will get up and join Bentley in bed to settle him down if I have not been able to do that before leaving.

      The hills and valleys here in both easterly and northerly views offer up a lot of different textures even before whatever happens in the sky adds to the picture. Although I have shot from here countless times, I am always excited and very often surprised to find something different to capture. It’s a great location.

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  6. What a gorgeous sunrise and I thank you for bringing it to me. You were saying about lap time? As I type this (one-handed) I’m holding a sleepy Pete. I get little done in the mornings now! 🙂

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