07.31.2016 Rain and coolness

Finally, after a few weeks with negligible rainfall and most days in the 90’s, we are getting some extended showers along with temperatures in the upper 60’s. So pleasant. I drove by a few brooks this morning and all were practically bone dry with little trickles of flowing water.  I hope this change in the weather fills them and helps the farmers with their crops if it isn’t too late.

It is also a good day to catch up on the sunrises. This is from the Quabbin Tower parking lot atop Quabbin Hill. I was actually a few minutes late (the gates opened at 5:30) and missed the illuminated clouds. There were some remaining but they are hidden on the left. Still happy with this


About Steve Gingold

I am a Nature Photographer with interests in all things related. Water, flowers, insects and fungi are my main interests but I am happy to photograph wildlife and landscapes and all other of Nature's subjects.
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15 Responses to 07.31.2016 Rain and coolness

  1. Definitely.
    I”m glad you are getting relief, in cooler temps and rain. That passed through here as well and I’m enjoying a cool breeze through my window right now.

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    • Today was even better. It started raining around midnight and drizzled until sunrise followed by showers through most of the morning. I doubt it raised the Quabbin by more than a half inch but glad that we got it. Three days in a row of temperatures in the 70’s was appreciated too. 🙂


  2. Jim Ruebush says:

    I was out at sunrise, too. I wasn’t carrying the camera. It was a nice sunrise. Your version is much better.

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  3. An elderly friend pointed out to me some years ago that the word “brook” is disappearing from the language. Sure enough, Google supports her contention:


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  4. shoreacres says:

    Your Belle of Amherst had a few words about brooks. They’re almost as nice as your photo:

    Have you got a Brook in your little heart,
    Where bashful flowers blow,
    And blushing birds go down to drink,
    And shadows tremble so—

    And nobody knows, so still it flows,
    That any brook is there,
    And yet your little draught of life
    Is daily drunken there—

    Why, look out for the little brook in March,
    When the rivers overflow,
    And the snows come hurrying from the fills,
    And the bridges often go—

    And later, in August it may be—
    When the meadows parching lie,
    Beware, lest this little brook of life,
    Some burning noon go dry!

    I could use fewer burning noons, myself. We got thirty minutes of rain today, but all it did was raise the humidity and increase the sauna effect. Sixty-one days until October!

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    • I need to reread Dickinson. I do not remember ever reading that poem, but it is delightful and will definitely hang on a wall next to a print at some time in the future. Thank you, Linda.

      Your description of current TX weather reminds me that the old Excedrin commercial about there being worse headaches but it’s yours and you want it to go away is just as appropriate about the weather. It’s all what one is used to. I have a friend in AZ who posts pictures of his thermometer reading 110°-115° followed by reports of an impending a Haboob. One filled his pool with sand a few years ago. Kind of humbles me…but I still will complain. 🙂

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    • I wonder if this poem influenced Robert Nathan when he wrote, in Portrait of Jenny:

      “Where I come from nobody knows and where I am going everything goes. The wind blows, the sea flows, nobody knows. And where I am going, nobody knows.”


      • I don’t know.


      • shoreacres says:

        Your mention of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” today reminded me of his album “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.” That reminded me of the Flannery O’Connor quotation that came to mind when I read your Portrait of Jenny quotation:

        ““Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to was never there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place… Nothing outside you can give you any place… In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.”

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      • Interesting quote. Along the lines of “Be here now”. Now is forever in some respects.


    • The Flannery O’Connor lines, which I hadn’t seen before, make an excellent addition to the theme of the album that the song is on. This quotation is not nowhere, but apparently in O’Connor’s first novel, Wise Blood.


  5. I’m glad for both of us that the rain has finally arrived … even if just a little. I was on 90 over the weekend … going west … and as I drove by the junction with 91 I turned to my right … as if to say ‘Hello.’ Was transporting J’s parents from the Cape to their home in central NY. I’m looking forward to things slowing down, a bit of fall color, and cooler/dryer air. Nice shot. I like the dark and mysterious foreground.

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    • It’s been a few days but maybe I did feel a ripple in the force as you drove by.

      I hope you also had a little of the rain we received today as well. It made for a very pleasant day combined with the cooler temperatures. You are in prime foliage territory. Because of the drought we are already starting to see some areas changing color. Probably will be early this year. We’re going to Acadia in early October but it may be late by then.

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