08.22.2016 More Quabbin Shoreline with Mount Lizzie in the Distance

I’ve shot this view many times, including during foliage season, but I think this is probably the nicest light I have captured there yet.  Maybe the brilliant fall color would have distracted.

I went here thinking of making a black and white image, which I did of another composition, but once this light presented itself, well…there wasn’t much resistance on my part.  It was just a question of lining up the rocks with as little overlap as possible and twisting the polarizer so the reflection shined even better than my eyes could see it.
Quabbin-Park-Shoreline-082116-960I exposed for the brightest rock but in retrospect wish I had used the right hand sky instead.

About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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17 Responses to 08.22.2016 More Quabbin Shoreline with Mount Lizzie in the Distance

  1. krikitarts says:

    Yes, the light is just wonderful. Did you bracket exposures? It would be great fun to see what you could do with this with an HDR program.

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    • No HDR, Gary. The DR was entirely within the histogram. I could process it as a single image through Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 or the like. We’ll see. I am pretty satisfied with the single image processing of this. What I did not mention was the use of a 6-stop ND filter to smooth the water.


      • krikitarts says:

        I love what can be done with tone-mapping a single image with Nik’s HDR program. Your image is just fine at its current state. I just thought it could be interesting to create a separate reality–not to be better (or not) than your posted one, but simply to be seen from another perspective, to be appreciated for its own merits. You’re the creator.

        I very seldom post two or more different iterations of the same image and almost never invite visitors to choose which they prefer. Ansel Adams said (with a bit of paraphrasing) that the negative is the score and the print is the performance. What we display for others to appreciate is the perfect equivalent of the print. And there can certainly be more than one produced from the same “negative.” And each should be seen–and evaluated–as its own unique art-form.

        And here the defense (or is it the prosecution?) rests.


      • I agree. Adams was tweaking his performance throughout his life. I don’t post the same image in different iterations excepting deciding between color and monochrome. And when I have done that it has been disappointing so will not be done again. However, I do reprocess images after time has passed and my workflow has changed through either further learning of technique or acquiring new tools.

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      • I find my preference for how to edit a given photograph sometimes changes for no ascertainable reason over periods that can be as short as from one day to the next. What a capricious thing a mind is.

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  2. The light is beautiful. Frankly speaking and from my non-pro opinion I don’t see much, if anything, that needs improvement. I like this view very much with the curving shore, reflections of the trees and, the rocks.

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  3. I had the same reaction as you about the right-hand sky. A non-purist could clone that out.


  4. Todd Henson says:

    I hear you about the right-hand sky, but the light really is beautiful. And the ND adds a nice little touch of movement to the foreground clouds, as well as smoothing the water. I like that.

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  5. shoreacres says:

    The light is some of the prettiest I’ve seen in your Quabbin photos. It has an end-of-summer feel to it, as though the land itself is exhaling. There’s a certain light in the August/September transition farther north that we just don’t experience here on the Gulf Coast, but you’ve captured it perfectly.

    I am curious about those rebar-like bits in the water near the biggest rock, in the bottom right. They seem too perfect to be from trees, and I don’t see any plants around that might have that sort of stalk. They’re not a distraction; I just was curious.

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    • Thanks, Linda.

      Those are indeed tree parts. The reservoir environment is kept pretty clean since it is Boston’s (and others) water source. But there are certain places where old metal can be found in the water. Last Saturday I noticed an old metal barrel appearing in the water as a result, I would guess, of the low level at this time.


  6. Maybe so, but I really like what you did with the rocks here. This is a show-stopper!


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