09.05.2016 Quabbin Sunrise

These are  the images of a silent and peaceful Sunday morning along the shoreline of Quabbin Park and at the opposite end of the reservoir seen in yesterday’s post. Maybe I should have switched them with the previous post but at least they are in chronological order although a day late in each case.

Waiting for the Sun

Quabbin-Sunrise-near-Hanks-Meadow-090416-800I’ve groused about some of what happens along the shoreline of Quabbin a few times.  I had to frame this next shot to eliminate the rock piles.  I have a friend who knocks them all down when he encounters some.  Although I dislike the stacks I would feel a bit mean for doing the same so do not.  I suppose I might if one were killing my composition. What I could not avoid was foot prints and had to spot heal someone’s bare foot print…healing a heel as well as some toes… in the sand at the lower right. Can’t complain about foot prints…I left a few of my own.

Here comes the Sun



About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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20 Responses to 09.05.2016 Quabbin Sunrise

  1. shoreacres says:

    The color and the diffuse glow of the first photo are so pleasing. If I’d simply seen the photo, without any identifiers, I would have thought it a sunset, but that’s only because that soft orange is more typical of sunsets here. It’s interesting to see the greater definition in the clouds in the second photo. The look rippled, like the near-shore water.

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    • Gallivanta says:

      My immediate thought was sunset too.

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    • As I processed the second image I was quite pleased to see the texture of the clouds develop as I adjusted the contrast.Staring into the sun kind of affects my vision. 🙂

      I see sunsets like this also, but rarely get out to shoot them. By the time we have dinner and Bentley gets his walk it is getting a bit late. Occasionally I work around all that for moonrise.


  2. Beautiful shot as usual. Love those sunrises with the star burst capture. I would think that all that beauty would set a good feeling for the day.

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  3. krikitarts says:

    As for the rock piles, who knows what inspires some folks to add to what’s natural? I can’t really say that I’ve never given into the temptation. Along the same lines, do you know the work of Andy Goldsworthy? He works with what he finds and creates some outstanding, inspired sculptures.

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    • Yes, I am familiar with his work and referenced it for someone recently on another blog.I think he is responsible, along with a lot of his followers, for the popularity. Unfortunately, the vast majority of what I see does not even begin to be qualified as art. (Apologies to those who believe everything humans do is art). I am impressed with his work, especially as it is so temporal, but it still bothers me to see the landscape disturbed that way.


  4. Gallivanta says:

    Very serene. I am trying to image the rock piles; are they just heaped, or are they like a cairn?

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    • Some are like cairns and others balancing pieces. A few show ingenuity but most are just piles. I saw one in the woods near a waterfall I visit that was like one of Goldsworthy’s stacked piles where the rocks, most of which are flat, are piled upon each other in a spiral as the height grows, Someone had knocked it over, maybe a large mammal or ice forming during the winter, and it was restacked this year.

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  5. Well this is just lovely. I particularly like the second one for its intimate view of the waves. I hate to find litter in wilderness areas~just pulled out quite a lot yesterday~ but I always enjoy seeing cairns and am charmed by bare foot prints. They tell me that others are responding, are inspired, by the beauty there.

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    • The first was a long exposure which smoothed out the water. I couldn’t do that with the second as that would blur the sun. But I am happy with the texture of the waves and glad you like it too, Melissa.
      Footprints I don’t mind…I leave plenty of my own…but I personally prefer the rocks to be left where they are. I don’t see moving them and stacking as an appreciation of the beauty…just a bit of self-amusement as opposed to being trail markers which serve a purpose.


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